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What is it that you are truly seeking? Do you want someone who is just going to cosign what you have already determined to be your truth? Is it the insight of the ancestors, the Earth, the Universe that you seek? Guaranteed you can find someone who is going to tell you nice things that are great to hear and will make you feel safe inside. Things that will let you sleep at night. I am about helping you learn what you are here to do. I cannot play games. I recognize that the time that we have in this space at this time is the only time in this space and this time and with every blink of an eye that time changes. Destroy negative energy, remove the blockages you have. Strengthen the power that you feel brewing deep within. Call now. Lets reach alignment and bring back the balance that the world deserves to see. Call now
Hows the weather in your life? Is it sunny, is it cloudy? Even when things appear balanced it is amazing that we have been provided tools for preparation for whats ahead. Using a seer allows for you to know what the forecast of your life contains in the immediate future. Your entire day to day will always vary, bit just as you know to wear shades when its sunny, when you receive a reading you will know what level of protection you will need to be comfortable in the days ahead. Call today to get your forecast. Order your toolkit so that you are ready for what's to come. Your time is now. Take control of your life and fine tune your connection to your destiny today.
I am so overwhelmed sometime by the growing numbers of souls coming into this world. There are so many souls that weren't guided correctly on how to reenter into the spiritual plane that we in the physical are crowded on all sides. This has caused a severe spike in anxiety/depression. The compression makes one heavy. The inability to have enough space for yourself make you overwhelmed. There is work that can be done to clear your personal space. Here's three steps to get you started: -Inhale letting the head fall back, exhale bend forward slowly, compress the belly on the top of the thighs, open the moth fully and let every bit of air you can be released. come up slowly, pause and breath normally -find the space of quiet in your mind, do not search for it, let it find you and accept it as a true existence -visulize a line of pearl luminescence linking you to the space, anchor yourself there. When you need to grab hold to this cord throughout your day to bring yourself back to the intention of your life. Need further guidance? Schedule your consultation today
The ability to hesitate is the strongest innate gift. The knowledge of when to make a move is the hardest to cultivate. The ability to breath in deep is a skill only obtained when we can let go of the deep toxins that block that breath from entering. I can second guess all day, but what does that matter if a move is never made. I just wasted time. Wasting time is disrespectful. Its saying to the creator that you don't believe in the power. you don't believe in happiness. You don't believe in divine justice. You don't believe in the ability of good to conquer over evil. Why wait? Is there something you think will magically appear because you are special and things need to specially line up for you? Well, I'll tell you now there is literally no one special in this world. We are all the same. When you forget that you forget god and when you forget you lose the favors that were made just for you. Get ready, set up what you can and make the move you can make to the best of your ability at this time. Its good, You got this. I believe in you. Schedule a chat, lets see where are in the line of reaching your goal and lets make a plan to get you there now. Let's talk. It's time.
Who can save me From the pain of everyday existence It hurts Why is there this pain If I could walk forward on a cloud would it feel amazing to float or would I constantly fear the chance of falling I am told to believe I am shown to achieve but I do not believe I cannot achieve What is wrong with me? Can I live? (you can you will start today, start now, schedule the call, its time to live your best life now. its time)
It is never ok to ignore the intuitive glances that your soul is giving you. It begins as a whisper. As the communication grows stronger you will clearly be able to hear the internal guidance that we all have. This is a three step process. 1. believe in yourself 2. understand and learn to deal with the fact that we are all connected. there is no way to avoid the world around you and the people in it. therefore your best best is to get to know your self so that you may then know others without the fear of being drained 3. you can not see clearly if you have not created the clean safe space within yourself and your life to receive clearly Order your lightwkrker package today. Schedule your consultation. Clean clear create. Its your time. There is always a way to make things better. Order your Lighworker Package Today
It is hard to look at the Self honestly and with as much clarity as we would like. You know the saying, "Someone else can tell you about yourself better than you can." In most cases this is true. It is a long arduous journey to regain balance in self when we have been tossed about the world in this whirlwind of time. However, you deserve the clarity to self reflect. So, where do you begin? Start by feeling what you feel now. Whatever it is. Sit with it. Now see if you can connect to the thought that led you to feel this feeling, from there connect to the action that brought that thought. Continue this journey as far back as you can take until you come to a moment that sits with you heavily. You will know this moment because it will be the thought that sends your heart racing. You'll want to escape. To think about anything but that. That is the place where you begin. This is the last place that your energy "broke off". Sit in that place. See the clarity of the colors, hear the full volume of the voices. Take slow deep breaths. You are not there anymore. It is just the memory. When you are ready come back to where you are right now in this moment. There is a line that connects these two dimensions of emotional states. Find the greatest similarity of emotion. Was there an action that you took previously that you still wish to hold on to? Were you hurt? Are you reliving this hurt through your current actions? What lesson from then can be reflected in the now? Either it is to be learned from again or to give clarification that you already learned it. Clear your mind. See which one it is. Settle the balance in the spirit accepting the lesson from that. Sometimes the first attempt at this exercise can give such a taxing experience on your energy that you feel depleted, but still refreshed. Come out of the meditation, eat something light, such as fruit, and draw yourself a cleansing bath. Please see previous post. After cleansing, read or take a nap. This allows for the energy to settle into its new position of balance. Ase.
You want love. Yes. You want Money. Si Senora! Well what are you doing to get this? Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Here is a simple remedy to make your life sweeter. Items needed Honey Cinnamon California Sage Wand Pink Cloth Favorite Perfume Rose Quartz Stone Pink 7 day candle White 7 day candle Do Personal Cleansing Ritual(See previous Blog).Create a temporary alter using red cloth for spread. Smudge yourself, and your sacred space with sage.To prepare your stone, place in a container of salt water, then rinse with cool water. Place on temporary alter. Spray the cloth with perfume and set aside to dry. Fill a tablespoon with honey. Sprinkle cinnamon on top. Set aside. Create heart sygil at the center of your alter. Place pink candle to left and white candle to right. On a piece of parchment paper, write your name 7 times horizontal. Write who, or what you want 7 times across. Take cloth from toe to head moving inward toward the body wipe yourself with the cloth. Lay over your shoulders or wrap around head. You can also wear as bracelet on the left side of your body. Light your candles. Hold your stone in your hands. Visualize your desire in the flame. 30 minutes. Put out candle and eat your honey mixture. Repeat 5 days at desired quiet time. On the fifth day dismantle alter. Light your sage, and burn your petition in its flame. Give Thanks. Keep the stone wrapped in the cloth or carry it on your person. Bliss.
When we go throughout our day we pick up the residue of the many thought forms that exist in this universe. Here is a simple remedy to remove that residue. Items Needed: California Sage Wand White Soap Olive Oil Take a bath or shower, and wash with the white soap. Place soap in dish that is its own. Use only at the end of your day. Pat dry your body. Light Sage Wand, While unclothed moving from head to toe cleanse with the smoke. Moving outward away from the body, saying, "It is by my faith that I am cleansed" Once cleansed anoint the body with olive oil starting at the feet and ending at the scalp. Say "It is by my faith that I am protected. I am a light within the light." Light a white candle, drink some peppermint tea, and BE. Know that you are cleansed and continue life in Light. Bliss
I am here to help. Yes. You have questions, on money, on life on love. Yes. I can give you that. I set my price low so we can talk a bit. You will recieve an answer, a reading, and a remedy. You want to know the quick answer, I can give that to you. You want to know the method. THAT IS WHAT I AM HERE TO GIVE. There is no simple answer to the complex, and no complex answer to the simple. If you know already then I am here to give you guidance If you are seeking I am here to give guidance. The road is open, and I believe you are ready to take the walk. Let me help you on this journey to realization. Bliss.