The Art of Seeing

Simple wisdom traditions for the modern world
The power of feeling cannot be underestimated in the world of metaphysics. When we think AND feel an idea simultaneously we CREATE it. Did you get that? Creation = same thought + associated feeling So, now that you know the magick of creation, what would you like to create in your life?? A beautiful relationship? A new career? A better relationship with family? More joy? If so, come get a "treatment" with me. For 3 FREE MINUTES - insert CODE: THOUGHT+FEELING=CREATION. Can't wait to connect!
Hello Lovelies! Time is precious, so I will make this tasty and quick -- the second tip is to go WITH the flow, not against it. What about fighting for what you want? What about making him/her see who you are? What about understanding where they're coming from? Forget them all! If something is drifting apart or if your beloved is off and on, hot and cold, LET IT BE. The Universe is never wrong, and when you say, "okay" to what Life is showing you, you reveal the maturity of someone ready to receive exactly what they've been praying for! Blessings! ~Femme **Visit me most nights from 7 pm - midnight to discuss your love relationships and other pressing concerns.**
You've heard it everywhere that "love begins within." Well, that's because it's TRUE! But how do we cultivate this love within, especially women? Is it saying "no" to the one whom we love, but who hurts us? Is it grooming ourselves and taking "me time"? Or is it something more? What I will share with you in the coming weeks are proven tips on how to reclaim your power -- not power over, but power within. This is a way to feel steady and certain within yourself. If you will follow each of these tips for one month, you will see a drastic change in your life, and your heart. Ready? Set... Let's go! Tip #1: BE the Change Write a list of all the things you desire within your mate, and your relationship. Make the list full and juicy! Make it luxurious and exquisite. Sleep on it, and check it the next day. Once this list is made, assess how many of those traits you have within yourself (excepting the physical attributes). Let's be realistic: there is no expectation that you will become perfect, but in the process of embodying the traits that mean the most to you, you increase your chances of attracting that same beauty. Blessings! **Visit me from 8PM - 12 AM EST to discuss YOUR love life.**
Do you know that your life is only as good as the questions you ask? If not, let me be the first to tell you: it's TRUE. Practice asking empowering questions. Rather than, "Will this or that happen to me?" try "How can I create the job of my dreams?" Because your happiness and ultimate fulfillment may lie OUTSIDE of the question you are seeking an answer to. Life is a fine balance between knowing what to surrender and what we can control. We can control our happiness, our frame of mind. It takes great skill, and I will write more about it in near future. But our minds create our reality. Our reality affects our energy. You see? We cannot control other people, nor should we try. We cannot control external events. What we can do is in controlling our own minds and energies, ATTRACT the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences into our laps. Want to see what's standing in the path of your attracting what you most desire? Let's connect. Until then practice these simple, yet uncommon, practices. Commit to 3 days. Watch your life transform. 1) In the morning, think of ONE WORD that you would like to describe your day. (Think, "joy," "excitement," "family," "gratitude," "connection.") 2) Look for evidence of that word showing up. Make all the music you listen to match that word. Keep all conversations in line with that word. You focus on that word in all you do in your day. 3) Do not complain. Only pay attention to the things that delight you. Ignore the things that do not. Be blessed!
Sometimes when you come to a Seer, you may not realize how much your energy affects your reading. In fact, it is YOUR energy that colors your reading ENTIRELY. What we see and tap into are the nuances in your energetic field - emotions, thoughts and likely actions. IF you want to make the most of your time and finances when getting a reading do the following: 1) Take time to formulate a really solid question. Many times we ask surface questions like, "Will s/he come back to me?" or "Is s/he in love with me?" Well, if you have to ask, that should tell you a good amount right there. Perhaps a more effective question is, "What can I do to attract the desired relationship in my life?" or "How can I access more happiness?" 2) Focus on your question while the reader is laying the cards, and preparing for you. Keep your mind as clear as possible. 3) Breathe deeply and relax. Self explanatory, yes? 4) Be honest with your reactions to the reading. If something doesn't ring true for you, say so. Sometimes signals are crossed and if there is a faulty connection, your reader will appreciate knowing it as soon as you know. 5) Trust yourself. Deep within, most of us know the answers to our questions. The truth is, sometimes the answer is to simply wait. Other times, it's to focus on another more pressing issue at hand. At other times there are concise answers to your questions. Accept this graciously and know that time reveals most things (not ALL). Many blessings to you!