There is something growing in your life!

This is the time for honoring your true spirit!

We feel gratitude, then we Share. We Reconnect.

We Honor each others Spirits. We spread Joy.

We feel Love Sparkling around each other.

It is Warm and Electric. We spread it through touch.

We spread it through tone, and soothing words.

This is the Energy that Manifests our Desires.

These are the things to think of to Gain Abundance.

Reach out with your heart and mind,

 and order your true hearts Desires.

Feel now, How you want that relationship to feel...

Relish in that feeling. Let it emanate from Your Self

Dive in to where it takes you. Own the Dream.

Then Believe.

That's a must.

 Your "ya, but's" have been great so far

in driving away your dreams

Give your Self a gift this holiday.


This gift of Self- Empowerment.

Self-Love, Self- Assurance,

Aligns Your Self

.....and see what happens next

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Some of the best times to clean out~  rejuvenate and feel refreshed
Is to go outside.
Be in the bright light.
Play in the sun.
Let that joy take over the way you are feeling!
Don't get tied down to what is expected of you.
If you push against the flow of it you may find yourself getting turned around...
Lost on some backwards unexpected journey that will lead back around...
To somewhere familiar again...but time wasted..
Instead RELEASE yourself to the flow and LET IT BE.
Let things unfold and enjoy the small things.
Recharge your energy!!!
Love is the frequency that emanates.

You do not lose by loving.

It heals. It grows another heart. It shares.

It doesn't take away from you to love.

When you feel like it has, look again.

Some things just fill you.

We feel either good or bad.

When we feel good, we say "I love this!"

If you want people to love you,

send your love to them.

If you want a job you love, love your job.

If you want it, DO IT NOW!

Do not wait or delay.

That sends the message that you are NOT

wanting it at all. The universe will

align you with those who love you as soon as

you love yourself. How do you love yourself?

Appreciation and Recognition of your worth...

You are at this minute worthy of love.

You need not wait for an event to occur.

You must only send your doubtless love.

You must have faith in you heart that others

are worthy as well. Even if they present to you

that it is a waste of your time.

People crave love, and go where the love is.

People do not gravitate towards anything that

feels bad. They will come to you if you send

them that wonderful feeling..even if you do or

say something they don't wins.

Love yourself and then love others..see how it

changes your world immediately!
For more insights on your love life, or how to

win someone over CHAT With Me:
Image result for healing washing with flowers and herbs

Right Now we need to allow the healing PINK and GOLD energies to come in us and sweep ou

We have all been working the soil and doing the changing needed to get a clean slate. Now we need to even out and nourish our skin, our minds and our hearts with GOLD LIGHT....Let it filter from the sky into your minds eye...down your shoulders..into your belly and down into the earth...Let yourself feel your body filling up with a CLEAR PINK LIGHT... It is glowing and swelling around inside you until it is pulsing and pushes out past your body and connecting you to other people and animals around you...everything organic is connected to you right now is this CLEAR PULSING PINK LIGHT...Gather yourself, enjoy the feelings of being weightless of worries and come to your center energy.
Know you can do this mentally whenever you need to, wherever you are.
You feel a kindred spirit to others right now and can clear out misunderstandings and mental blocks set up to block healing energies... Release the pain from your body.. The Body will store the blocks and notify you by bringing illness and pain RIGHT WHERE YOU CARRY it...Let it pulse right on down and transform. You do not need it anymore. You can tilt back and circle your head letting the tension and stress of the day others have shared with you run off into the collective to become and create somewhere else.. Enjoy the clarity you now see with. Things seem crisper and you feel time has slowed down.. When you are ready LAUGH OUT LOUD for at least 15 seconds and bring your mind and body together.  Make sure you go have a small snack and get a drink to balance and fully rejuvenate yourself. You are doing self healing work!
 Life is getting better for you right now.. You will continue to feel better as well.
~ Velvet Harmony

To see clearly, you need to step away from judgment.
You must disallow muddy thoughts to float into your mind.
You have to release yourself into the collective consciousness.
Observe what goes on around you, without interacting.
Notice what you are drawn to.
Go down the staircase of your body..
As you move down the spiral stairs,
At each level in the middle you notice a crystal.
The first crystal is RED, like fire.
You reach out and push it making it spin, and hum.
You keep going,
The next crystal you come to is bright ORANGE.
You reach out and spin this one,
Matching the RED crystal's speed.
Further down the staircase is a glowing YELLOW crystal.
You smile, knowing just what to do.
With the YELLOW spinning now you descend and see
A GREEN radiant crystal, and give it a push.
Moving downward Is an ice BLUE crystal..
And finally you get to the Violet one,
Which you set in motion to match
the hum and speed of all the others.
You get to the bottom of the staircase.
You gaze up the center, captivated by the rainbow.
Your body sways and hums along.
You feel past your body...
You step into the center of the Violet glow,
and are pulled quickly through to the top.
You sit down and put your hands on the ground for balance.
The euphoria starts to wear off.
You have aligned yourself.
You look around with a deeper sense of connectedness.
You are calmer, yet more awake.
Certain things begin to stand out.
You are able to see more clearly.
You notice the colors of the energy others wear.
You notice how certain colors blend.
And the people act nicely.
You see how some, that look great alone, clash.
And these people push away from each other.
You begin to see what color you wear.
You now have the ability to change your color,
to compliment who you are around.
Or the ability to keep someone away...
You find yourself in a bubble of color.
Change the colors.
Feel each ones purpose.
Be clear and receptive to the changes around you.
Notice the true energies around you.
Energy is Life. To change your life change your energy.

In the olden days
When we were sick
The doctors would bleed us
They knew it hurt but was necessary
To remove the toxins from our bodies to save our lives
How soon we forget
How soon we cover up our hearts
We toughen our skins to the world
When you find yourself in a bleeding Love
You have to remove yourself from it
The madness it brings is torture
The hardest part is the day to day
We have made someone a habit in our life
The habit has turned to addiction
Some give others the ability to course through
Forgetting to save part of themselves to heal with
When they have left you
You feel sick and without
The life force is flowing out and away from you
You have not harnessed yourself yet
You are doing the necessary bleeding
This is a part of life
The part we all have felt and understood
Some stick here and can't find
the sense to know the toxin is gone
We bleed all over our friends and family
They get dirty with it and tired of it
It wears on them because we are draining then
Do not forget your place is to grow
To enjoy and experience...not to withdraw into the pain
Do not allow yourself to sink away into the sadness
FEEL BETTER after being bled
That is why it happened
So you would regenerate with fullness
So your life would have room to bloom
into the shape it was suppose to
You must REMEMBER it is YOU
;who decides to stop bleeding
~Blessings and Love~

Out of this universe,
 Our nine planets,
 Our two hundred and four countries,
Our eight hundred and nine islands,
And our seven seas,
Love is what connects our lives.
When you catch yourself smiling for no reason,
When you cuddle to sleep in their arms,
and wake up in their dreams,
You feel it.
Love is the feeling that causes your soul,
to crawl out of it's hiding place.
It makes you feel like you belong.
It makes your heart race,
and your stomach feel like butterflies.
Sometimes who we fall in love with,
Is beyond our control.
We cherish loyalty and honesty,
from our lover above most others.
We feel we can let go and act silly.
And even when our lover breaks our heart,
We find ourselves loving them still,
With all the little pieces .
We still feel the connection.
It is seen in Our eyes.
Even when we move past our love,
We don't forget.
That feeling is searched for again.
Sometimes, It is like remembering someone,
That we never really knew.
You cannot start a new love,
If you keep reliving the last one.
It is a hard picture to take down off our wall.
We desire the feeling of love, above all else.
It is out there for every soul on this planet.
Everyone is desiring of it.
Everyone is deserving of it.
Everyone will find it as well.
Please Chat with me today,
So I can help you on your way,
To finding the one,
Who you Belong with!
We are all. intricate souls. We bloom and ebb away.

We are all different colors, with different patterns.

We all grow when the sun shines on us,

 and need protection from the elements.

We become torn through time, and through others who pass by.

When picked, we are the center of attention.

If our beautiful petals wither and fall, sometimes we are thrown away.

We leave seeds behind us growing new flowers, our legacy.

Beautiful flowers cover the Earth.

Our roots intertwining, weaving on through the obstacles.

We make a pulsing energy web of life.

It is smooth and yet bright.

We are connected to everyone and everything.

No type of flower is more beautiful or important than another.

Flowers do not think of such things.

Flowers live, sometimes thanklessly.

Flowers thrive on energy from the sun, as we do on our parents.

Flowers seed when pollinated, and become parents

Flowers are as inspiring as each person you know.

Look for the flower inside everyone. Really see what is there.

Enjoy their true energy as you share your own.

This doubtless sharing is called perfect love and perfect trust.

Allow this good energy to infect your cells and grow in your being.

Share it and make your legacy!



Velvet Harmony 

carnelian palm stones
Carnelian is Crystal Caffeine.
Right now this week is WORK time.
New beginnings are happening today :)
Carnelian is a stone I chose to talk about now because it has the properties to be an Energy Muse.
It can pull your thoughts out of the same old routine and bring a new invigorating ideas to you!
You will find yourself ready for work mode.
Ready to get to the meat of things.
It is a BOOSTER stone.
They are not expensive.They are so beautiful too!

 It puts you into overdrive, giving you the push you need to get things done and manifest your dreams.
 It is the Sacral Chakra Stone.
 It activates your sexual passion
 and your creative force.
It drives your courage and enthusiasm!
This week is the week to get the work done.
We will be needing to give this hard push
for the best harvest coming to Us To Become.
So We Just need to DO IT right now.
Don't be too much in your head right now.
You will see the beauty of your hard work soon...
In about two weeks from now actually...
Things are starting to fall away that won't serve us too right now. Sometimes it is hard to let go
 of the beauty it once gave us...but
 It is time to take it all in and relax in knowing nothing is lost but only changed forms in our lives.
The effort we feel inspired to put in now is for the greater good of our higher selves!
It is WORTH IT right now to remain invigorated....inspired to keep chugging along because WE are worth improving and elevating.
 Each of us!

I am Velvet Harmony. A far seeing Energy Empath and Dream Reader. I am also have the ability to see auras, and sense other world entities around you and your home.

I have always had the ability to walk into a room and see and feel how each persons energy is relating to everyone around them. I can see aura colors and disturbance patterns from afar. I can read from voice tones and verbage what energies are being drawn in or sent out. I also have the ability to teach you how to change your colors and center your chakras. I can tap in to those around you and show you how they really feel, and how that guides what they are going to do. I can feel your energies from across the planet because we are all connected.

Another passion of mine is DREAM INTERPRETATION. I can explain why certain symbols come up. I can help with Astral Traveling Dreams and aid in how to do it yourself, so you can fix your current life. I can explain your nightmares and why the ex lover keeps returning to your dreams.

Other World Entities: Are they in your home? Do they need released or are they guarding your property? Do you or your children speak to them. Have you found dropped change? Have your keys been moved? What can you do to clean your home or self?

I am quick and to the point, no nonsense. I listen to my guides and follow my intuition. Some tools I have used: pendulum, crystals, crystal balls, mirrors, dream, catchers, tarot, palmistry, and hands on energy work.

Crystal Grids are an amazing way to feel uplifted.
You start with a center stone.
You surround it with either battery stones(amplify)
 like the quartz shown here,
or stones that help direct your intent(compliment)
Start in the center and then you make a pattern
 surrounding it going outward.
(found in a nature or geometry)
You can also do a grid to bring something towards you...
A good center stone for love is Rose Quartz..
There are stones for repelling something
 from your center stone as well like Tigers eye..
You can make and change these patterns to suit your needs.
Any questions on Crystal Grids feel free to ask.
I also am fond of adding flowers, shells and feathers
 into my grids because I feel they also amplify!
If you feel you don't have enough stones for a grid
...using a cluster of stones is effective as well.
Blessings And Enjoy!
What you are feeling right now,
 is what you are attracting more of in the future.

Your emotions are a guidance system of what is to come.

If you feel bad. STOP and shift your energies.

Decide to see whatever it is that you want in you life already there!

How does it feel to have that relationship right now?

That job that you wanted, how does it feel to work there?

Really see it and think about it all day.

Do not allow in any negative thoughts.

Do not think about the ex.

Do not allow yourself to have DOUBTS.

If you find yourself thinking about that..simply skip past it.

Refocus on feeling good.  If you feel good, you will attract the good.

Ask, Answer, Receive.

Feel Gratitude for what is coming.

The way you feel is everything. You are one with your thoughts.

What will help you have the feelings of having it now?

This will attract it. Then focus on your impulses, follow them.

Don't delay, Don't second guess....ACT NOW
Art by Mandal'anas

When You Really LOOK....
at this picture...
take a second....
What is standing out to you?
Is it the clarity you think you already have of the situation?
Is it the blurry background?
Is it the nature in it?
When you focus and get a feeling for something that is what becomes clear..
Or is it?
Can out clarity get in the way of the reality>?
Sometimes we are so sure we already know something ....
We BLOCK it ...
We turn the situation upside down and make it harder for ourselves.
We all have them like facets of a diamond...
They are are diverse as we all are.
We all however feel UNITY
If you do not like the way things are going for you...
It will!
Do not discuss any further any worries or they manifest.
Why would you ever order up something you specifically do not want?
You needed to change your perspective
And that is all!
The Universe will put you in line with what you want.
Don't just believe it....LIVE IT NOW!!!
When We travel down our many paths,
We run into different souls.
We look all around for the "right ones"
We notice all of the different roads available.
Some say they take the high road.
Some say they have fallen to the low road.
There are decisions to make,
when we reach a fork in the road.
There are bridges across obstacles
to guide us along on our road.
We leave behind our footprints.
Be they fruit in a garden or trash along the stream
We have decisions to make and feelings to feel.
We drink in nature and lovers the same.
They nourish us and we become pieces of them.
What a great marvel we are.
Hold yourself up to your path..reflected is YOU.
Enjoy sitting in the garden of your thoughts
and be at peace.
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