The Prairie Crone

In ancient days the 3 stages of women were seen as "the maiden", "the mother", and "the crone"...also equivalent to "the wise woman". Here is wisdom from the heart.

In Past Life sessions, clients are sometimes asked to visualize their boat going under a bridge to the other side. Here their past life awaits them. A broken heart can feel crippling until the bridge is crossed to recovery.  In death, often a 2 week time frame is seen and felt as the loved one crosses the bridge to eternal light.


All of us have been in a relationship that hurt us so badly it floored us with grief.  The need to talk about it is intense, and often friends wear out.  This is when a psychic adviser often comes in, to bridge the gap, and get you past the pain.  A psychic adviser will also not be afraid to let you know what they see, good and bad, and also a strategy and guidance for blocking but with compassion.


It happens without you comprehending how.  One day the sadness and pressure of a lost one are lessened.  What seemed incomprehensible to let go of, has healed in your sleep.  You wake up and see the pictures you cried over day after day, and suddenly they seem like out worn rock and roll posters on your wall. You still care, but feel rejuvenated.  At this point you may decide to call your psychic less, knowing they are there for you with arms out stretched next time you need them.



The 2 week release of a loved person or pet after death is a well known bridge of light, in which they cross and are at rest.  We can feel within our selves a great sigh of relief, missing them terribly, but feeling they are in the arms of their angels and God Source.  When the bridge is crossed, as in torn love, over night a healing comes.  Out comes the sun.  The pain and fear are lessened for both the living and the one crossed over.  Here again a psychic can lesson the pain by message readings, as the bridge is crossed to brilliant light.

Can you see your bridge to recovery?  Remember you are not alone as long as there are qualified psychic advisers, counselors and healers.  But you must take the steps to reach out.  You can do this.  




4 Question, 4 Paragraph Email Reading on your Monthly Influences and what to expect.  Have a beautiful day.  There is always hope in the dark. Please send your 4 questions on one theme.  $40.00


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 Does a problem nag you?  In 5 minutes I can give you a great in depth reading based one accurate to the point truth,  with focus on your greatest joy.  Have a 5 Minute Tarot Coffee Break Reading Call with me. I promise clear, to the point guidance on Romance, Career & Spirit. 

Each photo carries an energy grid of information. Scan your photo, attach it to your question and send it to me by Keen mail.   Try some thing novel and be amazed!

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 A PHOTO OF A CHILD - Whats going on? Are they adjusting? What do they need from you?


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A Spirit Essence Message Reading from an important soul passed on.


"AmandaLouise" is a  tribute site of Psychic Advisor, Ann Marie, {SisterOthelia}, to the memory of her Grandmother, "AmandaLouise."  Cyber hugs to you!

Certified Intuitive Advisor 37+ Yrs.



 A friend sent me this joke on the internet, and I decided to be a bit creative and add some pictures. I could see it all play out so wonderfully! As Internet jokes go, I don’t have the author, but thought you might love it as much as I did.




SUBJECT:  Grandson & Grandpa


 I took my grandpa to the mall the other day to buy some new shoes. We decided to grab a bite at the food court.

I noticed he was watching a teen ager sitting next to him.



The teenager had spiked hair in all different colors: green, red, orange, and blue.


My grandpa kept staring.

The teenager would look and find him staring every time.

When the teenager had enough, he sarcastically asked, "What's the matter old man, never done anything wild in your life?!"

 Knowing my Grandpa, I quickly swallowed my food so that I would not choke on his response; knowing he would have a good one.

And, in classic style, he did not bat an eye in his response.

"Got drunk once and slept with a peacock.

I was just wondering if you were my kid." 


{Author Unknown}


May your day bring YOU laughter and joy, Amanda



In my private Intuitive Counseling practice I am met with so many sad people asking me, “Why has God forsaken me?”   I have to remind them God energy and Angel frequency is about love, faith and inspiration through life’s toughest moments.  I believe the last few years of Spiritual manifestation towards money have been confusing for many.


"Amway", “The Secret” & “Vision Boards”



·        In the 90’s “Amway” promoted everyone could live wealthy, and material dreams could be manifested by taping pictures of a mansion or dream car to the refrigerator, fueling and inspiring one to jump on board the pyramid schemes.


·        A “Vision Board,” was a cork board, door, or wall where one pasted their material dreams, such as a hand holding money, a luxury liner trip, an English Cottage, or beautiful car.  This fueled obsession to take financial risk. Everyone did!


·        “The Secret” gave us the ancient knowledge that it was everyone’s right to manifest their highest dreams to reality through prayer and release.


Sadly, many  interpreted material wealth and Spirit as one, and are now weeping that God has forsaken them as their finaincial dreams are falling like the Tower Card.    Angry, they are unable to see beyond their despair.  They want advice, but anger at hope.  They feel ripped off.  In these times, I can only listen and offer a reading for direction.


Amanda’s suggestion for Vision Board’s and Manifesting Dreams. 


  • Focus on each ending being a new beginning
  • Cut out pictures of strong faces, people smiling
  • Add to the Vision Board friends bonding in warmth
  • Add to the Vision Board a smiling job interviewer
  • Add a community garden, or your own sancturary.


Tragically, we have let our money manifestation lead us astray.  It’s time to regroup and get back to our grass roots.  If you need me in any way, I am here with a morning cup of coffee, hope and a reading on romance, career or life strategy.

Lets remember spirit and God are here to give us strength and hope during our difficult times.  God is not a Broker.


As I ponder the sky, I wonder at all the most recent classes and books that want us to name Spirit and God with human names.   For some, this may make their Intuition more real.  And that’s ok. Within us, like an old friend, is our inner guidance.  At times we become too close to our own inner chatter.   These are the times it is important to reach for someone that can read our situation with non judgment, and tune in to the silent symbols we are missing.


Here are some of the times you may need a reading:


  • When your emotions for someone are too deep to think with common sense.
  • When you come home from work, crying and frustrated.
  • When family makes you feel obligated to ignore your true calling.
  • When your chapter in life feels stagnant and you want confirmation its time to move.


I am a wise crone, with a smooth cup of coffee.  Call for the wisdom only experience and a nonjudgmental reading can bring.