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January 2010 - Posts

~ Stick # 49 ~The humble partridge becomes the great Roc; A freedom that no other bird can know. Higher and higher he soars into the sky, Leaving miles of clouds far below him.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONA dramatic change is about to occur in your life Read More
~ Stick # 25 ~ Emperor Ming slew his one true love, But a shaman took pity and eased his heart, With dreams of roaming upon the moon, His beloved mistress forever at his side. TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION While you seem to have suffered Read More
~ Stick # 20 ~ ALL names in Heaven are unique, And even earthly things cannot be the same. Your future is set within the Book of Fate, Which never confuses praise and blame. TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION Although your fate is partially Read More
~ Stick # 8 ~The turtle dove invades the home of the magpie, Leaving one a thief, one homeless, both discontent. When plants of different natures twist together, Nobody can possibly tell what they hide.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONThis fortune suggests that, Read More
~ Stick # 38 ~Free from his day's work, the poet sailed leisurely home. Though not spacious, his little cottage always served him well. He would write poems or drink wine by the south window, Or go for a lazy stroll, enjoying the beauty of the mountains.TRADITIONAL Read More
~ Stick # 40 ~The countryside was full of chaos and disorder, Before the new Emperor came with the Mandate of Heaven. A good ruler serves the whole country, both poor and rich, And brings peace, prosperity and good times for all.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONAn Read More
~ Stick # 3 ~The mother sparrow builds with clay against a storm, The traveler struggles against the driving rain, Her fledglings huddle inside the nest, But the clay melts and falls-all efforts futile.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONYour current precautions Read More
Yet another tasty tidbit from my favorite astrologer, Robert Wilkinson!!  Enjoy!!***************************************************Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn in December 2009-January 2010, Part 2 - Understanding How and What to Finish At the Read More
~ Stick # 56 ~The hidden dagger in water becomes a dragon, Soaring far into the sky over thousands of miles. A story like this can mean nothing but good. You will rise higher as the result of an ordeal.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONWhile a significant test Read More
~ Stick # 37 ~A great scholar knows the laws of Nature, Seeing that as you sow, so shall you also reap. There is no use praying to Heaven for your sins. You will only find redemption in righteous living.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONWords are of no use without Read More