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April 2018 - Posts

The Moon in Aries can be quite vibrantly quite, exhilaratingly brash, and evenly moody. As a Gemini whose Moon sign is in Aries, I am very much aware of the pull of energy that is able to exist with this all too often incompatible duo astrologically. Read More
The Moon in Aquarius can be a very tumultuous sign, especially for people that specifically have their Moon sign as Aquarius. This can create feelings of "futility," where it feels like the world is crashing down around you, with little to no hope of Read More
As I laid out in my previous article about the Blue Moon, this astrological event is occurring by way of the Full Moon traveling through Libra, which is able to create a stance of indecisiveness, but it is also able to generate an understanding for Read More