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June 2015 - Posts

~ Stick # 48 ~The humble partridge becomes the great Roc; A freedom that no other bird can know. Higher and higher he soars into the sky, Leaving miles of clouds far below him.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION A dramatic change is about to occur in your Read More
~ Stick # 58 ~One state stood above the other six And sought to conquer the whole of the land. But one man united the six together, And resisted the aggression of the seventh.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONThis is a very promising fortune, but your fate Read More
~ Stick # 23 ~Health, fortune, fame - they are all illusion. Prosperity is only a game played by fools.The fruit of success tastes sour in the mouth. Soon you will mourn your dreams of worldly glory.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONYou are surrounded by illusions, Read More
~ Stick # 16 ~Though his stepmother slandered him to his father's face, The faithful son loved her despite all her faults. When her illness had brought her near the gate of death, He found her medicine and warmed her heart forever.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONAny Read More
~ Stick # 52 ~In the royal canal love poems floated on leaves, Written by a maid in service at the court. A scholar responded by the same means, And at last the leaves brought the lovers together.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONWhile happiness awaits you, Read More
~ Stick # 47 ~The envoy travelled hard over a thousand miles To claim a province for his master from another. The king said nothing, but tears streaked his face, Knowing he was too weak to save the province.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION Events will take Read More
~ Stick # 56 ~The hidden dagger in water becomes a dragon, Soaring far into the sky over thousands of miles. A story like this can mean nothing but good. You will rise higher as the result of an ordeal.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONWhile a significant test Read More
~ Stick # 42 ~Earthly rulers bestow many blessings, Both honourable and without any shame. So have you been blessed by Heaven's favour, Making your life a Paradise on earth.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONYou are extremely privileged to receive the favor Read More
~ Stick # 63 ~ Last time we sailed we lost our compass; Today we set forth to search for it again. Though the first compass was later found, It is no use now and all hope is drowned. TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION Misfortune is very close, Read More
~ Stick # 35 ~When Heaven chooses a man for greatness,It first makes him suffer terribly in body and soul. Happiness does not come to anyone easily. There is always a good reason for wealth or poverty.TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONAs this fortune says, Read More