Just Making You Think and Keeping It Real

I changed the name of my blog because I tend to blog about anything and everything. I hope to give everyone a different perspective on issues. I am a MIND JUNKIE!!
I know that most people call a reader when they are upset. It is really the wrong time to call a reader. Anger energy kills the reading and nothing is solved. If you are not in a decent mood and want to argue, I can not read for you. I did not take new callers for  along time because of the attitude issues. 95% of the callers are amazing. The ones who want to fight are cheating themselves and wasting their money.
Being angry wont fix anything. Change and being open is the only way to a good life. If you want your life to be easy, you have to help it along and not resist everything.

I have been reading since 2004 on Keen. Overall, I love it. Lately, there has been this question of will I tell people if they should move on, get over, etc. I do not know how to answer that question because readings are about honesty all of the time. There is zero benefit in lying to a caller who calls me for a reading. Sometimes, I do tell bad news. I read in a non judgmental fashion. You can ask me anything. I get it that some of you are going through a vulnerable time and that is why I am being asked such a question. But it is very important to be honest for better or worse. If I have to give bad news or tell someone to move on, I will. Moving on is great when necessary. Holding on to someone who does not want to be with you is not good. Yes sometimes, we we have wait on someone to catch up with us. Waiting is not easy but waiting is about personal and spiritual growth. I have been reading too long to lie to people. It serves no purpose to ever lie. It is important to trust your reader. If I was to lie you would know right away. I believe in professionalism and integrity. Remember if I was going to lie to you, I would not admit it so even if you ask if I am telling you the truth, I would never say I am lying to you. Trust that due to my having feedback from my regular callers shows that I would never participate in such awful behavior. Please remember that you are the master of your destiny all of the time. You are powerful and capable of deciding what is best for you. Even if I was to say stay, move on, etc, you have every right and are in control of what decision you choose to make. Readings are to help you not to control or manipulate you.
Over the years I have had callers tell me that I said something that there is no way that I would say. It happens due to talking to many different readers. I have had people call me by different readers name. It happens. I think that it is great to talk to several readers in order to get a full perspective. Do remember who said what. It prevents confusion.
" If you are willing to look at another person's behavior towards you as a reflection of the state of their relationship with themselves rather than a statement about your value as a person, then you will, over a period of time cease to react at all. "-Yogi Bhaian I have many clients who have to deal with mean people. Somehow people feel justified being cruel because of their pain. I know some of you are tortured by people in your life. Just know that you do not have to put up with verbal abuse. Whenever a person is angry or rude towards me and it happens a lot with this work, I always remember that they are struggling. I do set boundaries with them. I do speak up but I know that they are struggling. Angry people are unhealed people who have not learned self love. I recommend finding a kind but direct way to confront the person. Do not become their punching bag. Become assertive. Love yourself enough to decide not to take abuse from anyone.
"Forgiveness has nothing whatsoever to do with how wrong someone else was; no matter how evil, cruel, narcissistic or unrepentant they are, when you forgive a person, you break the unhealthy bonds between you and your abuser-victim relationship, and you redefine yourself as an independent victor in your own life."
Bryant McGill

Forgiving another may be the ultimate act of self-love by Bryant McGill

They caused the first wound, but you are causing the rest; this is what not forgiving does. They got it started but you keep it going. Forgive and let it go, or it will eat you alive. You think they made you feel this way, but when you won't forgive, you are the one inflicting the pain on yourself.

Whatever you do — don't wait to forgive someone until they apologize, ask for your forgiveness or even acknowledge they have harmed you. If you are waiting for someone to acknowledge they hurt you, you could be waiting forever and it puts them in the power position, where you need something from them to move forward in your own life. Closure is an act of sanity you bring to the table of your own healing, it is not a handout your abuser holds over you that you need. You have the power within yourself to find closure and healing, but not through bitterness, wrath and smoldering resentment. Forgiveness originates with self-love. Forgiveness is always and absolutely for you. Forgiveness has nothing whatsoever to do with how wrong someone else was; no matter how evil, cruel, narcissistic or unrepentant they are, when you forgive a person, you break the ties with their ill deeds that keep you in anguish. Forgiving breaks the unhealthy bonds between you and your abuser-victim relationship, and redefines you as an independent victor in your own life. Forgiving cuts the cord — freeing you — and leaves the abuser with the full weight of their deeds and fate, and whether they accept their responsibility or not, you are no longer dependent on their participation for your healing.

It is easy to hold a grudge. It is easy to blame. But these narratives are a perpetuation of the role of a powerless victim. When you hold grudges the victimization continues. It takes emotional bravery to forgive. It takes a huge determination toward self-care to let go of painful past events and not let them define your future. There is no self-love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without self-love. Forgiving another may be the ultimate act of self-love. Through forgiveness you can quit suffering from the sins committed against you. By holding-on to resentment you allow them to continue having power over you. Forgiving takes your power back. - Bryant Mc Gill

"We only hurt others because we don't love ourselves. Learning to truly love yourself changes your relationship with everyone."
— Bryant McGill
"Quit assuming others have it better, or you have it worse. Everyone suffers tremendously in life. It's rude to belittle someone's suffering, thinking yours is greater. Don't judge someone's suffering as better or worse. A dark life can be lived brightly, because pain gave great perspective and wisdom. An average and easy life can be its own kind of tragedy; suffering a mundane deadness. A great life can spoil under great fortune. It's hard having nothing. It's hard having everything. It's hard. Suffering is very personal and cannot be measured by someone from the outside. Everyone suffers in different ways. Life is not a suffering contest; the contest is for compassion."
Bryant McGill
I just started back taking on all callers. It was a big deal for me because I really wanted to serve and help many. I understand that some I cant help. it is one thing to receive bad feedback when a prediction is missed. I expect it. No psychic is 100%. Receiving dishonest feedback is not healthy karma. I do not know why people do it other than hurt people hurt other people. Healing is the key. Advisors are messengers only. we do not control actions of others.  If this continues to be a problem, I just wont take on new clients. I am here as a professional and with integrity. I want to help people with the same intent. Also ,calling an advisor under different names after being blocked is considered harassment. All suspicious feedback will be reported to keen. Please honor the advisors choice to block.
Read Keens policy on feedback.
Don't wait. Live. If a person waits on someone they are causing their own sadness. Live life and see what doors will open. There might even be a healthier relationship trying to come to you. do not get fixated on one person. If they are keeping you waiting, they are not fixated on you. So do not give your power away. People have the right to leave and not communicate. Even if the person is coming back, don't waste your life waiting. Tomorrow is not promised to no one.
I will never say anything unless I truly believe in my readings. At times I have admitted to now having an answer. If I do not have an answer for a question, I will tell you. Unfortunately, some get so many readings and can't remember who said what to them. Often I tell callers that predictions don't just happen. A caller must participate in their life without fear and games. Many people want a relationship but they are not in a good place and are not ready to have one so they keep making mistakes and never succeed at having a relationship. You can't be self destructive and expect good results.
Stop looking at good feedback and look at what is said in the feedback. If I read for you, you must be willing to change, let go of fear and work on your self. I am not a fortune teller. If you are going to call every reader hoping that we all say the same thing so that you can feel safe, you will be disappointed.
If you call for a short reading, don't be shocked if you do not get clear information. Takes notes and remember who said what to you.
Stop looking for a fantasy that everything will work out without you doing your work.
The lessons repeat until we get it.
I got a feedback that was nice but stated it seem like I was falling asleep. All of my regulars know that I do not do readings when I am tired. It is allergy season and it is bad. Very bad. I take only natural supplements and I have to hold back sneezing so much. Please dont assume anything. Just ask. I will be honest. Feedback is important and appreciated. I still appreciate this feedback because of the nice things said but no I do not read sleepy.
I love this man. He is direct and brutally honest. Once I learned this years ago, life got easier. We are approaching a new year. Hopefully his message will be a wake up call for someone out there. Heal, forgive and work on yourself then seek love. It may be a little painful but only good things can come out of doing self work. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Everyday we wake up is a blessing to work on ourselves and get it right.

Michael Baisden Commentary: Stop Blaming The Opposite Sex: Maybe the problem is YOU!

Like many of you I have good reason to be disappointed with the opposite sex. I’ve dealt with liars, deceivers, and materialist. And even when you’re upfront about what you want, we all know people will lie to themselves in order to be with you.

Then there are the people I refer to as “The Irresponsibles.” They mess up time and time again and refuse to adapt, grow up, or take responsibility for their actions. It’s always someone else’s fault…not theirs.

And then you have The Fix a Dude, Or Fix a Chic! They have a ton of potential but lack the discipline, work ethic, or courage to get to the next level. We’ve all played the role of Mother Teresa trying to clean someone up, invest money, and in some cases moved them into our homes thinking that our overwhelming love will magically transform them into the perfect half of a “Super Couple!” And as we all know, that doesn’t work…right?

As you mature you realize that what you’ve been attracting into your life all these years was…you. The irresponsible people you date represent that part of you that doesn’t want to take responsibility for making better choices. Think about it, why would a responsible person chose a person who is irresponsible unless they were subconsciously trying to avoid setting standards and standing by them. By definition a responsible person would never choose an irresponsible one. It’s like oil and water.

Likewise when you date the Fix a Dude or Fix a Chic, it’s really you who is broken… and it’s you who needs to stop trippin’ on this ridiculous notion that dealing with broken people is a sign of good character…well, it isn’t. More than likely it’s a sign of insecurity.

People who have low self-esteem always surround themselves with people who will be overly impressed with them to cover up some their own inadequacies. Or let’s go even deeper; maybe you feel that by fixing them they will feel obligated to stay. But the reality is that 9 times out of 10 once the “Fix a Dude” or “Fix a Chic” are back on their feet they’ll be gone faster than the last cold beer at a July Barbecue!

Make 2014 the year of growth and maturity, and that starts by not blaming others for your situation. No matter how much you complain about being lied to, cheated on, or abused, there’s one common denominator… it always happens to YOU! So YOU are both the problem and the solution. Start focusing on the man in the mirror because what you see is a reflection of how much…or little work you put into yourself!

~ Michael Baisden

Inspired by my new book, Raise Your Hand If You Have Issues!

Letter to a friend:

You are divorced. Your ex-husband is not being kind or considerate, but you can't harp on it because it steals the energy that should be given to your potential and power. At the end of the day, your survival is at risk, and you complaining about what he is not doing and what he should be doing does not change your circumstances. We have to use these circumstances to analyze what we need to do different, how do we need to strengthen, and how we need to be more. You are strong and capable, and now you have been put in a position where you must use your capabilities to change your circumstances without your ex's help or kindness.

In the ideal world, the circumstances in which you and your children are facing are unacceptable, but the most painful realization I have had about this life is that we are not entitled to anyone's kindness or consideration. THAT, is a painful truth.

Stay focused and keep it moving.

I've discovered that patience is not only a virtue but a very attractive, intriguing quality. Those that display eagerness, impatience or control tend to come off as incapable and insecure. These qualities have a tendency to turn people off. But...to be patient, one must be secure, trusting and extremely flexible. In my opinion...those qualities are just down right sexy.

Get sexy today through your patience.

Happy Sunday


I am not conservative or uncomfortable with sex, but I have learned so much about sex through doing this work. Sex needs to be treated with respect and timing. I have seen my share of female callers who have sex right away often on the first night looking for love. There is many psychological reasons for that. Often a woman will mistaken lust for love or think that if she is sexually connecting to the guy that it will lead to a relationship. 99% of the time there will not be a relationship.
I am sorry but I must be honest most men do not take a woman as being serious and they won't respect her if she sleeps with him the right away. I have not seen one woman land a long term relationship from a one night stand. Men often think that if she will sleep with me this easily than she is easy.
I would recommend to not have sex right away if you are seeking a long term relationship. It can make you look desperate. Looking for love takes time and lots of patience. Make good choices and do not try to rush love. Heal the issues behind wanting love first and then seek a relationship. sex can blur getting to know each other. Often people use sex as a form of communication but it is not effective communication and can block a true connection.
Women must be less needy, more patient and trust the process.

I know. Many callers are psychic surfing for a psychic with great feedback due to the false belief that it means that they will get good news. I have callers who ask me if I am just being nice and I say no. Then sometimes I just have to give bad news and there is no way around it or no nice way to put it.
What I noticed is that some callers know that they are going to get bad news because they know that they are in a bad situation or letting someone walk all over them. I cant and wont lie to make things sound sweeter that what it is.
Sometimes people are in repeat negative patterns and are shocked that doing the same thing is not yielding a different result.
Please do not call me if you cant handle the truth or you refuse to make better choices. I cant and wont fix your life. I do not have a magic wand. You have to want better in order to get better.
No one is stupid. But people are emotional. Take the emotions out of your situation and start seeing reality. Change comes from within always and not from someone else. Love makes no promises. There is no fairy tale.
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