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WALKS WITH THUNDER is from a family of shamans. His Grandfather was a Medicine Man for the Caddo tribe, as was his before him. He has been able to see grandfather spirits since age two

Happy Weekend Everyone,


I have a theory about light. For years, I have noticed that there are certain photoelectric light sensors that turn off the light when I am near. The more spiritual you become the brighter the light your spirit shows. Bright enough to turn out those kinds of lights when you’re walking by or even driving past at night.

There are people that want to bless others with white light around them. In a spirit world of shadows and darkness, they make a beacon out of those who are in a weakened condition. As you know that sort of blessing runs out and when it does that white light goes out. Making those who had that light a perfect target. I prefer to surround them with a golden spiritual light that never goes out as it is powered by the spirit of the universe not my will and intent. I just hook them up to the flow. Yes, we are beacons of light I agree. What we do with that light makes a difference.


In these troublesome times after the election it is our choice to be a light for good or to embrace darkness.  We are the best we can be when our light shines brightly, best friend, best lover, best mom or dad, best worker, best neighbor, best family member and so on.  When we embrace darkness, well you know, it’s bad and bad behavior comes back to bite you.  Choose wisely.


May we all be protected in these troublesome times.  I ask that our intuition be turned up so high we can hear it like a voice in the room.  Telling us when to go when to stay, when to speak, and when to listen.  Guiding us on the best path possible. 


Walks with Thunder


Hello Everyone,


You can tell the holidays are almost here by the Christmas decorations coming out of the boxes at our house.  We aren't putting them up yet, we are doing maintenance.  Changing out burned out bulbs, that's a chore.  Would rather replace the whole string of lights than go bulb by bulb checking each one.  It's a good thing relationships aren't like that. Or we would be in big trouble every holiday season. 


Though we could say that some of our bulbs in a relationship have gone out and we need to fix them.  Like our let’s spend time with each other and enjoy it bulb.  Has yours gone out?  If so maybe all you need to do to fix that is make an agreement to spend more fun time with each other.  As time is not our friend, beauty fades and the body tends to get heavier.  As I understand it we should relocate to the moon as we would only weigh 1/3rd of what we weigh on earth.  Not a practical solution for us. Exercise and good nutrion may fix that bulb, though accepting our bodies as they are also fixes that bulb.


As long as we are fixing our relationship and giving it the attention a relationship needs it should last a long while before we must replace that whole string of relationship lights with another one.  These days the trend is to go with a younger fancier model with all the new technology that changes the light colors and makes them sequence in patterns.  Just remember those are more expensive and they tend to be delicate.  I don't like getting those looks of disdain from older light strings as I go shopping with my newer model light strings.  They have that look of judging directed at me for not going with a vintage model such as myself. 


Having gone without a new light bulb string for years I decided to go with a classic, you could say I loved it so much I married it. Yes it's a few months older than I am but it does have all the fancy extras that keep an old guy like me happy in its relationship glow. 


If your needing help fixing your relationship bulbs call me or if your trying out a new fancy string of relationship bulbs I can help. Call me today!



good to go


A super moon! I sometimes wonder if I should buy into the hype of buzzwords. OMG it’s going to be the biggest moon in 70 years! Ok that kind of excites me but who puts this stuff out there, is that accurate, verifiable? A once in a lifetime event! Yes, I am a skeptic, even of my own work. Is it duplicatable, can you get pictures of it, what is the proof? Let’s say I buy into this super moon thing what does that mean to me?


Yes, it's verifiable and accurate.  ( if you want to skip the science just don't read the blue text) NASA says

"Because the Moon has an elliptical orbit, one side - called the perigee - is about 48,280 km (30,000 miles) closer to Earth than the other side (the apogee).

When the Sun, the Moon, and Earth line up as the Moon orbits Earth, that’s known as syzygy (definitely something you want to keep in your back pocket for your next Scrabble match).

When this Earth-Moon-Sun system occurs with the perigee side of the Moon facing us, and the Moon happens to be on the opposite side of Earth from the Sun, we get what’s called a perigee-syzygy.

That causes the Moon to appear much bigger and brighter in our sky than usual, and it’s referred to as a supermoon - or more technically, a perigee moon.

Supermoons aren’t all that uncommon - we just had one on October 16, and after the November 14 super-supermoon, we’ll have another one on December 14."

I guess we can trust NASA on that as it's not about global warming.


The lunar cycle has many paranormal and normal effects on our world. The tides are higher when the moon is bigger as it gravitational pull draws the water in the oceans to create tides. Women’s cycles are sometimes affected by this moon cycle. Native Americans called women’s cycle her moon time. Legend has it that they lycanthrope will come out at the full moon. Are those real? Probably, after all I see Angels, Fairies, ghosts, so it’s not that much of a step to say other things of legend exist. Firemen and Police say that people are lunatics and do crazy things during the three days of a full moon. My full moon blessing uses the power of the moon to enhance the power of the blessing. If this is the biggest moon in 75 years, then I would expect all that to be bigger in an extreme way. They also say the last three lunar cycles of 2016 are going to very large as well. Good time to ask me for a blessing.


More Lunar power is good. The romance of a full moon, that is a good thing. If you’re thinking of bringing your relationship to a bigger level, this could be your opportunity to use a blessing to bring you two even closer together. Remember to be safe during this full moon and the two more coming before the end of the year loonies come out at the full moon. If you live near water watch the extreme tides. Hold your loved ones close, it’s a very romantic time. Get your cameras out because you can take pictures of it! Apparently it is duplicatable but you have to wait till 2038 or so. Not sure I have that kind of time.

Call me if you need my help with a blessing or insight into your romance.


My Ext. 02590550

Here we are in the future, yes, it is today. Remember when we were children and we wondered what the future would be like. This is it. I grew up in the 60s, watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. Johnny Quest had a phone with a video screen in it. Kind of like the old brick phones in the 90s, take that just a bit further and we get the phones we have today. Texting, didn't see that coming, why would anyone text with video phones? Then again that awesome thing Captain Kirk had, the communicator to talk with his ship in space, a tiny little thing held in the palm of your hand. Before those cell phones had that screen they were kind of like Kirk's communicator. As I recall I had mine set to make those nerdy noises mid-90s. I must say I am disappointed in this future. No flying cars or jet packs for everyone. Sure, popular science has shown us a few and we do have hybrid electric/gas cars, not so good though. Was sure we would have an advanced space program by now. Cancer was supposed to be cured after the billions of dollars we put into it. Turns out Cancer research and Cancer treatment is big business; I think they have a cure but don't want to let it out as they are making so much money on us having it. Don't get me started on politics or religion! OH, yeah those are forbidden subjects anyway. Remember what you don't talk about socially. Turns out there is a reason for that, some people are offended by what we think they do. As you know I am a Shaman and folks talk about me all the time. Never thought I would be working on a casino blessing as a grownup when I was a kid. Then again I have retained some of my childlike qualities. Still love Disneyland and Disney movies! Kind of thought we would have real super heroes these days. There are a few of them that don't need super powers. Batman, Green Arrow, Black Panther, hmm OK it's not much of a list but I don't buy comics anymore. Comics used to be 12 cents these days they are $5 last I checked in 95. No one told me that growing old was a privilege denied to some. My 1st wife died at age 42, and my Angie passed away at 45. Here I am in the future and there aren't any laser guns, or space weapons though some say we do have aliens among us. The funny things we believe in, OK yes it's me, Fairies, Angels, and demonic forces exist. Yes, I have seen a UFO over Seattle when I was in the Coast Guard back in 83. Heard years later that it was seen by so many people it was undeniable. It came in over Canada and down the Puget sound past Seattle to make a 90 Degree turn and go down in the Columbia river gorge area. Yes, we believe in strange things and sometimes those things are real. I still believe that someday I will have my own TV series about the crazy life I have, it must be fictionalized as no one would believe its real. Even now in this future time we live in I learn new things. We never stop learning and growing our spiritual power. My casino blessing is getting so much better, last weekend I learned that the voice of command works on slot machines, and that a healing technique I found in 2006 works on them too! You can’t count on casino money to see you through life though it is a very nice bonus!

It’s June 6, 2016, Historically a day that half the world stood up against evil.  As a Shaman I know there are evil areas of our world just as there are good areas every 100 miles or so.  Some people call these places vortexes or lay lines, doesn’t matter what we call them it is a place energy positive and negatively charged gathers.  People are like this too, ever meet someone you just want to be around?  Perhaps you remember meeting a person you couldn’t wait to get away from?  People, places and even things are positively and negatively charged.


In my Casino Blessing research, I have seen many “lucky” items, rituals and people.  These “superstitions" linger around people too, watch the move “The Cooler”, Bill Macy is awesome in this role.  A Cooler is someone the Casino sends over to lucky people who are too lucky and are winning too much.  The cooler is someone who sucks up that luck and puts things back in the casinos favor.  They have an area of effect around them, folks that were very lucky become not lucky.  I have noticed that I am the opposite of a cooler, when I walk around the casino I leave a trail of jackpots behind me.  Folks in my path win.


How do these people, places and things become charged?  Some say that when a very evil act happens it leaves a residue of evil that lingers there.  The Nazi concentration camps are such a place.  Jewish people, men, women, children, exterminated because a lesson of evil was given against them.  That lesson of evil was so powerful millions of Jews were exterminated in just a few years.  Now evil is trying to cover up what they did and they are not teaching this part of history anymore so evil can do it again. 


The inquisitions of the middle ages searching for heretics.  Oh the evil people do in the name of religion.  It’s not just the Catholics, Islam, Mormons and so on and on with most every religion throughout time.  Holy war, what a term, come on really?  The Crusades were with Islam and Catholics.  King James changed the bible, word of god, edited the bible.  Coined the phrase “Infidel”, meaning not in fidelity with the word of god because you changed it.  These days Islam is out there doing evil things in the name of their god just as Christians have.  The horrible things we humans do to each other is not new behavior.   When religions, people do these evil deeds, even in the name of religion, evil gathers and grows.  Sometimes objects like swords, knives, or places they were done take on this evil energy.   Creating cursed objects and areas. 


The really good thing about energy is we can change its polarity if you know how.  Salt has always been one of those things that can change negative energy.  It has been said it creates a barrier against evil.  I say Kosher salt is better, not only does it have all the awesome things regular salt does, but it also carries a blessing from the Jewish Rabbi who blesses “all the food” in the Kosher food warehouse.  I love that about Kosher salt.  A few grains of Kosher salt, or regular salt can change the polarity of your own and others negative energy and its ability to affect you.  Sprinkle some under your bed so you don’t have negative dreams or evil paranormal visitors.  Sprinkle some around your home, doors windows to keep negative energy out. 

The Native American smudge is an awesome way of getting rid of negative energy.  I have found that when you’re not doing well at the casino, white sage smoke gets your spirit clean again.  Winning with a pure spirit is the best way.  You can smudge your house, your car, your loved ones, and your work space.  If you can’t burn sage in the office, make a sage tea.  Put four white sage leaves in a pot of boiling water, watch it and wait for it to turn light green.  Then take it off the heat and let it cool, put the cool sage tea in a spray bottle and spray the areas you need spiritually clean (negative energy free). 


Sometimes negative energy will attach itself to you.  Ever notice that some people are on a cycle of negativity?  Every two weeks or so they have to have a fight with those they love.  It’s one of the signs you have a negative attachment.  Kosher salt on your tongue, smudge, or drink the sage tea, to get rid of that.  Keep doing that every day for 7 days.  That negative attachment gathers negative energy until it can take over your life and exert its power to have those fights it needs to exist.  Then it goes into gathering mode again till it can take over again.  Creating a cycle of evil.  Don’t buy into it.


May we all be aware enough to avoid evil, and smart enough to change negative energy to positive energy. 

Walks With Thunder

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The one constant thing you can count on….


Have you been noticing that the longer your alive the more change happens?  Seems the one thing we all encounter is change.  We grow older as does everyone else, those babies don’t stay babies.  People we love don’t always keep going, remember none of us are getting out of this life alive.  Knowing there are more years behind me and less in front of me does give a kind of urgency to get where I wanted to go. 


Some of these changes are good ones, knowing more, gaining more spiritual power, making better choices.  As humans we are not perfect and though we get old that doesn’t mean we make less mistakes or choose the best thing all the time.  If we are lucky and smart, we make those poor choices less and less and the good ones more and more.  I do love that old saying, insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting the result will be different somehow.  Spirit does teach us lessons, easy lessons while we sleep or tough ones that put what we believe in to the test.  


Horace Greeley once said, you can’t go home again.  Meaning the home you left is back in time and time changes everything.  I once went back to a town I had lived in when I was in first grade.  Everything was smaller, the distances shorter, it wasn’t as bright as it had been in my memories.  The house we lived in was a parking lot.  Having friends that share a common feeling of family or connection.  Those friends bodies change but the feelings can remain the same.  The person we choose to live our lives with also change.  If we are wise we grow together not apart.  Knowing that person and loving them warts and all through time.  My sweetie says relationships end when both people give up at the same time.  Simple yet profound observations.


A perfect moment, we collect these memories as we walk our life path.  As you know we can’t take those physical treasures with us.  The perfect memories we do take with us.  The birth of a child, a perfect summer afternoon sitting on a bench by the water, a family holiday that’s just right.  Whatever your perfect moment it’s captured in your memory waiting for you to visit it again.  I had a perfect moment last night.  It didn’t last long as they often don’t.  My sweetie and I were sitting together, a dog or two with us as we watched a movie.  I looked down and saw my leg crossed with hers, Her right leg and my left, two different looking feet but on the correct left right placement.  The universe saying you are one.  This seeming everyday thing touched my spirit, we are one. 


I know that as time goes by our relationship will grow, change, if we are both wise and make the best choices we will grow together.  That is the one constant thing we can count on, change.  As we travel through time, let’s think about the consequences of our choices.  It is just possible when we reach our life paths destination we will have collected our perfect moments to bring with us on the journey to the next life.  May we all be blessed to know how to choose what is best for us and learn from those choices that weren’t good.

Walks With Thunder

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May those pure Animal Spirits guide and teach us gently the ways of love for each other.

I have heard that some Christian leaders don’t believe that animals have souls. That god in his wisdom has only given spirit to humans. Hogwash, I know that dogs, cats and so on have a spirit that lives on as ours do. I’m not sure I like this new pope however he does agree with me on this. A few years ago he stated that when we go to heaven we will see our pets who have passed on there as they too have a soul.

Cats have always had a place in my heart and life. My very first pet was a black cat with a white star on his chest. He was so black he could just blend in with the shadows and be invisible. Cats choose who they love and they play favorites. My Black Stuff selected me as his favorite toy. Every night he would come to bed with me, kiss my ear with his cold wet nose and purr. A wet nose purr kiss is not to be missed, I highly recommend one before bed. We moved often when I was a child as my father would build feed lots, the mill that mixed the cows feed and such. Once it was built he was on to the next job and our family to the next little po’dunk town. We moved and our cat moved with us.

One day in the summer my Black Stuff didn’t return home, I was heartbroken. On a day shortly after he went missing, I was sad and in my bed in the afternoon, I felt a cat jump on the bed. Didn’t see one, I felt the bed move with the weight of a cat and felt it walk towards me on it’s little cat feet. Still didn’t see one, though I felt comforted by this spirit cat. Now many years later I know it was the spirit of my Black Stuff coming by to say he was alright. Over the years he has visited many times in those quiet moments when I needed my childhood friend.

We had a Chihuahua dog we called shorty, he was a stray who came to stay a while. He tried to be friends with me but I didn’t like him. Poor little fellow would smile at me and I just wouldn’t have any of it. One summer day we were outside together and he looked at me as if to say ‘I tried kid’ and walked down the street and didn’t look back. He left that day and I remember it clearly. These days it is a source of regret that I didn’t embrace his spirit. As a Shaman I send a blessing back through time to watch over and protect his spirit. Doesn’t make me feel any better but it’s all I can do. You can’t fix something that is that far past. Little dogs don’t live long enough for us to find regret.

Every now and then I can see a little dog spirit in the bed room. Around the edges of vision, or even directly in my vision a little tan Chihuahua dances and plays, following me. I some times feel its Shorty come to say I still love you and I know you miss me. Regret is a horrible thing. Taking a moment to dry my eyes, bad dust in here right now... makes it hard to see my screen.

These days the bunny and I support Small Dog Rescue, Happy Tails, the Trio Foundation, food for the poor and so many local shelters. We drop off blankets and dog treats, dog outfits and of course money. Though I know we can’t help them all we are doing what we can when we can. It doesn’t make up for being mean spirited to a small dog but it does help those that are still here. One day I know I will meet his little doggie spirit and maybe we can be the friends we should have been. This one believes all animals have a spirit and that those spirits are just like ours, created by god and loved by god.

If you find yourself able to help an animal please do, its good for both your spirits. May we all be blessed to have the love, trust and respect of the pure animal spirits that are in our world. May we have the wisdom to give comfort and help to those spirits in need.

Walks With Thunder

When I'm worried and I can't sleep. I sometimes lose sight of the blessings in my life. Not because they aren’t good but because life moves quickly at times. I forget to say thank you. It’s an important step in being spiritual to be thankful. Knowing what it’s like not to be blessed makes the difference in how thankful I really am. When I was young and not experienced in the ways of the world, the word fair meant something. In school teachers tried to instill a sense of fair play, that is missing in the adult world. You can see this in the race for president going on now. I saw that Bernie had won a states delegates and that the Democratic party had given his delegates to Hillary. To be fair Bernie does think that those with more should give to those with less hahahaha. Though it’s really not fair.

I am blessed with all I need and most of what I desire. It doesn’t take much to make me happy, a big flat screen TV an ultra-fast computer which I built and my Bunny! Cars don’t impress me much, nor do big houses or lots of money. It’s the person you are that impresses me. Everybody makes mistakes, it’s how you handle life after those mistakes that I look at. OK gadgets and phone screen size also impresses me. How nice your kids are, how nice are you, those are also things that impress me.

I have a student life had put through the rings of fire every chance it got. She had a child at age 15, her mother kicked her out for that. She was abused by her father, her two husbands cheated on her and physically abused her. In her twenties she decided enough, and she got an education to be a medical technician who works with Doctors in surgery for hearts and other organs. She makes a great living, got herself out of low income, takes care of her four children without anyone’s help. Her life is a reminder to me that anything is possible. That anyone can change their own life path and become whatever they desire to be. I don’t think she is smarter than most people, or physically stronger either. Her will and intent are focused and with those two things going for you, nothing can stand in your way.

Love that old Bing Crosby song, Counting your blessings. That is what I need to be doing, maybe I am not the only one. Life isn’t fair but we can be good to each other and that doesn’t cost anything at all.

May we all be blessed in the good ways that make us happy and fulfill our needs wants and desires.

Count your blessings. The bunny and I were out last night with her Mom and Sister Cindy. As I was sitting there just playing a $2 bet on a slot I got all the red 7's and had a nice little jackpot. I knew there was another one coming, the spirit of the machine told me it would hit again. I asked the bunny if she wanted to play my machine. She said no and went on to have diminishing results on her machine for a while. I offered my machine to her Mom and she politely said no and went on to have diminishing results from her slot machine next to mine. The bunny wanted to move to one of her favorite slot machines and had much better results, she was reluctant to let her old slot go and asked me if I would sit there and babysit it, which I did. Her sister hadn't had a good machine so I said do you want my winning slot machine, she said yes. At a 5 dollar bet the 1st spin got her an $800 payout. I mentioned that I am very lucky to sit by as she proceeded to gather the slot machines bounty, by my count about $1700 or so. The bunny having won a few jackpots by then had asked me to babysit that slot machine as she was going to try her luck with another of her favorites. About that time she started to lose as her lucky charm went to sit elsewhere. I did remind her that if I am not sitting there that slot machine isn't as lucky anymore. After a hour or so she had given back the bounty of the casino to the slot machines. I often say the difference between a winner and a loser is a winner knows when to quit. Life is like that, not just the casino. This time of year I love to watch old movies like White Christmas. Bing Crosby sings a tune, Counting your blessings instead of sheep. Lots of wisdom there. We all make choices, to share the wealth or not to share it. If you're feeling low because christmas does that to some of us or you're just not very happy. Maybe your bankroll is getting small. Have a listen to this simple message. Merry Christmas my friends. IRVING BERLIN "Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep" When I'm worried and I can't sleep I count my blessings instead of sheep And I fall asleep Counting my blessings When my bankroll is getting small I think of when I had none at all And I fall asleep Counting my blessings I think about a nursery and I picture curly heads And one by one I count them as they slumber in their beds If you're worried and you can't sleep Just count your blessings instead of sheep And you'll fall asleep Counting your blessings
Happy Valentine’s day. Did you ever notice that the banks, schools and federal government don’t close on this commercial holiday? I am sure it’s because this is a made up holiday, yes all of them are made up holidays. This one however doesn’t carry the weight of a day off. Did you notice I said commercial holiday… It’s kind of like the engagement diamond, made up by the DeBeers diamond company. Google that and see the back story on diamonds and engagement rings. Fascinating what we as a society will literally buy into. Most of the time I follow my own intuition but this holiday always gets me going to do something for my lady. Most often red roses are my favorite choice with dinner out and perhaps breakfast. A few months ago my Bunny told me she wanted some kind of skin cream. Oddly I can’t remember what it was. Just asked Bunny and it was Angel or Allure bath jell. Thinking my Alfa male thoughts I decided that a reverse osmosis water filtration system says I love you all year long, right? We have a call out to the plumber, as luck would have it he is busy and hasn’t called back yet. (Insert grumpy growl here) My clients are calling asking about relationships of course. When will I see him/her again, is it over, what is he/she doing/thinking right now, does he/she miss me? The questions I think they should be asking are rarely asked, is this relationship good for me, is this the love of my lifetime, is there someone better out there for me? Most of us can’t see clearly what our relationship is as we are in the thick of it. Our friends and family are sometimes no help at all in the affairs of the heart. I won’t mention any names here but you know who you are…. This nameless young woman has had a rough year. Her baby daddy set her up to fail, by telling everyone she is crazy. She is obsessed with thinking he is cheating. Being a recovering addict he made an unhealthy environment for her by having drugs and alcohol in their home. Not the best thing for a recovering addict with addictive behavior and a young baby around. Turns out he was cheating, and he did give her a vial of an illegal addictive stimulant without cautioning her not to drink the whole thing, which she did, causing her cracker to slide off her cheese. There by making his claim she is crazy seem credible. Being on the outside we can all see this baby daddy is a loser. Can’t hold a job, is a cheater, and he reaches for a lie when the truth would serve him better and is irresponsible as he won’t pay his bills. There are some redeeming factors but seriously not many. My point here is that this young woman can’t see that he is the worst choice she could make for her future and her child’s. Yes I know the heart wants what the heart wants. How often could we look back and say if only I had made better choices. Of course I as a concerned interested party have told her the facts of what I know about this situation. Every now and then we have to get burned to know not to touch fire. Those lessons are painful but memorable. One of the painful lessons is to allow those you care about make the worst decision possible. Have a look at the relationships around you. What are they doing right that you want to emulate? Families are important but toxic family relationships are difficult to repair. My solution is not everyone’s solution, I just cut them out of my life and let them be toxic to each other. What has all that got to do with Valentine ’s Day? Everything, this is a day of love, we love our families, and we love those special people in our lives that make getting up each day worth it. Relationships are built on love. You can love someone but you don’t have to like them. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean they are good for you or good to you. I had an awful mother but I still loved her. She was a drama queen and the worst cook ever! She put tomato sauce on everything. Green beans and tomato sauce, gulp, corn and tomato sauce, broccoli and tomato sauce! Don’t get me started on what she could do to great steak, shoe leather in just minutes! I was probably one of the few people that looked forward to school lunches because they were so good! Yes I loved her, she was my mom, and not a great mom but still gave me life. If you’re looking for a true love go to the pound and pick up a dog or a cat. Take them home and they will show you that unconditional love only an animal can give. If you’re blessed to find that one person that loves you even your evil side then you are truly blessed. I am sure even Mother Teresa had an evil side probably didn’t like lima beans or Brussel sprouts. Being human we all have things we aren’t proud of. I have so many I can’t list them all nor would I care to. Being a work in progress has an upside. We can always strive to be better than we are. May we all be blessed with the love of our lifetimes for as long as possible. Walks With Thunder
Enjoying life is one of my top priorities. I don’t have time for folks that are negative or try to push me around. That of course is a mistake on their part as the spirits that surround me aren’t kindly to those folks. They tend to disappear, and I like that. One of my joys is teaching spiritual classes. I know most folks don’t believe in ghosts, angels, demons, fairies and dark spirits. Kind of makes me the odd one out until you realize they are actually real. That fact makes my life magical. Those precious few that I teach have a magical door open that can never be closed. Having just finished a yearlong break from teaching my apprentice classes, they have started once again. I give homework for the 1st 30 days they learn the tobacco offering in the ancient way, no white mans string or cloth to steal power from this spiritual ritual. This blessing is so magical you can actually see and sometimes feel the spirits take the tobacco as it fades from view. The 1st time that happened to me I was on the ground looking for it on a 124 degree day at the Pine Ridge Reservation. At the time I was on a quest to end this paranormal life. My choices were to continue to be a victim or take control of it. Vitim doesn’t look good on me. Watching the apprentices deal with this breaking of the laws of matter conservation is fun. I, like Bugs Bunny, ‘never studied law.’ They also begin to change the weather, look for fairies and get pictures. This morning one of the apprentices in Florida sent me a picture of a bright green fairy in the morning light. The magic of our world always amazes me. On December 26th Bunny and I were on our way to our hotel 6 minutes from Disneyland and I saw a blue fairy with a blue white light trail fall to earth near our hotel room. I didn’t say anything about it as I didn’t want Bunny to feel left out at not seeing this beautiful sight. Bunny says, ‘hey did you see that fairy?!’ She often surprises me with her spiritual growth. I am not teaching her how to do these things she is just picking it up anyway. Poor thing. She then proceeded to describe what I saw in perfect detail. Used to be that I would try and deny I saw anything at all and then the person with me would tell me what they say and I couldn’t deny I saw it too. Guess that makes me a reluctant shaman. As time goes by, it seems it speeds up in its passing. Seems only last week I began teaching apprentices and here we are 9 years later, doing it again. It’s a warm beautiful day here in Phoenix AZ. My dogs are out by the pool catching some sun and I am in the man cave with my thoughts. My trusty computer at hand to record my thoughts and memories. It’s good like that. Yesterday I accepted a new apprentice from the UK. She is working on getting her computer ready for classes. Did you know that for thirty thousand years Native Americans didn’t have a police force? Didn’t need them as we had holy men, chief’s, tribal councils, and Shaman to hold the piece. Oh yes that word Shaman, it means one who knows and has it’s origin in Siberia of all places. It’s kind of like a Medicine man but I don’t like that term. Though my Grandfather was a medicine man, it’s like the family business. Not that I had a choice in it. When spirit wants you to do something, you do it. Resist all you like but it will get its way. May we all be blessed to know rather than have faith.
A few random thoughts about where we are and how we got there. Our lives are subject to change. Sometimes the weather changes our plans, or politics in the extreme cases war. Friends and family have an impact as well, the drama of their lives spills out into ours. Often shared is my viewpoint that we all make choices. Each choice from our past has put us on this path to be exactly where we are right now. Even our choice not to choose changes our life path. There is a school of thought that says what we imagine what life will be strong enough and long enough will change what we have to what we imagine. The strongest of these changes to our life is our own will and intent. We guide our own path based on feelings, knowledge and advice from others. Sometimes if we are lucky we have a role model of the type of person we want to be. Though I live a magical life it is certainly not one I chose as a child. Who would willingly choose Shaman over anything else? My view of it is the choices I have made were the ones spirit left me, in that way I am a reluctant Shaman. Even so I choose this path though I could not foresee it. A phrase comes to mind, be the change you wish to see. I had posted online my thoughts and some pictures about being mindful of our blessings not our problems. Everyone has problems even people with more money than they need. Our famous celebrities have problems, one of my favorite actresses recently said something politically ignorant and stupid. By doing so she lost much of my respect for her as a person with great acting talent. Though her talent hasn’t diminished her thought process is now very questionable. We all make mistakes, it is one of the ways we learn. Concentrating on what makes me happy, what are my blessings, and leaving problems alone for a while? Most of us have a friend that brings “drama” to our lives just by knowing them. We could just edit those folks out of our lives that seems kind of irresponsible. There it is again, our choices have an impact on our lives. Let’s choose to be happy, choose to be the best possible version of ourselves for as long as possible. As you know you can’t always be calm cool and collected. The dragon wins some days. Accepting that we get to choose what we do with that knowledge. May we all be blessed and know what our blessings are. walks with thunder
Yesterday was a day filled with God's will. I had been joking with my soon to be sister in law Suzanne, 'Are you sure your not cursed?' Her first time in Hawaii and they get two hurricanes, 1st in 22 years. My sweetie and her Mon and two other sisters were about to check in at the airport when the flight was canceled as the hurricane was going to be going on while they landed in Hawaii. I have to go back to the airport to pick them up. As you know with vision comes a penalty, I am directionally challenged. So I had to use OnStar to navigate me back to the airport as I couldn't find signs to point to the airport even though I was only 5 miles away! Geeze Louise the signage here in Phoenix needs fixing folks! After 15 minutes I am back at the airport and at the wrong side, south side not north side! OMG really, same building but not the right side. After picking them up the we find we have an extra passenger as There are three sisters total and one mom and myself. A back full of luggage and now someone sitting between the seats with no seatbelt. My sweetie says, ‘Everything happens for a reason, we just weren't meant to go to Hawaii.’ We set off for home and my soon to be Mother in Law says, I want breakfast! We decide to go to IHOP, I actually know where that is! As we are within 2 miles of it we get a call that a 15 year old Trevor, Suzanne’s husbands grandson, has been in a climbing accident. Another young man was also injured and a fireman who was with them lost his life. Not good, so we turn around within 500 yards of IHOP and go to children’s hospital in Phoenix. As most of you know my best friend Angie worked there till she died last hear in June. So I have mixed feelings about going into another Children’s Hospital. We were there for hours and my soon to be Mom in law was getting tired, being 83 and on so many meds she is delicate. Finally she needed to go home. That sort of thing is emotionally exhausting as you of course know. Arriving back to the house I needed to make some business calls and then I needed to sleep. So I did for about 3 hours. During that time Trevor passed away. He was an awesome young man, an Eagle Scout at the age of 14, an honor student, taken so early. I am sure that his mother saying goodbye to him that morning had no idea what the day would bring. Even more exhausted from this sad news I went to bed and was joined by my sweetie. We talked for a little bit in the lamp light. She noticed a small delicate white feather floating on the air. It moved above us and winked out of sight. She asked what that was and of course I knew it was Trevor saying goodbye to her. I fell asleep and here we are, a beautiful new day. Life goes on about us and yet there is a sense of loss. I never met this young man but I met his parents yesterday. I feel the pain of loss they have. A wound not unlike Lancelot’s wound, that will never heal. Things happen for a reason, even when we cannot see or begin to understand those reasons. I often say what is meant to be will be. It’s like a famous painting of the Mona Lisa, not many would notice if she had one less eyelash or freckle but if you altered the smile it wouldn’t be the epic master piece it is now. So it is with our lives, we can change the small details but the large brush strokes of god are fixed, unchangeable. Trevor’s mom is probably blaming herself for letting him go climbing. His Grandfather probably says I never should have gone to Hawaii, I should have been there for them. Yet the amazing thing about this family is, they come together when they are needed. They stop whatever they are doing and rush to aide, even if all they can do is be there. We can play the blame game all we like but ultimately what is meant to be will be. Walks With Thunder
I just love movies! Even bad movies, Battlefield Earth, voted worst movie in 100 years, awesome! That was John Travolta as the lead evil alien. Yes it was bad, but I loved it! Guardians of the Galaxy not sure what the buzz is on that yet but I loved it! Been thinking about being in the movies, yes I have been on a TV Series but you know we are all the stars of our own life movie. We get to choose are we the hero? Perhaps comedy relief? What role do we play in our daily lives? Some times I think I am a super hero, you know, magical powers and such. To change the weather or remove pain with the touch of my hand. To bless or remove blessings for those who deserve it. Vision to see others life path, vision to see what others can’t. My son used to say that I had Jedi powers. They were like holy men, used the force to heal as I heal with energy, could see things others could not as I do. They had a battle with the dark side as I do. You know I wouldn’t mind being a Jedi! My ex-wife Laura tells stories about our life together. In one such remembrance, one November evening at our beach house in Belfair WA. I had just visited my next door neighbor Pat and dropped off a new DVD. I collect movies and Pat watches them after I do, you know just being good neighbors. Laura goes off to start the car and I am walking back through the fog to the car. I step inside and Laura says! Hey did you see that? See what? As always being the awesome superhero I am, ever vigilant…. Not! She says as you were strolling back from Pat’s I saw a huge bear like dark shadow creature running for it’s life. A few seconds later you just casually stroll around the corner, like nothing’s wrong and everything is great! I just love it that my humble self engenders fear in Dark Spirits, just by being me. Sometimes we don’t choose what role we play in our life movie. The Director has some surprises for us. What drama will he put in our path today? Maybe it’s not a movie of our lives but a reality show of our lives. Our costars, become our good friends, our perhaps not friends. We get to choose what we do and how we react. I have always been calm in a crisis. Came in handy when I was a Radioman in the Coast Guard. Last thing you want is the guy who is helping you to freak out . Seeing things calmly does help me everyday. I used to have a problem of yelling at people who I felt needed it. Though that might have been a reaction to high blood sugar. I yelled at my son when he was 8 or so and my I saw how it shook him up. Over the years I have worked hard at not yelling at all. Though I do yell at times it is usually to show someone that I can yell and what it really sounds like. Yes I do have a temper but I have a lid on it most of the time. Though it can bubble to the surface instantly to my surprise. I used to have a radio show in Seattle on 1130 AM radio. One of my guests was a spiritual woman. Her interview was going well until she mentioned she was going to a peace rally against the war. Out of the blue I heard myself saying, ‘ You go to that piece rally, but just remember that those US men and women of our Armed Forces paid for your right to protest them with blood and lives.’ They deserve our respect. If you want to protest the war then aim that at the folks who decided to go to war, not our heroes who protect us. My producer said that was good radio. I felt that my poor guest should probably have not mentioned that protest. I told her after the interview that I had no idea I felt so strongly about our Service men and women. My son is my hero, he does things I could never do. I often say he is the new improved me. The mark 4 series. Smarter, stronger, easy going, and much nicer. You know that math they do on Big Bang theory, all that scientific notation and formulas, when he was 16 he was tutoring college students on how to do that. Yes he is brainy and plays computer games. When he asked me if he had to go to high school graduation I said your 18 son, do what you want. He chose not to go, a week later he graduated from Community College as well. We went to pick up his High School diploma and our reception at the high school office as kind of cold. Usually you get a hard cover for that diploma, he didn’t get one. Just the paper, then they added two more papers. Awards for math and science, as well as two medals that came with them. Maybe I am just a proud dad but maybe with the Governors letter of acknowledgement that my son was in the top 2% of all graduates in our state. Two years later at the age of 20 he graduated with his 4 year degree. Yes he is my hero. In the movie of my life I am a lead character but my son is the hero. Now a new heroine has been added to my life. My leading lady, there to inspire me to hold me to a higher standard. I have been content with life and my leading lady wants way more than my simple life. Perhaps we will both learn and find that happy middle ground. I know there have been other leading ladies in my story. They have played their time on the stage and moved on. Send me your blessings, as one who knows the power of such things I am grateful for your blessing. Walks With Thunder
It was pointed out to me recently that I had survived an Arizona day with the temperature at 119 degrees. As you know folks from Seattle area start melting at 98. My memory says that I have endured higher temperatures in South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation, 124 degrees. Having recently done a tobacco offering in the Ancient way I see that spirits love this hot weather. They seem to be more active and cooperative. Most of my tobacco was taken by the spirits, my offering to the west was taken immediately from my hand, just disappeared entirely. it's going to be 114 degrees today! For a few years the Lakota nation and I were at odds because I said that their tobacco offering was tainted with white man’s string, and white man’s cloth, because of that it lacked power. You can see that their tobacco offerings aren’t taken as the tobacco is still there. I had one Lakota woman tell me that the essence of the tobacco was taken. Told her that was obvious nothing at all happened as you could still see the tobacco tied up with string and cloth. They have to burn it or just leave it to rot in the weather as it is not really taken like mine. To some that could sound arrogant, to me it is just factual. If you can still see it then it wasn’t accepted. While in a favorite Chinese restaurant yesterday I saw a shrine to the Buddha. It had incense and fruit as an offering. Immediately my mind went to, so their offering wasn’t accepted as the fruit was still there. I am so bad! Yes I judge other religions offerings in this same way. I draw the line at live sacrifice, Chickens, goats, sheep and so forth are safe from me. What religion requires a live sacrifice? Remember your bible, those folks in there were often sacrificing a lamb as in the lamb of god. Some times even a fatted calf. Voodoo magic man, (movie quote) often requires a chicken to die. Tobacco, Lavender, corn, corn meal, Cedar and so on are my offerings. I suppose I am such an easy going Shaman that I just take the easy path most of the time. There are of course my detractors that see fault in everything I do. I had the Caddo nation representative tell me a few years ago. Our medicine men don’t advertise, aren’t on TV and Radio, and they don’t write articles. They don’t teach or heal white people either! My response as you would expect was…. Well it’s a good thing I am not one of your medicine men, I am a shaman. That means one who knows. In this case one who won’t be controlled. Maybe I am not so easy going as I stated. I do have a long fuse but once it runs out I will use every bit of my 184 IQ to fix what bothers me. As a Shaman I am kind of a reluctant one. I am my own best skeptic. I test everything I do, is it duplicate able, is it teachable, is it a real lasting result. These days I am researching the casino blessing. In the past I researched a tool that serves me and others well. I call it the justice blessing. I ask the spirits called to do a judgment, acknowledging that I have already made opinions and am there for unworthy to judge myself I put the problem directly in spirits hands to do or not to do as they see fit. Some of you actually believe in this religious control device known as Karma. As a control device it is awesome, bad things happen because of something you did in this lifetime or a previous one and justice has found you. If nothing happens to the bad people, well just you wait till their next life time as a dung beetle! Here we have a system of control with no real power and yet millions of folks believe in it. Having done some things I am not proud of and gotten away with it, I know firsthand karma does not exist. Lets look at Hillary Clinton, Ok her punishment is being married to Bill, hahaha I am so funny. Really though, just what has she accomplished in her career? She let our Benghazi ambassador die at the hands of terrorist as well as his military protection. Then the President in his infinite wisdom appoints her to investigate her own screw up. Of course she finds herself blameless. Keep in mind she was on the Watergate investigation team and was thrown off it for lying about what she found and trying to cover it up. Ok so just on those two little points you would think karma would do something right?! I hear she is going to run for President as she thinks she is worthy. Does karma exist, I can hear it now, ‘ You just wait till her next life as a dung beetle. Remember she still has to deal with her husband Bill! Ok you got me on that one! Now if I was owned by a native nation I couldn’t say those things. I couldn’t teach white people or help them either. You would have to be accepted into the secret network and then maybe if I felt pity for you then I could help you. Did you know that you pay money for that? Those guys expect you to support them in their work. Now that is the only thing we agree on! It’s an energy exchange, I give you my help and you give me an energy exchange (money) to help me out. I have no idea where folks got the idea that just because it is spiritual it should be free. Go to Starbucks and see if you can get a coffee for free. Nope everyone wants an energy exchange. I had one lady come to me and say I want to pay you in the ancient way. I said awesome! In the ancient way your whole family supported me, for years and years. Say I help you with a spiritual problem. Then as payment you give me a buffalo robe, and your spouse gives me some eggs every week for years. Your children do some chores for me at home. Your Mom and Dad drop off food every month or so. Your grandfather and grandmother stop by and leave me gifts every few months for years. This goes on to your aunts, uncles, cousins, and so on, your whole family tree. So yes I like this ancient way, have you priced a buffalo robe lately? $2000 or so for a real one. Yes indeed I love that ancient way! When you think about it giving me an energy exchange (money) is way cheaper. I love my work. Though I am called to do this work and don’t really have a choice, I love it. Being of service is the highest calling. Being the vessel for healing energy to pass through, awesome. Helping those who haven’t been able to find anything that works, feels good. Seeing what others can’t or won’t see, my honor. Though being the one in the room that admits to seeing fairies, Angels, Ghosts, spirits is sometimes uncomfortable. When you come down to it I have a wonderful life, magical some would call it. Blessed, easy, fun, awesome, it is a good spiritual path. Has taken me many places, and made me internationally known from TV, MTV and Biography Channels. Would I change anything, sure, I would want my friends not to die before I do, I would want those who are mean spirited to associate with each other not me. I would like Karma to actually work in a visible way. Bad behavior is not rewarded. Other than that, it is a magical life. May we all be blessed to have what we need when we need it. To know wisdom before we do something unwise. Walks With Thunder