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Mars, the Planet of War, is currently in the passive presence of Pisces, which is represented in the Tarot as the Ten of Cups. This is a position of satiety, which simply means to be supplied with as much or more than what may be desired for manageability. Read More
Introduction:   With summer approaching an expeditious end, I thought it would be a good time to go over the different astrological events that will be forthcoming between now and the end of Fall. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back, and so comes the shorter Read More
Mercury in Virgo: At 10:37 PM, EST, on September 5th, Mercury moved into its exalted sign of Virgo. Mercury in Virgo is able to create a stance of fortitude when it comes to job creation, increased finances, and positions of openness to hard work, Read More
On August 13th, Mars continues its retrograde pattern, leaving Aquarius and entering the sign of Capricorn, which can create a destabilizing energy, but also forces each of us to create a specific action for ourselves, based on the lessons that we Read More
On July 10th at 2:32 AM, UTC, the Planet of Love, Venus, will be moving into Mutable Earth Sign Virgo and will remain in this position until August 6th, 2018, at which point it will move into Libra. If you are born with Venus in Virgo, this Read More
The first day of summer approaches (winter for the Southern Hemisphere) and brings forth renewed endeavors for bringing life forward. In the Tarot, this is marked by the Chariot card, which is indicative of fortitude, victory, and new opportunities Read More
On June 12th at 4:00 PM EST Mercury will move out of its dignified position of Gemini into the neighboring position of Cancer. Where Mercury is comfortable ruling over Gemini, it creates hindrances in communication for the position of Cancer, due Read More
Mercury is considered “dignified” when its placement is in Gemini, one of the two signs of the Zodiac that it rules (the other is Virgo). This energy is fast moving with ideas, communication, and the speed of life. During this transit, blink and you Read More
The Planet Mercury, which governs communication and rules over Gemini and Virgo, will be heading into Taurus on the 13th of May, after a fiery run through Aries, until May 29th, at which point in time it will enter into Gemini. If you were born during Read More
The Moon in Aries can be quite vibrantly quite, exhilaratingly brash, and evenly moody. As a Gemini whose Moon sign is in Aries, I am very much aware of the pull of energy that is able to exist with this all too often incompatible duo astrologically. Read More
As I laid out in my previous article about the Blue Moon, this astrological event is occurring by way of the Full Moon traveling through Libra, which is able to create a stance of indecisiveness, but it is also able to generate an understanding for Read More
This evening, at 7:19 PM EST, the Planet Mercury will be starting its track in retrograde, through the Zodiac Sign of Aries. This energy will be lasting until April 15th at 4:21 AM EST. WHAT TO EXPECT: This particular retrograde, because of its placement Read More
As the saying goes, "once in a blue moon," meant to remind us of how rare some events in life can be. But this year has certainly epitomized what this statement means, whether you're aware of it, or not. From the highest positions in the world, to Read More
Scorpio has just begun, which is a perfect time to examine the emotional pull that we are experiencing for all areas of our lives, especially love. Scorpio, through its stronger emphasis on the emotions that we feel, gives us the ability to seek out the Read More
I know that we are all sick of hearing about this silly retrograde now, as it is going to be continuing for the next 19 days. But don't forget to look up, and don't just notice, but stare in wonder at what lies beyond our atmosphere, and when gazing Read More