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July 2007 - Posts

Hey there, folks! If you read cards, you probably have had the occasional silly experience surrounding Tarot. In my case, one of what probably is the silliest stories you'll ever hear, happened at college. I was sitting in the cafeteria during a break Read More
    Now, I know that I just gave you a pair of pasta salads. They're not the absolute best ways to really enjoy your garden/farm market fresh veggies, in my opinion. The best ways are with the salads that just focus on the veggies. (Actually, Read More
    If you're like me, you probably think that one of the best parts of summer is the fresh produce. Over here in my neck of the woods, when there's a big family gathering you can count on some dishes being brought out every time. One of Read More
    Wow, I'm surprised by how quickly you folks started reading. Thank you for being so welcoming! I'm really excited to be doing this, even if I am a little nervous. The last time I was doing anything remotely like running my own business, Read More
    I hope that you are having a great day! Thank you for stopping by and taking a quick peek at the new blog. I am still getting the hang of how to use things like blogs and web-pages. I do plan on posting up some pictures of myself and Read More