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WALKS WITH THUNDER is from a family of shamans. His Grandfather was a Medicine Man for the Caddo tribe, as was his before him. He has been able to see grandfather spirits since age two
Success is a side effect of what you do. That was the message I received in a dream last night. It was a very clear message from my higher self, in my own voice that said. Success is a side effect of what you do. Woke up with it in my head this morning. Ever noticed that people who seem to have everything still commit suicide? Famous Actors with money and seeming great lives decide life isn’t worth living. While most of us would say, that’s a great life well done, the person who has that life finds it intolerable. As we can all only relate to what we have and not what it looks like others have, it is sometimes difficult to understand their motivation. My dear wife the Bunny says I wake up happy, go to bed and fall asleep in just a few minutes. I’m happy with what I have. Looking back over the years I have gone after what I wanted. Not content to leave that to chance. Though I have chosen poorly at times, I do recall that it was because I wanted the experience. Didn’t want to miss it. Knowing that those choices wouldn’t end well. Most of the time we can’t see what is really going on in someone else’s life, even our own lives are like that. We miss the fine details of what is wrong or right about us. While observing our barbarian who is four and a half years old, I see he has boundaries. I can’t play right now I sleeping. Weather he knows it or not he has set a boundary. I may have to upgrade his nick name to Savage. He’s been through so much, yet he is very happy. He sings, he plays, he yells with joy and sometimes anger. Making his voice heard! As a child I’m sure I didn’t do that. What would make him need to have his voice heard that he has to yell at an adult. If you said he’s been abused your probably right. Though we can only guess at what really happened while he was out of our care for 33 days. His version is very innocent of what happened and his way of dealing with it doesn’t seem to be working. Going to give him encouragement on making boundaries and having a positive self-image. Talk about what love is, what care means. Putting that into words a child can understand. The Bunny’s love for him is powerful, he still makes a mess but now he cleans it too. Our boundaries and his can coexist. Showing my love for the Barba.. Savage means taking care of his needs. Buying him special food or showing him how to fix things. Letting him help me with the pool and the yard. Yesterday the Bunny, the Savage and I were fixing the dishwasher cleaning jets. At one point we went outside in 105-degree weather and used our high-pressure hose to clean it out. Much water ensued as we were all soaked and had to change after cleaning out our malfunctioning water jet. Job done, and much fun was had fixing it. Lesson it can be fun to fix something, use the right tools for the job. Showing my love is not just food and teaching. It’s watching out for his safety. Having boundaries that enforced with the proper negative result. Make a mess, clean a mess. Time out, iPad taken away for a few minutes or hours, talking about why it’s not a good idea to do that. I do try to make those moments memorable. Using a soft voice, allowing one on one time to talk it over. Life success isn’t about money, or power, or even magic, it’s about how we care for the ones we love. The innocent powerless ones. I know I can do a better job and I will. Though none of us are perfect just wanting to make better decisions is a good start. May we all become who we have always wanted to be every day. Walks With Thunder Ext. 02590550
UFOs If you had asked me when I was 21 if UFO’s existed I would have said maybe. Though I love science fiction, the thought that Extra Terrestrials exist bothers me. My last year in the Coast Guard I was on the mid watch. My messenger and I were just chatting about the events of the day. As a Radioman I had to listen to Channel 16 VHF for distress calls. Mariners refer to it has the calling channel to get someone’s attention and then switch to another VHF channel to talk. While listening for those calls one November night I heard Komosh British Columbia Coast Guard radio call out to all stations. ‘A meteor has just gone over Komosh and is headed for Seattle’s Elliot bay. I sat down at my Radio Console and heard static burst from my northern radio tower on Orcas Island. My messenger was glued to the bay windows and said ‘Look at this’. I looked just in time to see this huge flame in the sky heading south. A few minutes later my Teletype went off with my first and last Flash message. A Flash message has to be handled in 5 minutes or less, they usually use that sort of thing to announce a war or immediate information that has to be acted upon quickly. The message said that the “meteor” had turned 90 degrees east and had gone down in the Columbia River Gorge. A place known for UFO activity. I asked our Officer of the day how to log that? He said if you ever want to be promoted again, don’t log it. I have a duty to report what I heard, so I logged Komosh CG’s all stations report of a meteor. Never heard another word about it. Years Later I was interviewing a Bowing Engineer Tommy Richards on my number one radio show on Blog Talk Radio. As a UFO contactee, he says Extra Terrestrials walk among us and contact him with messages and questions about why we do things the way we do. Every now and then we get a glimpse of them and thing they are ghosts or demons. Their technology allows them to bend light around them so they aren’t seen. The ET’s use wormholes to travel and have no problem creating them to bring contactee’s to them, kind of like getting sucked up a vacuum hose. UFO’s aren’t really my area of interest and though I do have information about them from those I have talked to. Tommy says that the Bay of Pigs was a UFO incident, as we lost control of our nuclear launch capability for a few hours. Seems the ET’s didn’t want us to fire them into Cuba. Their technology according to Tommy is so advanced they loaded a computer control program into the copper wires of the Nuclear Launch control panels. WOW, hard to believe. I do love this quote: “The universe is a pretty big place. If it's just us, seems like an awful waste of space.” ― Carl Sagan, Contact Of course if your going to talk about ET’s then your going to have to talk about the Multiverse. Infinite worlds occupying dimensional space who may also be visiting earth. It can’t be that we are just that interesting. As a Native American I am reminded of what happened when Columbus 1st landed in the Americas. Their superior technology allowed them to enslave and exterminate the native population. It’s been said that is what will happen when ET’s make themselves known on Earth. I like to think that they are better than we are. That they didn’t cross billions of light years to get to Earth just to start a war with the primitive people here. All these years later if you ask me if UFO’s are real my answer is: Yes, of course. I live in Phoenix when you look up into the sky you just never know what your going to see. Day or night, it’s a unique area and I have seen things in the sky I can’t explain and don’t want to think about. We live in a complicated time and place. Spirits, ET’s and corrupt politicians Oh MY! May we all be blessed to have the life that makes us the most joyful. ~Walks With Thunder⚡
It’s always the broken souls that are always trying to help others. I sent that out in an email a few days ago. One person asked me if it was possible to heal a broken soul. Of course it is. Years ago I heard about this scientific study to find out if the soul could be measured. The volunteers had to be terminal patients who would agree to have their hospital bed on a sensitive weighing device. Every time they added (ate something, drank something) a new weight would be documented. Every time they used the restroom a new weight would be taken. Till finally at the end of life you would be able to tell a difference in weight had any loss occurred. Turns out that the difference is 1 to 2 ounces. Back to the question at hand. Can a spirit be healed? Yes it can, a healthy spirit can be assumed to weigh 2 ounces and an unhealthy one 1 ounce. Every time we have a traumatic experience a bit of soul energy is broken off. In my work we do something called “soul retrieval) to gather those soul pieces, reintegrating them back to the soul. I think of that soul as a crystal, that is hard but can be fragile as it can break pieces off. Ever notice that we often say things like I am learning and growing right now. Indicating that your soul is getting stronger and perhaps growing back some of those soul pieces that have broken from bad relationships or physical trauma. Some people even say I feel less than I was, indicating a loss of soul or spirit if you like. You don’t have to have soul retrieval as you can heal your own heart by learning new ways to do things, or having a love that fulfills you. There you have it, Yes a soul can be healed, I am sure there are many ways to do so. If your feeling like you need soul retrieval call me and lets get those pieces back. It's easy. ~Walks with Thunder, Shaman ⚡
Today I posted on Social Media my perfect memory theory. February is almost over! Time keeps on counting, some of us are going with the flow and others are having a rough time. No one's life is perfect, I collect perfect moments that happen. I keep them as memories that I go back to when I need a lift in my day. Remembering a perfect kiss or sitting by a river with a beautiful someone. When life hands you one of those rough moments take time and remember a perfect one. May you make a perfect memory today. A friend said she was having a difficult day. I replied. “Take a deep breath because that is where all magic begins. Exhale slowly, close your eyes and breathe normally. Think about a happy time and relive it in your memory. Those happy times will come again, and you will make another perfect memory. Allow that to give you strength and power in this difficult moment.” My friends mother is in process of passing away from cancer, her best friend is also in process of lung cancer treatment, then she found out her father has prostate cancer. I said, when my Angie was diagnosed with breast cancer she hid it from me for months. When I lost her everything fell away from me. Knowing her spirit was still with me was a great comfort. I had moved into an apartment with my son. Having asked him to live with me in this delicate time. He agreed, the day we had moved in I was in my new bedroom and looking down the long hallway to the front door. Our easy chair, (sitting in it right now) was in view as well as part of the kitchen. I saw a white foggy outline of a human cross from the kitchen and leap into the easy chair. Just like Angie had done a hundred times before. I knew it was her spirit. The chair began to rock back and forth as if someone was in it. Though our loved ones pass they come back and watch over us. Have they tried CBD oil? You can by it on the internet. The one with .3 THC and 12 % CBD is the best. Though they say a combination of CBD and a Stronger THC works very well for cancer treatment. Check it out, its way better than KEMO therapy that has a 3% success rate. Had I known this then Angie might still be alive. Remember everything happens for a reason, even if we can't know that reason. Feel your feelings and don't stay in grief, move through it and love them while you can. Even their spirits want you to be happy. Everyone will lose someone they love. Death is part of life. All anyone can ever do is love those close to us while we can, tomorrow isn’t promised. Make those perfect memories as often as you can. Be blessed. Call me today I can help.
Practical Spirituality. Looking back over the last few years I see a pattern of practical uses for modern shamanism. Two specific incidents of many stand out for me. The first one was when an apprentice wanted to leave her current job and get a much better one. We talked about it and a lesson we had in energy shielding came to mind. Change your energy field to be golden. Then put that golden field on everything you have connected to the interview process. The resume, electronic application, phone calls, the memories of the phone calls and contact. On the day of the interview I lent her my power and we put on a bright shiny golden glow on her. Result, she got the job as manager at two locations! A much better job than she had. Of course things don’t always go well when dealing with new situations. People who were passed over for that job still worked there and were deliberately negative to the new manager. She called a few weeks later and explained the situation. Her boss was also kind of bipolar and unreasonable about contacting her outside of work hours. Boundaries needed to be setup and enforced. Once again, we put on the golden glow as an everyday preparation for going to work. We gave a blessing for those people who weren’t doing their jobs to be happy doing a job some where else. Everything cleared up a just a few days. The second occurrence with another apprentice wanted to apply for three government jobs. Having heard about the other apprentice she asked if we could do that for her as well. The golden glow once again was used on the application process and put on daily around the apprentice. Though we did it on three applications and everything to do with those application processes. This took longer because the government doesn’t move quickly as it works to gets something done. At her interviews I gave her permission to use my power in the interview. After a few months Result! She got all three jobs! Now she had to choose which one fit her the best. These simple things that are easy to do had a great impact on their lives. Making more money, a position of respect at work and being seen as the golden person who can do no wrong is a great result from just a few minutes focus on will and intent. Teaching spiritual techniques is just part of what we do in the apprentice program. Knowing how to apply the lesson in every day life is very practical and useful. I have an idea that putting that golden glow on in your relationship could just make it better too. Are you thinking about getting a new job or promotion? Are things going well in your life that couldn’t be helped along with some practical spirituality? If your good and happy why change things, however if you’re not think about calling me and we can work on these things together. Call me today and lets talk about it. Results will vary. Walks With Thunder
Everything has a spirit. It’s an odd way of looking at things, yet it makes sense. Ever notice that people refer to boats as him or her? Cars, aircraft, even guns have names. An acknowledgment of their spirit perhaps. Funny people go so far as to assign gender to these vehicles as well. Not a new concept, growing up I loved the Herbie movies from Disney. The idea that a stop light might not like you and stays red longer when it sees you in line, maybe not so far out of the realm of possibilities. Here’s a big one, Earth, yes the planet we live on. The Gaia, from the Greek mythology. Of course, the Greeks weren’t the only people to name the spirit of the earth. Let’s take that idea a little further, what if the earths spirit didn’t like what we humans are doing to it? Like a dog scratching fleas to get rid of them, could it be that extreme weather is Gaia scratching. My car and I are friends. We have an agreement that we will take care of each other. My car tells me what is wrong in a way I can understand, and my job is to get that fixed. Result, my car gets great gas mileage, finds me parking spaces in the shade. In Arizona that is important, shade parking is the best place on a sweltering day. It’s never left me stranded or had a flat tire in the years I have had it. Often seeing my own spiritual work as a cooperation between my spirit and the spirit of something else to attain a positive change. Having the concept of everything has a spirit means we could ask the spirit of your computer to cooperate with us. I once had an email sent to someone on my blocked list. They called me and today we are good friends, all because my computer did something I wouldn’t. My cell phone also cooperates with me. Though these days blocking those spam calls is more difficult it’s still working. I get phone signal way better than the guy standing next to me. My bother in law Terry noticed this at his house in the country. I had three bars and he kind of sort of had one or none. I told him I just had a much better phone, his being an Apple and mine a Galaxy 7. OH don’t get me started on my wife’s Galaxy 8! ‘My phone is soOOoo much better than yours sweetie.’ Did you know the wind has a name? Remember that old tune ‘they call the wind Mariah’? I can tell you that the wind has a spirit and it can cooperate with you. I had a class on an island in the Pacific Northwest. It was a cold day 40 degrees and we were going to have a drumming circle at the beach. The clouds were gray and filled the sky, the wind was about twenty MPH with gusts to about thirty-five MPH. Some of the Californian’s asked if we should continue in this weather. I said, we’ll be fine, I will ask my brother the wind to be kind to us and blow warmly and allow the sun to shine. Five minutes later the wind was warm and there was a hole in the clouds that let sunshine into our spot on the beach. It’s good to have the cooperation of spirits. Having a connection to the world and being in cooperation with the earth spirit is a good thing. Maybe we can all have a connection to spirit that is greater than the sum of who we are. Make an agreement to be good to each other, it’s a good thing. May it be so. Walks With Thunder
Hello Everyone, Grumpy much? Ever get that feeling that something is not quite right, and that feeling bothers you so much your grumpy? Even my dogs are grumpy, now that is bad. Grumpy is negative energy without a direction to go, just waiting for a chance to unleash itself upon the unwary. As a person walking a spiritual path I know not to dwell on the negative, however in just those few fleeting seconds negative thoughts enter my mind it is possible that this grumpy negative energy will be directed and empowered. Just reading some feedback on my social media posts. Every now and then a response to a post had a tone to it. Not the happy go lucky tone but a nasty tone. They get my attention and while I like to think I am just an easy going person, there are times when those negative thoughts people are sending me are sent back. Don’t worry everyone does this. Our initial gut reaction to a situation, depending on our mood, can be negatively charged. I see this as a power source, much like anger. Even negative energy has it’s uses. Focusing will and intent is the easiest thing there is. Sunlight catches your attention (focusing), you walk out into the sunshine (will & intent), result your enjoying being in sunshine. Using negative energy is like that. You feel this negative (grumpy) mood and channel that energy into doing something good. Working in my garden does that for me. Yard poop patrol as we have dogs and we want them to be in a clean happy environment, poop patrol to the rescue! A negative job that has a positive effect, as I don’t really enjoy poop patrol duty. I was feeling grumpy about my cable bill. I love watching movies, the American story teller is found there. Wisdom, information, fun, and entertaining in one package. If we are lucky there is also a message to hold onto. Yet in our information age we can put ourselves into a financial cluster frack… (Frack from Battle Star Galactica remake curse word, ya you know what it means). At our house we have Netflix $13.99, Amazon prime $70 per year, CBS 9.99, Hulu 9.99, Xbox TV and Movies I buy movies there, cable $289 with HBO gigablast internet and phone service. Got rid of cable and lowered my phone service, $159, combined HBO with Amazon prime, dropped HULU, and saved $149.00 Now that is how you channel Grumpy into positive power! Did you know that Hulu offers live TV? Insert evil laugh here. Take control of the things you can, allow will and intent to guide you.
Here we are 2 days after All Hallows Eve. The sugar rush is almost over. My little dog Goliath is on the mend after his Heart attack last month. He’s a pure spirit, love his company. Even when he gives me that look, that ‘what the heck were you thinking’ look. We are all works in progress. Learning and growing all the time. My inner child sometimes takes control. Giving action to those thoughts that maybe shouldn’t have action behind them. Then again where would the fun in life be if our inner child didn’t come out to play every now and then. It’s been said that the more complex the mind the more complex the toy. Lucky for me I built my own super-fast computer to play with. It boots up in 14 seconds, I love that! There are days when I am content to stay home and leave traveling to others. Getting ready for a trip to Chicago on Saturday, must wonder what adventure is to come. Had a last-minute trip to Denver Co last week. Spirit taking me on a lesson about growing and learning all the time. My smart phone is a constant companion as it does so very much. It reminds me to do things, keeping a schedule is comforting to my body’s spirit. At 5 PM it reminded me to take my healthy supplements. CoQ10, magnesium, Turmeric, Fish oil, and CBD oil. Hours later after the sun went down, I was in the desert of Utah. Never having been on this road I was extra vigilant. The highway signs were especially luminescent, leaving an after image on my windshield. Oddly it was a pinkish hue to this after image. There were details in that image that reminded me of a mountain side. I could make out some trees and buildings at the base. Feeling hurried I was determined to make good time by not stopping as much as I usually do. Wanted to get to my destination by 5 PM or earlier the next day. Took my 5-hour energy drink and traveled till about 3 or so in the morning. Found a nice rest stop and had a nap till 7:30 AM. Got back on the road and noticed that the rest area looked exactly like the after image I had been seeing all night on my windshield. The pinkish hue was the color of that cliff/mesa side. I had been looking into the future every time the highway signs fluoresced too brightly. Well played spirit, well played. Found myself wondering if everything was going to work out well at my destination. Would they have the product I had made this journey for? You would think that I would just know it was going to work out just because of the work I do as a shaman. Late that morning I saw something with my peripheral vision sitting on the passenger seat. It was a brown box with the lid flaps open. A sign from spirit I was going to get what I came for. I arrived at 3:30 PM and the person I was to see was out picking up her child. I waited in their Spa office. It was good to see all the CBD products they had created. A few minutes later she arrived with her child and told me she was almost ready. She bagged up my product and came out with a large bag and the plain brown box from my vision. Again, I had confirmation from spirit that I had looked hours into the future. Love knowing that as I travel this spiritual path there are always new lessons to be had. Loaded my box and bag into the car and got ready to go home. My trusty phone showed me the time was 4:44 PM. 4 representing the 4 directions is a very spiritual time for me. A note from spirit saying lessons over. May we all be blessed to follow our path in healthy bodies, and joy in our heart. Call me today and lets look into your future. Walks With Thunder
Spirit has a way of reminding me that life ends. Just this morning I was reading my post about a dream of my Angie after she passed. In the dream, I woke up and heard her voice calling me. “Andy, come on down, let’s go!” I looked out my bedroom window to see her outside by my car. Grinning and looking healthy! It was such a good feeling it woke me up. Same morning as I woke up to in my dream, I looked out the window and saw only my car, no Angie. Another reminder life ends. Life is a divine gift from the creator. We all have the divine spark within us, we call it a soul. I believe that everything has a spirit, my car, house, phone and so on. My dog Dis, has divine energy, she has a soul, as did my cat Emma. Same spirit as Emma reincarnated into my Dis dog. For a while puppy Dis thought she was a cat. She used to smack our Dat dog with her paws like a cat. Very funny. As my Dis gets older, she has more white hair on her face. Doesn’t jump as high and needs a bit more lap time. A reminder from spirit that life ends. My new mother in law Pat has been reminding me that she might not last much longer. She has begun to see paranormal things. Though we might explain that away with her medications or perhaps her low oxygen levels. That doesn’t explain why the house keeper is seeing paranormal things in the house. They both see and hear children in the house, though there aren’t any to be seen or heard. When Angie passed her family was there. They also saw paranormal things. Shadows that ran or scurried around corners or door ways. Movement where no movement should be. A reminder to me that life ends. My son’s new cat Demos had to go to the Vet yesterday evening. Perhaps an obstruction in his digestive tract. Might have eaten something that he can’t pass. After an exam, Demos is on anti-nausea medication, has been rehydrated, and is on the watch list for a couple days. We might lose this little guy. Another reminder… I’m sure that in the next few days or weeks Spirit’s message will have an outcome. Getting me ready for someone to pass, warning me to get ready for it. I am reminded that spirit never is wasted. The soul lives on after the body dies. My cat Emma, is my Dog Dis, when Dis passes who knows how she will come back into my life. I just know that she will. It comforts me. We travel in soul groups though out time. There are hundreds of spirits we travel with in these soul groups. Each of us playing a different role in lifetimes, male, female, mother, father, son, daughter, cousin, uncle, aunt and so on. Hero, villain, lover, cheater, hater, friend, enemy and everything you think I left out as well. We usually come back to the same families because its familiar. This comforts my soul. When you meet someone for the first time and in the first five minutes you feel like you have known that person all your life, that is a soul connection. That person is in your soul group, of course they feel familiar, like home. Even those you meet and you instantly dislike, most likely they did you wrong in a past life. Love at first sight is probably a past life love, your spirit recognizes them and brings forward feelings from the past they didn’t earn in this lifetime. Usually the beginning of an epic romance, soul mate or twin flame. It’s a comfort to know, spirit isn’t wasted your soul lives on. Please join me in sending a blessing to all our soul group members. May we all be loved, may we all know prosperity and are learning all the time in powerful but gentle ways. May we come together in joy and leave with love. So, it is. Walks With Thunder Call me today
Your life’s path There are times when we all question where we are and what we are doing here. Why am I in this job, how did I come to this place. I have often felt that when things are going well I must be on the right path. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. It felt great, things were going so well and yet it was the wrong thing to do. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the ride but when the ride ends badly you have to wonder was it worth it. I am a reluctant Shaman, I didn’t really choose this path on my own. Spirit made that choice for me. Some would call it fate, or a calling. Having a blessed life is good, I know this is what I am supposed to do. Though my path changes all the time. These days I am learning about CBD oil and healing the body with earth medicine. It’s a long way from the IT world of computers I had chosen myself. Did you know that when you hear, read or see something profoundly true, even though unbelievable, you get a tingle down your spine? Because the truth resonates within you and gives you a sign you heard something true, and real. There are many people who cross our paths that will try to tell you how to live your life. Yours is the only opinion that counts on how you walk your life’s path. If what they tell you doesn’t resonate with you then don’t follow their advice. If you’re not seeing your path clearly then most likely there are some who are imposing control over you masked as concern for your welfare. We were given this life to walk as we choose. If you want to be a follower that is a choice you made. If you want to be a leader then that also is a choice you made. Sometimes those choices seem like the best thing to do at the time. The only option of taking control of a situation or letting yourself be led out of one. I have always questioned authority. Willing to listen to a different view point, a better idea, or just find out how crazy that person really is. What motivates people to control us? Power, money, sex, domination, self-esteem, the list goes on and on. Control is an illusion, we can never control everything. When control is lost people call those accidents, or incidents, or events. The only thing we can control most of the time is how we react to a situation. A personal code. At some point, most of us have decided that following the rules of society is a good thing. Don’t kill, don’t be a thief, don’t tell lies, don’t make trouble, try and get along, go to work, follow the laws. That’s a great idea until your value system is violated. You’re a good person yet bad things happen to you. Granted sometimes we are stupid and do stupid things so terrible things happen to us. We keep picking a type of person that isn’t good for us. People that use us, hurt us, and abandon us. We even protect them from our friends who warn us about what they see and what they know. You find out who you really are when your personal code is violated. We truly find out who our real friends are when things go wrong. Those who stand by us and say I can help. Usually those people don’t judge us, they are concerned for us and after we are safe and out of trouble say things like. Stop doing those not smart things please! If you are lucky enough to have a person like that be good to them they are rare. Make a decision that you can live with. Be responsible, remain in your personal code if you can, be honest with yourself, try and understand what is the real reason you’re here. Once we find our goal in life and make a commitment to that goal, the universe, god, great spirit, divine energy steps in. Everything we do form then on gets a closer to that goal. We are all works in progress learning all the time. Don’t let ignorance stop you, learn more about it, be aggressive in your own pursuit of your goal. May we all be blessed with knowing who we are. May we all learn from our mistakes and turn those experiences into wisdom. Call me today and lets talk. Walks With Thunder
Spirit has a way of putting you at the right place and the right time, a spiritual lesson isn't just good for you it's good for all those who know you. My sister in-law has two tumors on her thyroid. Troubling because last I heard there was only one tumor. She is reluctant to have surgery as she has fear of a medical mistake in such a delicate area. Last time a dear friend of mine had Cancer we didn't really know what to do. Energy healing helped but didn't clear the problem. We tried cannabis but didn't really know enough to use it properly. We settled for a pain relief result. Not knowing a mega dose would be a better course of action. When you over dose on Cannabis you eat something and then take a nap till the feeling passes. Because of that ignorance my dear friend passed away. As spirit would have it over the last few months I have been learning more and more about CBD oil. Happy AJ Jamrose has been very gently guiding me to understanding the medical benefits of CBD oil. CBD oil is legal in all 50 states, it is made from the female cannabis plant that only has less than 1% THC in it. THC is the thing that gets you high. The one thing that stands out is it's ability to fight cancer, tumors and reducing the size and in some cases getting rid of the tumors completely. My sister in-law is reluctant to try the CBD oil as she doesn't think it's legal and doesn't want to get high. The side effect of CBD oil is your happy. It's an antidepressant, anti-fungal, and it's good for your body in so many ways. Fights anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, I could go on and on. Yesterday I made a deal with her. I won't bash the sperm donor in public and she will take CBD oil for her tumors. Starting at a low dose of 10 ml a day and working up to a mega dose of 1 gm a day over a few weeks time. Had to tell her some truth to get there. We as a family still need you. This is affordable and easy to do, can you really put a price on your life if so this is so affordable given the costs of other treatments. She is my favorite sister in-law and the other two sisters in law really couldn't take her place. Don't make me come over and have your hubby yell some sense into you. After our agreement I talked to Happy and we are on board with the treatment plan. Some times you just have to be firm when getting someone to do the right thing for themselves and their families. Perhaps there is someone you need to be firm with to get them on the healing path?
Once you have made a decision, everything else will fall into place. Everything you do supports that decision. God, the universe, divine power, is behind your words cooperating in making what you focus on manifest. Walks with Thunder
The trouble with success is it requires so much attention. I like the easy quiet days of sunshine and a cold drink in my hands. Relax while you can a voice in my head keeps saying. Being an easy going sort of person a stray ray of sunshine can put me to sleep. The bright light makes my eyes close and the warmth of it sneaks up on me. Today is like that, it's cold outside and warm inside, a fire, some stew and oh baby! Of course I am reminded I have to make a living. Have started taking apprentices again. Took a year off from that as they are underfoot so often. Had one call me at 6 AM my time a few days ago. I was up letting my dogs out checking my Facebook addiction, yes still have it. This Sunday our class will be an easy one, Wind Talking. Listening to the wind and the messages it has, making friends with it and asking it to carry our words to our loved ones. Asking the wind to be warm, or cold, fast or slow. These are the powers of one who really walks with power. With all that I forget that apprentices watch me, they see when I am on line and when I am not. Sometimes they remote view me. I was in Las Vegas a few years ago with my pal Kirk. We had a great time for a week, just watching the shows, losing money and eating our way through the casino buffet. While there I got a couple calls from two of my apprentices. They were asking why were we sniffing the air and asking each other if we had any dollar bills. Of course I said its none of their business and then had to validate that yes that was what we were doing. When we got back we has some great stories. Kirk had a nice one about how clean my glasses are. No don't ask. When you share your power and teach people to do things go legend you have to expect they are gonna use those powers on you, sigh. 2016 Kirk honored me by giving the bunny and I our wedding ceremony. In front of the creator and the people I think are important in our lives. It's good to see the new Shaman doing the job with such class and confidence. On the 26this my 59th Birthday! Its is my personal day of power and I will be working a few hours that day. That is a great day to ask me for a blessing as it has a bit more power to it. Keep that in mind. Every day is a great day for a blessing but that one is the best. Walks With Thunder If you need a blessing, want to get rid of negative energy or just want a look at your relationships, I am here for you. Call me
Hello Everyone, Enjoying life is one of my top priorities. One of my joys is teaching spiritual classes. I know most folks don’t believe in ghosts, angels, demons, fairies and dark spirits. Kind of makes me the odd one out until you realize they are actually real. That fact makes my life magical. Those precious few that I teach have a magical door open that can never be closed. Having just finished in 2014, a yearlong break from teaching my apprentice classes, they have started once again. I give homework for the 1st 30 days they learn the tobacco offering in the ancient way, no white mans string or cloth to steal power from this spiritual ritual. This blessing is so magical you can actually see and sometimes feel the spirits take the tobacco as it fades from view. The 1st time that happened to me I was on the ground looking for it on a 124 degree day at the Pine Ridge Reservation. At the time I was on a quest to end this paranormal life. My choices were to continue to be a victim or take control of it. Vitim doesn’t look good on me. Watching the apprentices deal with this breaking of the laws of matter conservation is fun. ( Matter may not be created or distroyed) I, like Bugs Bunny, ‘ I never studied law.’ They also begin to change the weather, look for fairies and get pictures. This morning one of the apprentices in Florida sent me a picture of a bright green fairy in the morning light. The magic of our world always amazes me. On December 26th Bunny and I were on our way to our hotel 6 minutes from Disneyland and I saw a blue fairy with a blue white light trail fall to earth near our hotel room. I didn’t say anything about it as I didn’t want Bunny to feel left out at not seeing this beautiful sight. Bunny says, ‘hey did you see that fairy?!’ She often surprises me with her spiritual growth. I am not teaching her how to do these things she is just picking it up anyway. Poor thing. She then proceeded to describe what I saw in perfect detail. Used to be that I would try and deny I saw anything at all and then the person with me would tell me what they say and I couldn’t deny I saw it too. Guess that makes me a reluctant shaman. As time goes by, it seems it speeds up in its passing. Seems only last week I began teaching apprentices and here we are 9 years later, doing it again. It’s a warm beautiful day here in Phoenix AZ. My dogs are out by the pool catching some sun and I am in my man cave with my thoughts. My trusty computer at hand to record my thoughts and memories. It’s good like that. Yesterday I accepted a new apprentice from the Australia. She is working on getting her computer ready for classes. Did you know that for thirty thousand years Native Americans didn’t have a police force? Didn’t need them as we had holy men, chief’s, tribal councils, and Shaman to hold the peace. Oh yes that word Shaman, it means one who knows and has it’s origin in Siberia of all places. It’s kind of like a Medicine man but I don’t like that term. Though my Grandfather was a medicine man, it’s like the family business. Not that I had a choice in it. When spirit wants you to do something, you do it. Resist all you like but it will get its way. May we all be blessed to know rather than have faith. Walks With Thunder

Hello Everyone,

A Holiday Blessing from my family to yours.

I love the holiday season. The food the parties, the holiday movies. The bunny started watching holiday movies last week on Hallmark channel. OMG there must be a thousand or so out there. MY DVR has been recording her choices everyday so she doesn't miss out. Though in my mind Christmas season doesn't start till after Thanks Giving, I do enjoy the season. This year we picked up some big outdoor colored lights for the back yard. Yes, we aren't sharing that with the neighborhood, just the backyard over the fence folks.

Some of you are going through a terrible time, being unemployed, losing your loved ones, breaking up relationships, depression, negative energy and so on. It may even be a time that makes it very difficult to find your silver lining. We all have something to be thankful for, even it its that it just can't get any worse.

May all who read my message be blessed to have the best holiday season ever. May love be at your side and a constant companion every day of your lives. May your biggest blessing last all your days. May we be blessed to eat only what is good and healthy for our bodies and to be satisfied with less of what isn't good for us.

Walks With Thunder

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