May 2007 - Posts

  Do you have a large pink elephant walking around in your living room that everyone is tiptoeing around?  No, you're not in the Land of Misfit Toys, this is your life.    When problems go unresolved in relationships, Read More
  As we traverse our path on this journey called life, there are many forks in the road, many choices, some small, some large.    But have you ever thought about how even the smallest choice can affect our overall goals?   Read More
  Did you ever notice how kids can have a cold for two days and you have it for two weeks?   It's just one of the many gifts our children give us, other than gray hair and a lesson in the true meaning of pain.   Why am I talking Read More
  No, there were no monkeys jumping on the bed, just a couple of lovely women.  Of course, being the self-professed reality junky that I am, I watched the finale of The Bachelor last night.   It brought up a thought that has been Read More
  Do you just love the way your dude loves himself?  Are you both in love with the same person?   Does he monopolize the bathroom, take longer to get ready than you do and never met a mirror he didn't like?    Read More
  I'm getting more and more calls lately from women wondering exactly what their Dude of Wonder is doing online all the time.  Many times, it turns out he's just playing games -- but indeed, these are not the kind of games you'll appreciate.  Read More
  Strange thing happened on the way to the blog.  When I went to save what I had written, every word disappeared into cyberspace.  I was much too tired to recreate it, soooooooo, my usual blog will continue tomorrow.  Today, you Read More
  Today, after much thought, I am going to broach a subject that stirs up controversy and emotion from both sides:  the married man.  A good portion of my business is talking to women either in love with a married man, or a separated Read More
  If you walked into your house and there was a big mess on the floor, you'd be none too pleased, I bet.  We tend to try to avoid messes and get really irritated when they land in our lap.   Say Dude believes in traditional Read More
  Let's talk about baggage.  We all have baggage, fear of abandonment, fear of failure, fear of falling, whatever.  But can you overcome your fears and unpack your baggage?   I run into this all the time on Keen.  Someone Read More
  What do you do when something goes wrong in your relationship?    For instance, let's say Dude keeps wanting some space, repeatedly distances himself, or simply disappears occasionally.  Do you think a good solution to that Read More
  Does anybody remember "Love Story"?  I found that saying extremely nauseating.  In my book, love is all about communication, and part of that communication is apologizing -- all the time -- and sometimes even when you didn't start Read More
  Frequently I have callers who are confused as to the nature of their relationship, i.e., in the immortal words of Jessica Simpson, "Is this chicken, or is this fish, what I have?"    To put it another way, is it friendship Read More
  Say your dog keeps running outside of the boundaries of your yard.  You know you'd drag his oh-so-sorry butt back to the yard and reprimand him.  If your child tried to run out the door and into the neighbor's yard, or worse Read More
  Soooo, you want a relationship.  And not just any relationship, you want the right relationship for you.  Of course you do.  If such a thing should cross your path, you wouldn't, say, push it away or purposely destroy it, now, Read More