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October 2013 - Posts

~ Stick # 58 ~One state stood above the other six And sought to conquer the whole of the land. But one man united the six together, And resisted the aggression of the seventh.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONThis is a very promising fortune, but your fate Read More
~ Stick # 5 ~A gale tore apart the garden's flowers, Leaving only broken plants in every bed. Kind folk took pity upon the shattered lawn, Planting new seeds for its rebirth.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONBe cautious in your plans because they can easily Read More
~ Stick # 7 ~Although he reached a great position, Wise Lu did not care for earthly things. He brewed instead the pills of heaven, Forging immortality in his earthly crucible.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONThis is an extremely good fortune. Your position Read More
~ Stick # 16 ~Though his stepmother slandered him to his father's face, The faithful son loved her despite all her faults. When her illness had brought her near the gate of death, He found her medicine and warmed her heart forever.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONAny Read More
It's our favorite time of the year kiddies!!  Yes, you guessed it - Mercury Retrograde!  This particular retrograde begins on July 25th and runs through August 18th.  Don't forget the "gray zones" for 2 weeks on either side of the Read More
~ Stick # 64 ~Two good friends were in business together;The richer gave the poorer a larger share. Such virtue did not go unrewarded, and very soon Both became ministers under the great king.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONWorking together with others is Read More
~ Stick # 23 ~Health, fortune, fame - they are all illusion. Prosperity is only a game played by fools.The fruit of success tastes sour in the mouth. Soon you will mourn your dreams of worldly glory.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONYou are surrounded by illusions, Read More
~ Stick # 4 ~The hero was stronger than two bulls. He could cross three rivers in one leap. But all his strength was of no use Against false claims by evil men.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONYou should try to be content with what you have rather than overreaching Read More
~ Stick # 37 ~A great scholar knows the laws of Nature, Seeing that as you sow, so shall you also reap. There is no use praying to Heaven for your sins. You will only find redemption in righteous living.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONWords are of no use Read More
~ Stick # 46 ~For the sake of one child, the ruler's command Was the death of all children in his own city. But the orphan was hidden in a far-off state, And, when a man, earned revenge for his father.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONThis is a risky time, Read More