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The Tarot detailed by Pixie
Today I was lucky enough to get my Fairy Tarot deck By Doreen Virtue. OMG, I love' em! I immediately opened them up and poured over the book and cards themselves. I just love how they have a gilded silver edge. Classy and Bright. I do plan on using them VERY soon. I plan on placing my quartz crystal on them tonight to clear the energy. On the full moon, I plan on giving them a moon bath. So excited. :)
After a mini vacation, I am back and refreshed. Today I drew The Five of Wands. This was not the card I wanted to see for myself.. LOL!! Until I looked closer. It is true, this card signifies struggle, unhealthy competition, arguments, and combative personality. So of course I was like ugh!! But, like I said, I looked closer.. Yes, you see a bunch f people struggling with sticks and trying to knock each other down.. But then I realized that this could also signify that a disagreement can FINALLY be resolved. This is excellent news to me! Why? Because this part is true for me on this day! There has been two ongoing battles, one mental and one physical that has been going on for months. Over this weekend I have cleared both of them up. Yep. Crazy right? Nope. It is true. Now I look forward to Monday with fresh eyes.. and the summer looks wonderful too!!
Sorrow, sacrifice (although this may be necessary), possibly betrayal, and loss. Let's look closer at this card; this could indicate the end of a relationship, losing your job, or the letting go of something. Whatever it may be, it will be difficult. If you look at this card, it looks heart wrenching. You see A bright red heart in a cloudy background with three swords piercing it. You must remember though that it might be difficult, and yes, it will be heart wrenching, But you will have room to grow and mature. There is a saying too, that comes to my mind, when I see this card. That is 'What doesn't kill ya, makes ya stronger'. As much as I used to hate hearing that, I must tell you, that I can attest to that saying. I have lived it. During this time, have a hot cup of tea and a good chat with a loving friend, this too, will pass.
Hello All. I see everyone has been reading my blogs! & That is great! Thank you! Can you please hit the like button if you like those posts? Or chime in if you'd like in the comments. And please, feel free to share. Caring is sharing! HA! :) Now, I want to say I am getting ready to accept and take calls. That means it could get busy and hectic. I want to be able to fit everyone in. Please send an e-mail message if you have questions, I promise not to take too long to respond. :) Hope to talk to you all soon :) Peace <3
Ace of Pentacles ! Very good positive card. I am pleased to share this with you! Whenever you see an ace, it signifies beginning. Pentacles are tangible so its work, earth, career, even home business, possibly a fresh start to improve your health! An opportunity has arrived and possibly for a healthy beginning. This is a very grounded card and it can mean real concrete growth. You might want to spend time in nature and nurture your roots, you'll find inspiration. However you feel this card, remember that its s gift not to be overlooked and you need to water this seed of a fresh start to make it come into fruition.
Hi again! I have been getting a lot of reversals in my readings lately, and I thought I'd write about this topic particularly today. So for those of you who are not familiar with what reversals are, and YES, we have a few newbies I'm sure.. Reversals are exactly what they sound like, they are up-side-down. The energy present is the opposite of the right-side-up meaning or blocked energy or something delayed. Also remember if you see a majority of reversals in a reading, it might mean it's a situation that requires an internal approach. You won't be able to move forward until you complete that inner work. I see reversals as a way to add more meaning to your readings! I love 'em but some readers don't use them. I say if you feel comfortable using them, do it.
Using The Halloween deck by Kipling West. Today's card was the King of Pumpkins. (King of Pentacles) This is a great card for today. This card is saying to give up what is not appropriate for what is. It is time to see what is still serving you and what is not and to cut what is not. This could also be talking about emotional clutter as well as physical. Late Spring cleaning? Maybe! As I look back on today I feel that this card is telling me personally to declutter my mind so that I can get moving forward in my career. And I shall!!
I know many people going into a reading may not be too familiar with the suits or what most of the card means. I am saying this because today I watched someone's reaction to the Death card when they saw it in a reading! LOL! I was glad to explain that Death does NOT mean literally that! Anyhow, just a few notes to remember: Cups: water is the element associated with these, love, emotions, and relationships. I tend to pick up a girlie vibe also. Wands: Fire is the element associated with these, passion, enterprise, action. (sometimes work) Swords: element here is air, conflict or thought. Pentacles: The element associated with these is earth, money, work, values, and the material side of life. It is so helpful to know these details when reading with someone! You can make magic happen :)
I have to admit, I LOVE collecting and using different Tarot decks! I have about five different sets currently. Lately, I have used The Anne Stokes Gothic Deck and I LOVE it! The art is so omg beautiful!! One thing I have noticed no matter what deck I use, the Court cards are mysterious as always!! Well, because they can mean a few different things! I would like to pause today and reflect on the Court card I drew for myself today.. Queen of Wands. Let's think about what she could possibly be saying in my spread today. She represents the element of fire, is warm, is energetic. I feel it means that I need to call upon that aspect of myself to accomplish what goals I have set for my own self recently. Remember too that she could represent someone I know or will meet who is most like her... This weekend, I have plans to do many tasks about my home and within my home. I seem to lack the energy! LOL! See, I must draw deep and push on. Not only physically, but mentally, I need to exude warmth for others here, due to current conditions. This was a great draw today and I feel I can do everything I set out to do!
Today I drew my card a little differently today. I made it a three card, top card was main card of the day.. I drew King of Swords. The second, what was on my mind, was The Hermit. Final card, the background of the day, was Nine of Pentacles. Now I usually draw my cards and journal a bit. As my day went on, I kept thinking about my reading! Finally.. I received some much needed news! The Nine of Pentacles was spot on! Earned rewards! Because of my hubby's help (King of Swords) I filled out a survey and boom! Got rewarded big bucks! I was then able to focus on my Tarot studies (Hermit) for the evening. This was a very fruitful day. I am so grateful for what I've learned today & how much more in touch with my inner self I've gotten.
i own a few decks of Tarot cards and I usually use my Halloween Deck but this week I have decided to use the Thoth deck. I have to admit, this is daunting. LOL! I have only used this deck maybe three times since I bought them a year ago. So today I did three different unrelated readings, just for me and just for fun! I really love the art work on this deck, love love love the colors. The thing I wanted to note with all of the readings I did was that I drew the Nine of Cups with EACH one! Crazy. To me I feel I need to meditate using this specific card this evening. I feel there is a deeper meaning than just the one words... happiness. Perhaps this is a forecast into my life! I have been experiencing some issues lately, and maybe this is telling me those times are closing. An opening into the sun!!
Today on this briskly cold yet sunny day, I drew for myself the Four of Wands. This card speaks volumes to me, especially with my current life situation. Looking at the card I see people celebrating & some people in the background also happy. For me, when I draw a card of the day I study the picture to see how it makes me feel & what I pick up from this card. I know what the card means, but I FEEL what it is telling me. On this particular day I feel this card is saying to be grateful for what I DO have. Be happy & celebrate the love and life I do have. Life IS good even through the difficulties. Truly a day to see the value in my life and others lives around me. We should all try to do what this cards message says! Once in awhile, look around & see the good we have. Be thankful! Tarot is my passion and one of my loves. I can't wait to share my gifts and knowledge with someone new.