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Friday, February 20, 2009 - Posts

Can I share my reading, or do I have to keep it secret or private? I'm getting asked a lot by clients if they are allowed to share their readings, since another local reader and many on-line readers have told clients that it is bad luck to tell anyone Read More
Apparently, I'm still doing all right by that company who asked me for predictions, so here's another Friday update that should, of course, be taken with a grain of salt since I'm no kind of political wizard! February 11th 2009 Benjamin Netanyahu Read More
"Fortuneteller Sees Bright Prospects In Hard Times" Morning Edition, February 20, 2009 Ari Shapiro: And stories like the ones we just heard can sometimes leave the impression that nothing positive is happening in American business. Well in fact, some Read More
Dear Alexandra, I have a friend who was interested in witchcraft in his teenager life. His parents are totally against him and are punishing him. A friend of family is very violent towards, him and he hates him and his parents. My friend has been Read More