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Thought-provoking messages of hope from metaphysical minister, Dolphyn.
Lunar / Sun Day Sermon  Making Resolutions That Stick  Well .. it is that time of year again.  Time to say goodbye to another year, another chain of indelible experiences that propel us onward to the new year.  Time for many of us Read More
Greetings One and All .... You may have heard the term 'group consciousness'. We use this term in many views, from the smaller group such as a family, work force, group email list, and such, to the larger picture such as a country, a Read More
Special Lunar / Sun Day Sermon  Thanksgiving and Unity 2007Greetings One and All ..It is an honor to share a special edition of our Lunar / Sun Day Sermon today, Thanksgiving Day in the US.  This message is intended for All Beings across our Read More
Lunar / Sunday Sermon   Living in PeacePeacefulness of heart is considerably tougher to acquire in these froughtful days of change.  Where once we felt peace, we may now feel dissatisfaction, or fear brought on by woeful reports of earth changes, Read More
 Lunar / Sun Day Sermon The Balancing Act   On a trip to Key West last year, I had the fortune to watch a gentleman walk a high wire on the edge of a sea wall before the setting sun.  He performed some phenomenal stunts .. juggling Read More
  Lunar / Sun Day Sermon  Faith vs. TrustUsing Power Words  Today, we are going to look at words and how they effect our lives.  First, let's look at two words that appear, often interchangeably, in numerous religious and spiritual Read More
   Lunar / Sun Day SermonSeeking Truth From the Past to Fulfill Our Future    We live in powerful times, there is no doubt.  Our sense of living is accelerating tremendously as we move deeper into the 21st Century.To help Read More
LUNAR / SUN DAY SERMON Applying Spiritual Law in our Daily LivesThe Ten Commandments are the backbone of all Christian-based religions, as well as the Jewish faith.  Living our lives based upon the Ten Commandments is meant to keep Read More
Lunar /  Sun Day Sermon Coming From A Pure HeartWe may often hear reference to the state of our heart center, which is the spiritual energy center for our being.  Phrases like "the pure of heart," "Having a golden heart," and references to Read More
Lunar / Sun Day Sermon                     Greetings One and All ....   Most of us get 'out of sorts' from time to time and it can be totally Read More
Greetings One and All ....   The impact of 9/11 has had far reaching effects that span the globe and beyond. So many questions unanswered, including who holds responsibility for the deaths of thousands of innocent people both in New York Read More
  Lunar /  Sun Day Sermon How many times have you heard someone say to you ...  "  Hey .. Lighten up!"  I hope, not too often, but sometimes we need to be reminded not to feel so gloomy or serious about life.  Heck, Read More
Lunar / Sun Day Sermon   Love is a word that gets tossed around, at times aimlessly, as in "I love my car," or "I love that new hairstyle."    But, when you get down to the actual emotion behind the word, we begin to see it as a Read More
Today, I’d like to talk about the term “Synchronicity,” what it means in general, what it means to us and how we can apply its lessons to our lives. The American Heritage Dictionary defines “synchronicty” as “…Coincidence of events that seem to Read More
Lunar / Sun Day Sermon   How to Improve Our Personal World Through Thought Control   We think all the time.  Our mind is a continual whirl of mental activities -- thoughts, feelings, sensations and emotions all combined and sometimes Read More
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