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January 2012 - Posts

~ Stick # 11 ~The trees form a green curtain by the river. I sleep in their shade in summer, when the light is long, Watching the swallows take their playful path by, Among the gentle breezes and hanging trees.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONIf you concentrate Read More
~ Stick # 32 ~He endured the bleak north for nineteen years, His captured banner trailing upon the distant sands. Snow was his only food; his heart was full of woe, And his only companions the sheep he tended.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONThis fortune refers Read More
~ Stick # 1 ~The Han dynasty began with the fall of a great city; Two generals strove to be the conqueror, One threw up walls around it, but the mightiest Could break them down to claim his throne.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONJust as the general in this Read More
~ Stick # 61 ~The oracle is ambiguous; who can read it? To some it means rebel and you will succeed.But the honest general read it otherwise, And found to his cost that this meaning was true.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONYour future teeters on a thin line Read More
~ Stick # 29 ~Fish on my plate; flowers by my side. I enjoy the cool evening with a sip of fine wine. The tide is rising; the boat is moving. My heart is joyous; my spirit is high.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONThis fortune depicts a man enjoying the pleasures Read More
~ Stick # 13 ~Grandfather Kiang fished all day, Though once a minister, he'd put such things away. But when the country needed him again, He ceased his fishing to ease the country's pain.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONThe time is not ripe for whatever plans Read More
~ Stick # 63 ~ Last time we sailed we lost our compass; Today we set forth to search for it again. Though the first compass was later found, It is no use now and all hope is drowned. TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION Misfortune is very close, Read More
~ Stick # 61 ~ The oracle is ambiguous; who can read it? To some it means rebel and you will succeed. But the honest general read it otherwise, And found to his cost that this meaning was true. TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION Your future Read More
~ Stick # 16 ~ Though his stepmother slandered him to his father's face, The faithful son loved her despite all her faults. When her illness had brought her near the gate of death, He found her medicine and warmed her heart forever. Read More
~ Stick # 55 ~The Chief Minister was the wisest of all men. Loved by good people; feared by the unjust.He promoted honesty throughout the land And advised the people to attend to their farms.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONTry to attend to your own home rather Read More
~ Stick #54 ~ Reflections in rippling water, Are constantly shifting, never the same. In fate, though, everything is set, And no advice can help the outcome. TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION Like a reflection in water, your safety is not Read More
~ Stick # 49 ~The humble partridge becomes the great Roc; A freedom that no other bird can know. Higher and higher he soars into the sky, Leaving miles of clouds far below him.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONA dramatic change is about to occur in your life Read More
~ Stick # 51 ~During the long, long summer dog days Everybody is tortured by the burning sun. But now a calm and soothing breeze has arisen, The will of Heaven that eases human souls.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION At the moment, everything may seem overwhelming Read More
~ Stick # 33 ~ You do not see the valuables within your grasp, So you turn around and around in a vain search. Relax and wait for the arrival of another, For they can tell you where the treasure is hidden. TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION Read More
~ Stick # 56 ~ The hidden dagger in water becomes a dragon, Soaring far into the sky over thousands of miles. A story like this can mean nothing but good. You will rise higher as the result of an ordeal. TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION Read More
~ Stick # 43 ~ The prince went to a great banquet, Fearing traitors' knives at any moment. Abandoning pride, he sneaked away, Saving himself to assume the throne. TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION Discretion is often the better part of Read More
~ Stick # 40 ~ The countryside was full of chaos and disorder, Before the new Emperor came with the Mandate of Heaven. A good ruler serves the whole country, both poor and rich, And brings peace, prosperity and good times for all. Read More