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February 2012 - Posts

~ Stick # 25 ~ Emperor Ming slew his one true love, But a shaman took pity and eased his heart, With dreams of roaming upon the moon, His beloved mistress forever at his side. TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION While you seem to have suffered Read More
~ Stick # 64 ~ Two good friends were in business together; The richer gave the poorer a larger share. Such virtue did not go unrewarded, and very soon Both became ministers under the great king. TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION Working together Read More
~ Stick # 24 ~Life is broken by meaningless quarrels, Like fallen blossoms drifting over the ocean. You will never find grace behaving like a fool. All that can leave you is a heap of troubles.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONTroubles lurk ahead, but you have Read More
~ Stick # 27 ~ Your plans are carefully constructed, But fear stops you from completing them. When the time is right, a noble patron Will help you establish a comfortable home. TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION Your life is like a peaceful Read More
~ Stick # 26 ~The shadows of flowers hang about the doorposts, And the moon reflects the traveler's weary face. A crane's mournful cry breaks the silent night, Urging the wanderer to hurry back to his home.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONWhen you embark on Read More
~ Stick # 24 ~ Life is broken by meaningless quarrels, Like fallen blossoms drifting over the ocean. You will never find grace behaving like a fool. All that can leave you is a heap of troubles. TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION Troubles Read More
~ Stick # 57 ~ Close your ears to rumour and scandal; Your lot is a harvest of food and fine clothes. Put all sorrow and woe out of your mind, Place your trust in me and joy will be yours. TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION This fortune is Read More
~ Stick # 19 ~ On the kitchen floor the kitten lies, Lazily warming herself in the afternoon sun. Graceful animals always bring good luck, And should be protected whenever possible. TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION This is a very good Read More
~ Stick # 3 ~ The mother sparrow builds with clay against a storm, The traveler struggles against the driving rain, Her fledglings huddle inside the nest, But the clay melts and falls-all efforts futile. TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION Read More
~ Stick # 51 ~ During the long, long summer dog days Everybody is tortured by the burning sun. But now a calm and soothing breeze has arisen, The will of Heaven that eases human souls. TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION At Read More
~ Stick # 23 ~Health, fortune, fame - they are all illusion. Prosperity is only a game played by fools.The fruit of success tastes sour in the mouth. Soon you will mourn your dreams of worldly glory.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONYou are surrounded by illusions, Read More
~ Stick # 40 ~The countryside was full of chaos and disorder, Before the new Emperor came with the Mandate of Heaven. A good ruler serves the whole country, both poor and rich, And brings peace, prosperity and good times for all.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONAn Read More
~ Stick # 14 ~The hermit delights in the rain on his roof, Beating its pattern against his woven thatch. He drinks himself to sleep among the apricots, And hates the wakeful chatter of the birds.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONYour prospects are good, but not Read More
~ Stick # 30 ~The best thing, I tell you, is not to aim too high. A flying stork will not see the fatal arrow. Gathering wood, you may uncover a snake, And you will regret forever its poisonous bite.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONBe content with your lot, Read More
~ Stick # 42 ~ Earthly rulers bestow many blessings, Both honourable and without any shame. So have you been blessed by Heaven's favour, Making your life a Paradise on earth. TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION You are extremely privileged Read More
~ Stick # 60 ~ As a blazing fire consumes the fuel around it, Spreading far and wide and sparing nothing, So a fearful death awaits every one of us. Neither rank nor riches can save us now. TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION Any problems Read More
~ Stick # 31 ~Two scholars went to the capital for examinations; One passed and stayed, one failed and returned Carrying a letter from his friend. He fell ill, But eventually- thank Heaven! - came home.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONYou may be beset with worries Read More