The best way to avoid all HEALING IS.........................( start the music) 1. Be in denial 2. Argue for your painful story 3. force life energy ( wil power-ego) 4 stay in ego bound state of non-forgiveness 5.BLAME ...........except yourself. 6. Treat people like cattle,expecting harmony from them 7.craving material things,denying small miracles 8. ungratefulness,and unbelievers ====================================================== PSYCHIC READING ========WHY ARE YOU CALLING..again..??? I have to bring up a point,perhaps it will help clear up some misconceptions??? I cannot speak for all psychics..but I do know that if you want GUIDANCE from anyone be it professional plumber to a teacher,to a spiritual psychic you normally are in a state of humility,and listening.....learning . +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ DEBATE ARGUING,NAYSAYERS... SMH-----------talk to the hand.................................! On the rare...occasion...i should mention good humor..but honestly.....shheeez!!!!!!!!! 1. I AM NOT A FORTUNE TELLER ..WHATEVER that is....wth? 2. I am PERSONALLY acually talking about YOU..yeah. yep. 3.I do not wanna remote view your sex-a pades..( gross) 4. If I give names,places,people,or predictions..PLEEZE just listen..!!! ( dont start .NO NO NO..its so annoying!!!!!!shut it. 5. Your upset.k .sorry,but do not beat up the "angel" ouch!!! 6. If your stubborn and yell at me,I will sting you. you wont see it coming. 7. If your a get a sandwich...and watch tv 8.Yeah .um....why not be kind and say THANK YOU!!!manners ?? 9. if i block ..there is a VERRRRRRRRRRRy good reason,it may be a really awkward reason,like you $ pay me less then a soda pop. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOPE YOU ENJOYED MY LITTLE RANT come one................come all..its a busy season....WOW.... HOURS FOR ME...ARE 8 DAYS WEEK,...6AM-12 PACIFIC TIME ZONE BUT IF there is TON ..of calls....daytime...i sometimes SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPP IN the night..sorry but i need's my zzzzzzzzzzzzz PEACE-BE GOOD TO EACH OTHER.. PSYCHIC ANGEL 1 SINCE 1999
THESE TIMES SOME OF US NEED SUPPORTIVE LOVING PERSON AROUND HOLIDAYS bring out not only excitement,but moods,and ANXIETY is high this time for and all the fast paced schedule many around us are facing ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DONT FEEL BLUE.OR WORSE... MANY times..the demand for the SO CALLED HAPPINESS over a commercial holiday os pressure on our delicate nervous systems....some people cannot handle the frantic,or even high energy....give them space MANY OF US FACE LOSS,OR memories..which SUDDENLY may trigger old stuck patterns....REMAIN CALM..AND PROCEED. Look ....the best way to handle to know its a manufacutred social construct which your either "belonging" and joining in on... or denying,and avoiding . FOR THOSE INTO PEACE,SPIRITUALITY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The PLANETS are a bit edgy next few may get into spats,insults,or little evil eye......keep a strong aloof,and resolve to not be BROUGHT DOWN by others or be pushed off crazy energy,just go to your happy place MEDITATE..DECOMPRESS.....and heck maybe grab a little cocktail...and watch a comedy..... beware..this time of not easy I AM ONLINE 24-25-FOR YOU.....EXTRA HOURS ANGEL
GOOD DAY EVERYONE!!!!!! Kicking off the continual backspin of SATURN the teacher,the stern master of lessons,is still active in this june cycle. A theme came to me,from a few places about "Something for nothin' mentality What is cheap? its really means lowering your respect for some item of value.. its lowered expectations . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VALUE You must put a higher and fair market sometimes we over swing that without the resume,sometimes we undermine ourselves by being people pleasers..or ashamed. Mostly shame taught and learned early in life. The opposite "entitled" which is on the selfish ego side of it ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RELIGION HAS PLAYED A ROLE I would say largely..GOD provides spiritually not not confuse the two ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHEAP vs BROKE. I am qualifying the difference of hustling others to pay your way...and the energy behind this,is not faith,nor is it plan for further prosperity. Takers,,come from the "intention" of not having full pride,and self-love they walk in anxiety,fear..where darkness lives. SPIRITUAL teachings,if they are true,not religions,will put responsibility on your own deeds,and rewards oddly enough come from the same source WE ARE MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEINGS!!!!!!!! We operate in duality of good/evil on earth thats how this REALITY works on a base level. You wonder why "bad gets ahead" and its very complicated. I will remind you that it doesn't. it is why the karmic wheel is very accurate. STANDING UP FOR YOUR LIFE You must be the one who conditions yourself for success do well,work well,and behave in a manner of self-preservation first. There are many talented "dancers" but one will get paid 1/3 less then the next one. WHy ????????????? I would say..the other one appraised her value,offered her gift at a proper living price for her home,family. NOW..--------------------- WHICH ARE YOU. NOTHING FROM NOTHING...makes nothing Internships are really a fake slave system,but do it anyways its WHO you high business,anyways..its socially you make a presentation,so DO IT. i would say..its not always TOP salary that makes a great life... CHANGE the perception to change the outcomt good intentions with your money issues can bring more success This brings wealth never be cheap psychicangel1
HI GUYS...AND GIRLS....... i HAVE MY favorites on psychics myself ( offline) and i BET some of you have yours,and enjoy the services,or personality of them as well. Sometimes we need to get 3 reads on a issue,and esp when its very critical,emotional for the person in question. head is spinning Remember each small decision brings a timeline change. We know from the new consciouness that THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS keep workng on tuning in and being aware of your intentions Do not get lost Your job is to obtain knowledge,direction,comfort and future look with these readings,so you can alter the best choices!!!!!!!!! If we warn you..typically we mean business..objectives are to take information from the psychic arts into your mind,and chew it over SUPPORT HUGS GENTLE WORDS We also tend to work as p/t therapy miracle workers...AHHHHH Lean on me...yes.. we can lower the anxiety,and worry for ya too ps: try new types of readings..sometimes for fun,and to keep you tarot,astrology,numerology or medisumship see ya psychicangel1
-- animals - are souls................. get repeated "animal" dreams,messages,or literally a real animal visits you,and is chattering,or chirping or needing your emergency medical help,its normally not random. People who have a loving empathic nature attract animals,we are all part of the same universe earth.Some will come,as sudden roadkill,which makes you upset,to teach something,or for you to grow deeper in compassion too. ================================================= wildlife rehabbers..rescuers Maybe a huge conflict to some but I am not vegan,and all animals including buttetflys,have come to me for healing,and release. I like other empaths,and yourself, many spiritual practical people attract them also as spirit helpers,totems of power, and they send me profound messages..when i need uplifting..hummingbirds,are like my REAL LIFE fairys...being telepathic, open's you to a whole kingdom of energy beings..not only angel 's. I know vegans,vegetarians who claim,to want to save animals, and hate meat-eaters and I also remind them your EATING animals only FOOD ?? what a conflict of interest indeed. While you send a check to PETA do your background conspiracy on that too folks...smh... lets all create one backyard at a time..bring back bee's,insects,grow food plants,cultivate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is a WHOLE magical universe of other beings,forest people,little people,ufo..and ghosts and animals who are all actively sharing our earth..RIGHT NOW. Your cell,tablets,all that cute,but i tell everyone UNPLUG..and serve mother something.even donate to parks..or put birdfood out... If you tune in,you can have a whole new family..never feel alone...if your your heart,to GOD,the oneness,and the we all want love,and love is not limited to human love! I KNOW..we think its all that..and nothing more. You need not believe,to experience this...channelling thoughts,songs,poems,music all possible for creative call me anytime. we can discuss the magic not in harry potter..but in your nature walk... or pond,water,or ocean adventure psychicangel1
ROLL'S EYES ( E) OH I ( sigh) have to get into this...........but I LOVE YOU ANYWAYS Some people have a strange brew of what they call "meant to be" in their lives and operate in a really interesting way while using the backdrop of "spiritual" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OOOKAY...Lemme first say politely "To each their own" beliefs. Also this is NOT reflective of my own clientele!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRINGE factor terms like "twin flames,twin souls,astral twins..flying disk, or "fortune cookie ,destiny bound lovers...... i SPEAK based on the real world,clients data,and 20+ yrs of services in the world of metaphysics,healing arts. I help people into goals,not into the psych ward! NEW AGE FLUFF MIND WASHINg soap opera Its thanks to some fool from 60'S ,who I have to REVERSE the falsehood of taking the blue pill/red pill matrix or now whatever potions to find ourselves. I do know in the SOUL-CREATION we can MANIFEST ourselves a good outcome. YES WE CAN ( ha ha..sorry ohbummer i took it back!) I also know,that people grab the instant soup of this falsehood,and decide that susie,or bob who ( are always in london, iceland,married uber busy for 2 yrs..,or in a terribly miserable life ( shhh) belong in fact ( in fact) to YOU. period. end of story.* its MEANT 2 BE.. OH LAWD............................. Now,I am speaking about the people who want,and passionately deserve love,but tilt the lotto,in only their direction. If they stop'd and asked the LOA would be " Is this BOB/SUSIE best choice??? or only my hearts desire. I always remind people,that its in your hands,you will prove yourself RIGHT/WRONG. Its dual thinking that brought you here. But I will find the source,and,get to to KANSAS.............ok dorothy..its dream,or its real but it will be alright. Now..we all get goofy,and magical thinking..part of our imagination in the good balance of it. iTS THE unbalance,of irrational mind+ sprinkle of new age mush..that I speak of. What bothers me,is the PAIRING ( ha ha) blue tooth humor of mixing principals of LOA( LAW of attraction) with 2 spoonful of us psychics" adding MORE MIND MUSH to the cake!!! nooooooooooooooo !!!!!!*(&*&%$^#. i will ,pop that Balloon and you will kiss me for that action too !!!!!!!!!!!!! *******LOA btw contains simplified teaching of what magnetic particle atoms attracting /sharing space aka quantum field theory is.Its conscious remembering. Its about multi-verse..but its not fairy tales,it means MORE responsibilty,self-care,compassion for others and Your own soul. -------------------------------For those religious ones -------------------------- Did GOD say "go forth with YOUR will! heart,manipulate the human lover! pray the wifey/hubby breaks it off or maybe just MOVES into town as "its meant to be YOURS ...( which page is that verse,chapter?) Now..I AM NOT saying....go away and be in pain..I am saying come forth into the LIGHT OF TRUTH. It will set you free to GET LOVE,HEALING,FRIENDSHIP,TRUE LOVE HUGS,COMMITMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++.. HOW DO SOULS GET SOUL-MATED? RE-UNITED? EX: some who broke up,before completion in this life,reunite. ( no I do not mean broke up on and on and on...........every week! LOL DEATH/BIRTH : Baby/divorce/accidents..can create a circumstance/karmic MOVING: relocate this is RARE...and most cases are overseas,country or military bases missions ( like joint war,peace,missionary,disaster relief) THE REASON WHY I JUST BUSTED THE MYTH FIRST ?? I have been studying non-stop since age of 13 spiritual truths go on ..test me. I have so many experiences,it would choke the bookshelves with others witness tesitmonials also. TWIN FLAMES is someones pretty nice poetry about nothing. There are NO HISTORICAL or AKASCHIC records on it. its as real as as CULT . thats why I RANT. Its also not true about SOUL-MATES.. thats 80's term for those who are like WHHHATTTT?????????????? LISTEN I would LOVE to say this fairy land new age thingy is true,but its so bad,it leads people into a trap and road to BLISSFUL IGNORANCE If you do not have someone who is NURTURING you,pick one of the 7 billion souls who WILL ASTRAL LOVE- SEXUAL MEETUPS,SOUL ghosty HOOK UPS OK.. yes you can live like AVATAR..flying round in your etheral body like tinker bell,dreaming away about kissing your sweetheart in the starlight of venus......while they DRIVE to work with their wives/partners/bands,gay lovers... pick up their kids,and carry on....without you. YES YOU CAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You darn tootin you can and go for it. There is a appt of dr's in white coats with meds waiting.PLEASE DONT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WHY?? I am so lonely,so hurt...! Now seriously..I am not without heart,compassion. I am here to clean up those ABE BELIEVERS,Many CHRISTIANS are coming to realize the universe is revealing more then bible stories its about joining as ONE unity,ONE state of LOVE..we are starving EVERYONE i soooooo deprived .....( whole other subject) Being in a deluded state of "what ifs" is not evolving. Its very simuliar people have who are stuck in loss,people who died/careers ended /pets die You must let go of ILLUSIONS false ideas,false gods,....FALSE romance The low frequency energy keeps humans in cycle of being controlled by dark forces,call what you want is thick in our current timeline. Let me give you true analogy. If your loved one has diabetes. you DONT SEND THEM a thought of GLUCOSE. !!!!!!!!!! You give them tangible object. Knowing we are still in a BODY,we must not fly into worlds we cannot handle,or navigate,or ask for destiny without wisdom and maturity. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXCEPTIONS yes...yes yes........there is true destiny,yes there is MIRACLES of light, romance..but we are MISSING IT..with bad teachings,bad habits...bad spirituality we stay in yrs of single life,waiting for ( bob/susie) and get old and lose hope....lets not do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE,LOVE AND MAY YOU ALL GET DREAMY nature...not by force of nature.
SHADOW WORK healing shame,old wounds,something that haunts us,for yrs unresolved. I t normlly is childhood wound,we bury,or later form trauma,addictions,or refuse to deal with further. I dont blame you!!! we all want to be free,happy.and move foreward/ =========================================================== SHADOW WORK FOR SHAMANIC STYLE OF HEALING IS GENTLE. Unless you wish to hire a psychologist for yrs on end..shamanic work is becoming the new 21 century medicine. Yes,people are going to jungles,and taking herbs,but from your own home,office,city you can perform these rites of passage. its best to do this,when your in pain,suffering,middle of the night,insomnia,or just in high state of anxiety. old nightmares,or repeating ones,are your soul saying FIX THIS . ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NIGHTMARE,MEMORIES ,HAUNTINGS FEARS. Sometimes you can reverse the MEANING and if you accept "your part" in co-creating the wound,heal very quickly. For instance" you had ex lover who betray,or left you for a new partner,and shamed you. You perhaps "moved on,and yet..yet..the memories provoke anger,or crioppling self worth... ALWAYS use the MIRROR to reverse this and PERCIEVE you doing the ACT ON THEM . yes...I MEAN YOU REJECTED them.. you,left them..emotionally...or shamed them.. by doing this,you might find your self in center,without that dark fear,and loosen the stranglehold of mental pain!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ METHODS,HEALING TECHNIQUES uSING: candle,or bible,or sage smudge stick, special item,crystal, you have a vision of the person,place or thing,and PLAY OUT like a movie,the reverse situation,apologizing to them ( I like to hold there hands,and be very initmate in the ceremony. You do your mature emotional "apology" without defensivness,forgiving also, and truly make peace .it is very powerful,it releases your guilt,anger,self doubts. You become the power,you regain your self-respect,and lose the depressing energies. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DO NOT "over-think this " OR sink into memories its not a mental exercise or intellectual it should be short 15 or 30 mins ceremony. MAYBE ONCE a yr..only.its not for ongoing situation. Its meant to own,and send off the shadows,that haunt your life ask for your spiritual guide,angels to protect you while doing this work on your soul ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hope that helps angel
HAPPINESS ---- PLEASURE To the generations: esp millineals. Its a strange report,that came about regarding social media,dopamine,and depression. I was researching,and observing what makes and moreover KEEPS people in states of happiness. According to studies,americans are high strung angry,less happy then many nations,including poor countries. We are high consumers,of products,yet suffer from unhapiiness. we have more comforts in transport,a/c heating,and huge variety of options,yet we are still deprived you travel,you will notice,this greatly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GENERATING ENERGY - Those who do fitness,or are running,walking are able to create more endorphines which stimulate . The component missing is BEING CREATIVE. Humans are co creators,that means stimulation of the PINEAL gland,third EYE. You cannot INHALE "media" and burns you out!! DO not take so much media content in,and start to manifest the green grass,help our enviroment,serve humanity,animal well being. IN PERSON. OR join a band,dance troupe,squad,think-tank,yoga retreat,club. TURN to romance,I know they KILLED that word,but do me a favor PLEASE do a campaign for LOVE!!!!!!!!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HUMAN CLOCK We have a internal clock,when this is disrupted,it can acually cause mental illness. You can become psychotic when kept up for 64 hrs or kept without access to external daylight. Now, My point is, the SMART phone,tablet,computer has BLUE light ( non organic) Between the indoor,lack of daily natural light-to dusk trigger,and the constant blue light depriving us,and adding the present world in its stress,lack of love,pleasure,and hormone being disrupted with GMO,and our air being weather modified,its not wonder we cannot balance in a human state of happiness. ==================================================== HOW TO RE-CREATE STATE OF HAPPY BEING-NESS I only can offer you this..reversing your habits,being aware of your emotional moods,and working with the WHOLE health,including your anti-everything pills..that many are living on,taking walks,get OUTSIDE,I know its COLD but in DENMARK they learn to put infants outdoors,improved the BRAIN seratonin. Get to fresh between chem-trails of course.......... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BACK AWAY- from extremes Since,your still carbon based,and not a plant,I know extreme diets ( eating only liquids doing only greens,binge on so called diet foods,or worse eating fake-"new age" crackers made of salt, air,and KILLING your brain up on the manual called "human being". Until you have beak like a turtle eat proper so you can stop being BI polar.....................LOL............... YOU ALL..YES YOU..could GO TO TROPICAL VACATION with the funds you save from starfbucks!!$3600 year from 2 coffee per day um...dont get me started with cost of perscrip per yr????? literally the program is meant to crush you! The fact your broke is PLANNED BY ELITES. Stop being enslaved to consuming every shirt app,organic $5 cool aid..and save yourself the longterm debt! ======================================================================= BEING SPIRITUAL science has proved meditation yoga and hard exercise creates balance,healthy moods,hormones changes I go one more step..HEALING. There are THOUSANDS of afterlife or inter-dimensional healing beings who have worked on all of fact..the truth is milliuons have been upgraded to survive the present decaying of our poor planet...' yet people run to dr's?? energy is free-love is not in bottle...pain is cureable. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ IN CONCLUSION If your,or your loved one is suffering from deep anxiety,moods,lethargy, lack of love,seething in anger daily,and just miserable,there are easy but dsiaplined ways to counter this present human condition. I have been blown away by such horrible stories of young people who are in end of life chronic pain ?? Not fertile? Or on antidepressent/anxiety meds its SAD..i just cry over that..for them _------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HAPPINESS IS NOT FLEETING REGULATE AND FIND YOUR MOOD CHANGERS DO NOT USE FLAT-SCREEN/CELL/COMPUTER DAY/NIGHT IT PULLS EMF,and has radiation..... ALTERNATIVES TO ELECTRONICS-UNPLUG DONT USE MUSIC earplugs when doing long jog,hike,skate,ect SHUT OFF ELECTRONICS,and be STILL,SILENT,READ A BOOK, MAKE ART,FIDDLE,DRAW,SING,PAINT,SEW,PLANT GARDEN, Make home-made items,HACK to the HUMAN next to you.. I talk,Smile,at EVERYONE i can..who knows? 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY???? nothing. you are internally naturally happy. WHERE IS HAPPY. Its internal..nothing "makes you happy" its a myth. GET HAPPY? HOW? birthday gift? lasts.. happy is created. EVER seen a kid in poverty smiling more then you? wonder why? what does he smile for? CREATE MORE EMOTIONAL INTERNAL NATURAL INTUITIVE HAPPINESS YOU ARE NOT ALONE,WE ARE ONE. CREATE THE WORLD INSIDE TO BRING IT OUTSIDE. LIVE IN THE MOMENT..LOVE ALL. PSYCHICANGEL1
METAPSYCHICS Many times,we assume a psychic reading covers every need,and question However, there are so many more aspects to this highly skilled field of seers,oracle,mystics,spiritualists. 1. PAST LIVE- Pls google: delores cannon as reference to how this alters people's life problems,from confusion,health,blocks, underlying mental pain,anger,abuse,childhood trouble,ongoing pains. 2. CHAKRA CLEARING- This sounds "nutty" but we are light beings embodied in a skin suit,we have aura field,proven,and our whole spiritual life ,birth death radiates life-force through the chackras. A trained observer,can scan you for dark spiritual evil entities,( demons) curses/self-acualized mostly) when these get blocked,its like a cancer to the SOUL. 3. Remote viewing,good for location of lost people,items,or detective work ( on buildings,or global places,scouting locations 4. SPIRIT GUIDE/ET/ANGELIC- This is major overlooked,prob cause people have gotten away from "trust,faith" bibilcal practice. we all have assigned guides,relatives,or others who are GPS for our lives,and prevent danger also! 5. Mediumship- Contacting passed over loved one,pets, and asking vital questions,or answers for your heartache to heal,repair old parental issues,or abuse. afterlife questions! 6. TAROT-RUNES, ( NOT OFFERED AT MY LISTING!) its best for OVERALL general "how your path of life is months into the yr" 7.ASTROLOGY- A tool used by politicians,KINGS,leaders of global countries. Its ancient science,when done properly( not offered at my listing) great for MARRIAGE,YR AHEAD PROFILE,CHILDBIRTH,major longterm questions. 8. ( AKASCHIC RECORDS) Soul-mate=twin flames,other definitions: The new age term,for soul-family lovers,and co-partnerships on earth. It falls into AKASCHIC records of all souls information by conscious people,channelling information.Not average psychic talent. LAST------------------------ FREQUENCY= 5TH DIMENSIONAL ASCENSION 9. Not so much a "reading" on your life,as a instructional review for your progress on earth as a indigo,crystal child,mission on earth.soul purpose. Thank you....this is written by psychic angel 1 and can be used with my permission...only!!!!!!!!!! psychic angel1
GOODNESS what a summer!!! Its been a very intense 2017 summer,and coming into fall I wanted to share some of the situations you all are faced with ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Its been a 1 yr,pattern of dark-to light moments of pain-enlightenment from low feelings,illness,to healing,restoration,all yr long +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SOME MAJOR THEMES WE FACED Firstly,This world is in a battle between more then Good/Evil its coming out of duality,which means judgements are given way to new consciouness. It means crippling self-doubt,and grasping at straws for happiness,and beliefs,or forced shifts. I am getting reports of many people being attacked spiritually in sleep,waking states,and empathics,targeted for "collecting" of their positive influence on masses. ======================================= ARE WE CO-OPERATING DARK/LIGHT? yES,I see a shadow between our old selves,new selves,ego-heart and many many deaths occuring in young people who bail out of the earth plane. ( quick or slow death) Its not a question of "we are safe" since it appears society is moving normally along. You need to double-protect your souls..not from a false " t**r attack,but from "fear mongering" fear and paranoia which is dominant force apon the earth. Does this seem familiar? Yes many feature films,sci fi are blantantly spelling it out for you? OR did you miss the epic "flood,quake,meteor,destroying themes?? WHATS MY PART IN THIS?? Your ARE 1 drop of water in a zillion particle play that is being directed,produced,by the hand of black dark,and white light spiritual powers. Every word,deed,act you send out mentally,emotionally reacting to events,or you own feelings are dropping those particles into the ocean of our world,creating a new scene in our movie. collectively. I AM GOOD,I DESERVE GOOD VIBES I had to adjust to the new generation,and learning from them,I see a lot of lost souls,some are highly evolved ( into the millions) spread round,all are empathic. Your DNA is not like the last GEX Z /BOOMER humans. The New DNA built for resistance of pollutions,some gravity,some chemical food,adaptive .If you are of this group,you know,that there is truly some advances in tech knowledge,quickness in learning and other strong talents . We are worthy,we must create Love Ask anyone over 50..or 60 70 yrs old. It was a time,with much pleasure,we had love,love songs,many of movies,had romance our r&b songs,were epic for making sensuality 1 priority. We had time to unwind,we paid our way easy,we had more fair economy,we had dreams,and we created AMAZING artwork,music structures,farming,books,fitness was dancing,drugs were for parties not to "dampen" our anxiety,depressions,or illness TOGETHER - we must be LOVE Love has become a 4 letter word. We must turn toward our power,as one unit. we Must pray,meditate over all humans. we must have LEADERSHIP for more then protests alone! We should MARCH FOR LOVE,PEACE..not just old division of right/left ideals,which is designed to separate. GOD- is one. ALL creation is one. EVERY spiritual power in every book,the core truth is we co=exist to learn how to navigate this earthplane to evolve..NOT TO struggle,and die without any hope?? +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I REMIND YOU TO TREAT EVERY PERSON RIGHT If you want to grow,evolve,create dreams,have power to change bad things you must be BRUTALLY honest about your part. The karma is so fast..its almost comical. If you cause CHAOS without compassion you will get smoked,drowned,or kick'd in the head . The universe is a mirror,and you need to take responsible actions. Selfishness is a old sin,I watch 10 cars pass my lane,when I was first..stuck behind dump truck. WHY so selfish? I clearly should proceed forward. ME FIRST ,,,attitude is hurting YOU. Wonder why some people gain wealth,health,and gain blessings well? its for PAST DEEDS. They came to earth with pocket of "diamonds" and had a easier,fun time. its hard not to be consumed with jeolousy,and envy!! I mean some people cannot catch a break! its sad. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ WHAT ABOUT YOU? If your cheap- self-indulgent - it might come in lousy pay job or lousy housing? It may be lover is cheap,and your struggling for attention,affection. It might be literally you buy products,that fail,or rip you off! Nothing is unseen,the spiritual door is always recording what your heart is doing,or not doing. If your bleeding for others,people pleaser, you may face reputation damage,poor health,or become a victim( to learn acceptance of recieving) Its a very complex dance we live on earth. People struggle for much more then the obvious "hard start" in childhood. MOOD-PAIN-PLEASURE OK..There is proof,we are being manipulated with many controlling factors involved. There are parties,outside earth,baring down on mind-body-soul capture. I mean if your still in denial about will be more sick ,more infertile,more depressive,hostile,fatigued, full of chest-nasal-allergies every day of your lives..but MEH? what do I know....carry on...pop your ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++= WHat you can do is more then yoga! YOUR a being of frequency,sound,light,electrical,carbon based organic-turning into trans-human (less organic). Please claim your authority over your soul. Your being bombarded with HUGE solar radiation,so not all the "spray" are for a evil purpose,it does seem we are in crisis to rescue our basic human race. We must use our PINEAL gland,Our shared heart chakra to offset the negative pulse of the dark energies streaming wifi into you. You may like these suggestions. Do join groups meditations,churches temples,and do your part of spiritual prayer more then "once and a while" Do house blessings,use bible,to call our rebuke energies Listen to music,shaman,organic instrumentals,new age or cultured live music to offset frequency. ( ALL top 40 music stars contain subliminal words against population) Yes its ok to jam to it..just take breaks and do be careful! USE buzzwords like LOVE,healing,sharing,God,angels,and other words of invoking care,and compassion for all. EVERYDAY. Create SOCIAL MEDIA around taking care of real things that matter adding content uplifting stories,influence others to share love. I mean stop taking self-ish selfies ALL THE TIME...your prob not take a buddy promotes ego based thinking. Peace,light,blessings,and learning to you in this powerful PISCES moon ANGEL ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++=
With Mercury retrograde in Virgo and Leo: We might look at past decisions and ideas from a new, possibly enlightened perspective, although we may be especially analytical and critical, perhaps to excess while Mercury is retrograde in Virgo (until the 31st). We may be returning to past projects and refining or tweaking them. We may feel stuck in the past if we continually redo and don’t feel satisfied with the results, however. We can find usefulness in old or past ideas and recycling them in new ways. This is a good time for reviewing recent work, as long as we don’t get caught in a loop of perfectionism. We might discover new ways of doing work that has become routine, or we might consider renewing old self-care, health, or fitness programs. Plans may be considered then reconsidered. Romance because VENUS is virgo planet,may have their wires crossed about talks,feelings,and be tense. LETS SEE? mY day started out with the fish pond,with my ideas,which worked 2 weeks ago,and now failed!! MESSY,and just plain bummer. ---------------------------- Things like REPAIRS..failing,and re-doing concepts paperwork,work miscommunications,times/dates being confused ( double check bills,reciepts lost/found emails) VIRGO= she is vain,childlike,mystical,feminine,analytical,perfectionist,earth-sign look for traits to show up around her being affected.* sudden disorganization,judgements on self,or loss of light hearted feeling,heavy..from overthinking LEO: Lion,power seeking,warm hearted generous,pride/ego,fire -passion with attitude loss of fire/hot emotions...could be turn around in attentions. strong/weak aspects may show up with this backwards cycle.( loss of confidence?) Those with jittery times already nervous energies,need to double down for the LEO-moon partial eclipse already started on 8th....magnifies by the next full eclipse on august 23 2017. REMEMBER...THIS is not based on your SUN-SIGN You may need to look at your full charts,natal astrology positions I am here for you..let me know any psychic questions! psychicangel1
WE are not liars! We are not actors! We are here..5am sometimes till after 2am in the night to help soothe,calm,and sometimes have a little phone pj party!!! It may be source of our income,but its not what you think!!! WHAT IF WE JUST WERE NOT here..for you!!!!!!!!!! Think hard. if you had to CALL and you NEEDED to unload,decompress were panic'd,heartbroken,or sorrowful from loss,who would you call? When your ex is being a fool,or family is losing their cool? who do ya call???? For the majority of successful longterm readers,the true visionaries we, ( I speak generally) are very serious,and we practice ethics such to even feel helpless,at trying to help without breaking any rules. We,as a whole,are such givers,and so passionate about solving the problems,getting you the promotions,gifts,healing the wounds..... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DUALITY-RIGHT/WRONG Mankind,is or should be way past the simple minded dark ages of "right/wrong" thinking. We are in 21 century,coding,ufos global communities,instant messaging,are all part of our new states of mind.All the films reflect,sci fi,and disaster movies,show the world,as it is. NoBODY has not been affected by weather,or violence,so it stands,we are in flux. A psychic reader-type,is a mystical empath,of multiple gifts ,who can validate,forsee,go backwards,forwards in timelines,and inside someones thoughts,feelings,motivations...and this is a talent,skill,and hard earned. Also this includes,messages from entities,guides,animal helpers,or relatives or predictions,premonitions of severe earth changes. Use the power of our high awareness to fend off flood,famine,reverse directions of trouble or move out of areas of danger. Or simply drop the ol --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What does a caller expect? I have some girlfriends who think its a kick,and want to work in my field. I remind them,I also use services and to try out different types,tarot,or more religious or numerology,or astrology,all these are interesting!! I would say mostly the first caller,wants is to be listened too,understood,and compassionately with no triggered reaction!! They want love. SO do WE!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your ego- and the psychic reader If you present a "I know it" and "the reader" needs to prove it makes for a tense interaction. You do have the right to see if we know,our job. I suggest you simply ask a question that is obvious,and keep it to yourself. If you dont connect,or feel a personality clash,or uncomfortable,even with a softer,sweet, passive psychic,thats ok. Open yourself to new experiences. FUN MYSTERY WOW FACTOR!!!!!!!! IT also is entertainment themed for a reason.!! It can be extremely fun..I have been called to news of babies,lovers,winning lawsuits,health healings and also actors,singers,dreams that came forth for people! Sometimes a friday night becomes a phone-chat marathon!! ITS ALL ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!!... GHOSTS,TWIN FLAMES-SOULMATES WE GOT THEM ALL!!!!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good readers,Bad readers If you have a personality that does not "click" with a reader simply hang up ,SAY g'ite thanks . We also get bad moments or less then awesome but if we make mistake, dont slam us in feedback. send a email,if you do not get fixed,call back,we can do free replacement ( promo free mins) to help [email protected] PREDICTIONS- FORTUNE TELLING This one is why the GOOD psychics are working fulltime NOT %100 but its close as %85 for sure. The outcomes,normally are there,predictions come from your being EXTREMELY honest,staying on goals using spiritual,faith prayers,and not denying yourself. If you choose to follow advice,we normally have direct line to the success,but thats up to your free-will. I have,and will tell you NO/YES that job,man,woman,downfall promotion work,revenge is NOT going to work,even if you BEG ME to say YES!!!! lol.......................SOMETIMES it becomes a lot of reworking the question,we like to be right..but psychics are not about "ego" we will see the facts. FEE'S-DOUBTS-REMORSE-REFUND-BLOCKS if your suffering financially ,MOST LIKELY your in emotional pain. Its great idea,to restore your funds,then call a reader,not roll the dice,on the last bit of cheese!!! Its not also productive to get little 3 min quickies!!! iT is not quality,for your needs,and it confuses,or does little to solve the issue. Lets not take the last dollar and ask for a miracle. In this way,refunds are provided for extremely poor service,or tech issues from internet . OMG I WAS BLOCKED!!!!!!!! If you find a reader,has blocked you from the listing,it could be related to many factors,sometimes $5 dollar PER MONTH/ or overcalling and burning the reader energy! Please note also,it can be for arguements,or many times its minor,like someone wants to discuss jailbirds crimes,sex,drunkness, foul language or harrass us for personal info ( flirting,or stalking)!! Psychic readings are NOT schooled PHD'S in psychology ,psychiatry,lawyers,or human resources,detectives,cops or anything so specific. We can operate within those fields but on keen,I like others,have literally been asked to do some far out qualifiying.... I have to remind people,that some of us do naturally have excellent skills in family,or addiction,or emotional therapy but we do not ENJOY that,so we tend to shift the topic to HEALING,replacement of thinking,blocks,negative self-talk,and guide people back to the source of universal LOVE. ================================================= 21 CENTURY seer's have evolved I attended a meeting of seers,healers,we all agreed, the current times,are changing,and we adapt to our clientele,new generation and cultures diversity. Never would I before been on a line to a person in 1 rank . military 2. Kuwait 3. from women's shelter,boat,plane, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We also are literally quiting,dying off,and retiring. Yes, many of the best psychics,are dying off from the last power they have in them This is not a retail job,its a gift. If you can , share,blog post about the good fotune from using the KEEN services,to assist your life,it means the world to promoting our community of golden souls many volunteered for simply uplifting this timeline. Those who soldier on,remain on the FRONT LINES of the EPIC spiritual battle of the most evil any horror movies.Yes we are in the cycle of incredible crossroad of our survival. When cliients get on path,to futher the soul's evolvement,they turn on the other's relations into lights to soothe this harsh time we face. Since this is a unique place to phone,chat your private,personal,issues without risking job,health,or taking the road of ruining your chances,for love marriage,children,travel,it requires we all bond together in higher respect. so, next time you call for fun and yes,its a LOT of fun! think hard about how to thank,bless and be kind to those who serve your interest only focusing on YOU YOU YOU! ps: Thanking,praise,love,and prayers for us mean the world to empaths. psychicangel1 ___________________________________________________________________- +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
NOBODY TAUGHT YOU OK...most of us are learning from bad schooling,some moral parental generational handout,or worse TV media how to behave,whats proper. I happen to notice,in europe a big culture awakening,with a boat full of international people and observing a wake up call to see our states ..and the differences. Ok this take away brings me to how to proceed with conflicts in your life,with your family,circles. I am bit on being brutally honest. I feel 'sparing" the feelings,leaves people lost,fearful,and asleep. How can people grow living without access to new perceptions,ideas,resolving unseen wounds well? they dont. So I found the same token,in your lives..being nicey-nicey does acually work against you . I for one,trust a person who is NOT psychotically smiling like a labotomy patient.from mental institute .while walking down the street... being "cheerful" is fine,being "tv friendly fake nice to chase compliments,likes,or approval is a road to certain false affections,and feeds a darker part of ego ------------------------------------------------------------------- How to remain truthful without dumping emotions on the next person? its a balance..of not evoking sympathy,but being open to freedom to express your feelings..if asked,or if provoked. you can announce "I am having a crap day" then proceed to test the water with a person. You can also arrange to have talk,when you calm down..not in the heat of stress. the hardest test is "in the moment" when you face negative vibes,or sharp words how do you navigate without setting a firestorm off..of "defense" from the other person. well? you just have to practice. yes...practice..holding your temper or redirecting the conversation. you cannot "la la la" someone into fails..they may turn nasty. you can only put water over fire...a bit to settle it.mostly to prevent burn with relationships. stand clear..back up. is this person VITAL? do they have to be in your life? does this represent your whole circle of common behaiviours? if not.- toss em. you know there are billions..of humans and some of them will be very right for you peace. angel
RELIGIOUS PROGRAMMING Many of us were raised with underlying messages from judeo-christian books,and teachings.. of being KIND,and OVERLY polite to strangers and turn the cheek to harsh interactions with others ------------------------------------------------------------- Since sciences,and spirituality evolved,many in the consciousness movement have turned into a NEW AGE mushball of false delusions and resistance to stand up..either that or fold under pressures,and be passively non activists in strife human rights..not all but many turned blind eye to headlong battles required. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Its important to have self-control in your word,and deeds,and it makes for good harmony in your life However, its equally vital to protect your heart,soul and intellect with power,self-disapline,and dignity. ------------------------------------------------------------------ The universal spiritual laws,show us,that good people get hurt,bad people can live luxury life,so its a dual-state of being. you cannot walk on earth a "GOOD " nice person and not be attacked,or worse,get unjustly accused.many movies make this clear. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ HOW TO PROCEED Tracking your life,relationships..and being brutally honest,about your contribution to allow people to take full aim and abuse you even lightly..with attitude!!! If you find deep resentments,bitterness,anger towards unjust in OTHERS,firstly..see if you have been a underdog or handing over your "power" or silence for integrity dont trade your joy for lowered human energy fields. Some people,who are hurt,are innocent focused on darkness,and you can clearly see ..they are not "pointing" the energy hate into your aura field. You will feel nothing aimed at your heart center. show compassion.Know they mean no direct harm to you. -------------------------------------------------------------- The others,who attack usually show these traits. 1. very quick to be harsh,loud,sarcastic, accusing,snarky,take shots at your success. they are the first to say EVERYONE IS MESSING with me! blame their motto. They want to pull you into debate,argument,gossip or manipulate to a lower thought process. ------------------------------------------------------------- Its important to take stand,even against losing your temper for 1 minute,to call to action about the unjust arrow ,but be needs to be very SURE of the possible CONFLICT and be mature enough to handle the outcome. This is common in service call providers,or centers ie: tech,IT,or repair..customer service those in blue collar,and hospitality who are forced to smile through terrible interpersonal behaiviour. ------------------------------------------------------------------ CONFLICTS This is not a bad time,or a rotten day..if you face conflict with your truth,not ego..and call it out,its considered the same as calling your God,into the armour and taking refuge. make sure your not serving FEAR..esp with other humans. authority is a big test for many of us,how we resolve disputes. ALWAYS practice self-awareness,dont yell but do calmly refuse to be abused .If you dont accordingly,the victim cycle may repeat.its a lesson to be learned,and conquered.dont live in self pity. ------------------------------------------------------------- Musings from spiritual light workers We(psychics)healers get cross section and we are pretty expert at dealing with people in crisis,pain,addicted,abused,lost and the last to hold hands with the sick..dying..too. I have walked clients into/out of hard times..into the light of righteousness. Psychics have a strong empathic gift,and seeing eye to go behind,and get the facts,truth sorted its less then a trip to a psych office! I have kept all confidence with people's life journey and they also give grateful love,and commerce As our world turns,since 2001,people need support and unbias intuitive guidance... Hope your having a great 4th july make it about love,compassion,and standing up for your integrity, its forever. thank you for reading, angel ----------------------------------------------------------------------
                                     TOUCHY SUBJECTS..

 I know the amish and other self-contained communities,communes
tribes still living have self government . All humans are best in a tribal community
and until further notice..some prefer LEADERSHIP and organization for complex
system. We are very slow, in gaining our wisdom of self reliance.

If you must know..our cosmic space living fellow species,humans are
apparently living in the multiverse have sent us messengers,books,wisdom
tolkens,scrolls,alien ships,instructions,stone,and artifacts to keep us
intact,and on the forward path of evolution...which we dont follow
much...but i digress... most others who visit earth DONT STAY
why? too HORRIBLE conditions,too violent,too greedy,too polluted
mentally too immature,too emotionally unstable,to handle basic telepathy


                                              YOUR CHOICE-YOUR EXPERIENCE

If you have lived in different societies..countries,with varied government
you will appreciate the ways and be most likely tuned into more fairness
and responsible fairness for all communities..even MORE.Travel will
open your minds,going into countries with such varied rules..helps
to have knowledge,compassion for others in there walk.


                                      CHOOSING SELF-awareness over Political powers

For many people,only when they are in PAIN,through economy,directly,or
FEAR programming do they seem to protest for the rights,until or unless it
effects,you the average joe....we tend to move survival with some
need to balance,and be happy and content .Its obvious this current gov is
making everyone stir crazy..but for me,its been this way ALWAYS.

IF YOU decide that your governing system is failing,you can choose to take action
just as you can decide a positive direction of "implimenting " a neighbourhood
garden,playground,or fund raising instead of plastering signs,screaming and fostering
rage against the machine. all good. but choose wisely what your message,and if
your beating a rock,or your creating peaceful future .war does not beget peace
violence does not encourage harmony,and respectful life.

THERE is a need for protest..and it can work as a whole city has proven with
many many battles to win,and gain righteousness. ie: brazil or UK becoming
free from EU. many examples show growth,and unity changes inside -out. some tie themselves to be dependent on body of gov,pharma,checks
(  able bodied people) they will collectively carry a weakness of which will
karmically return as  as "loss,grief,economic failure" based on whoever
is feeding them

We all depend on the one. the human that cleans your clothings,plants
seeds. then we help the ones weak. but these are not weak people
the last 50 yrs the system CREATED,and on purpose..laid out a plan
for GOV -RAISED and dependent people. it has nothing to do
with lack of jobs..* thats a bold face lie. always has been.
Before your head rolls off..I believe in whoa...your

.   The truth is self-government as  INDIVIDUALS  is the key to prosperity
and community freedom,creativity,and harmony is in our natural organic DNA
EVERY system will fail..all forms of politics. even the best ones..unless we
self-regulate our own health,wealth,distribution,and love each other
at least as to a  standard of moral code.


                                                NATIVES,-COMMUNES-TRIBES-ECO CULTURE

Why scream at "THE MAN" in the white house,when you have the power
to build,with the creative mind,heart,and will power a new step at
a time..of course.

The only system that humans will have some basic peace,is the decision
THE CHOICE to take %100 responsibility for there own small circle
family unit,and services.

Long as you look high into the HUGENESS of the ruling  powers..and listen,be programmed
be brain washed ( really they are good at it) into eating bad poison,taking poison pharm ,food,bad thoughts,consumerism,greed,corruption,and taking "the man's" bribes for shut
up money to "sell,brain wash,step on,compete,divide,conquer your OWN
PEOPLE..???? we will never rise to the species we are....we cannot free our
own handing the rope to our so called leaders...stop selling out!

                                 IN CONCLUSION
YOUR a soul experiencing a earth life,with a variety of challenges..
all you keep and retain is within the consciousness when you die
( which we dont' ) we simply move to another BODY or not.

All suffering is first to teach,then to heal,then to reform into a higher
level of wisdom.

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