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December 2007 - Posts

    I can't believe how busy the last week has been. Perhaps it is just me, but it seems like the holidays were busier this year. Maybe it's because we have the baby in tow as we rush around to all the family gatherings, I don't know.     Read More
    I have just returned home from the first of several family gatherings. My absence over the last two days and the next day is due to the various familial obligations that are attendant upon this time of year.    I wish Read More
    With the first of the holiday parties this weekend and two big celebrations next week, I feel like I'm a cat in a rocking chair factory. I'd be on the sewing machine right now, but I find that I'm forced to take a break. The needle Read More
    Now that I have figured out how to post pictures on here, I will try to get some pictures of the christmas presents I've made, step-by-step photos of how to made a granny square, and a few other pictures that I think you would be interested Read More
A while back, I promised to post up some pictures for you folks. I finally have started to figure out how to do this, despite my ineptness with the computer and the digital camera. That said, here's a few for you to have a look at.The first is from when Read More
You know, I realize that telling jokes to an infant is kinda pointless. At the same time, I was beginning to get a little desperate for trying to find away to make him laugh. Prior to last night, my little boy had only laughed once for me. That was Read More
    I've been working on trying to figure out how to make a decent website. Fortunately, I am making progress there. I feel like I should be getting more done faster, but the fact that I've moved beyond staring at the computer screen until Read More
    This can fit under the list of "kitchen witchery" because it's still part of that group of skills that I learned at my mother's knee that can be called witchcraft. In the winter, the weather can be brutal and it's good to have some Read More
    Soon, it will be Yule. Some people think of this season as a depressing time of year and others think of it as a joyous one because of all the boisterous holiday celebrations that surround us. Having been raised on a farm, I found that Read More
Note: This recipe is from my late aunt. She found this in an antique cook book years ago. First, I'll give the recipe as she copied it from the cook book. If anyone can locate the source of this, I'll love you forever! Then I'll give you the version with Read More
This is one of the best desserts ever, in my opinion. The recipe is from my paternal great-grandmother. It can be served warm or cold. I think it's best served warm topped with french vanilla ice cream. This serves 6 people.Apple CrispIngredients5 cups Read More
I will be posting the additional recipes soon. If I can, it will be done this weekend.I have been madly working on getting the Christmas gifts done for my family. This has delayed my posts somewhat. As I am coming down the home streatch on that, I hope Read More
Please see part one for more ideas!I stated in an earlier post, save the scraps from cutting out your paper projects. This is because you can use them to make your own paper. To make your own paper, put your paper scraps (torn up fairly small), a bit Read More
If you're in the position that several people in my family are, you're at the beginning of the Winter Break with a house full of children. They're probably torn between excitement at being off from school, excitement over the impending holidays, and boredom. Read More
Note: Well, here's number 10 on the list. This is another oatmeal cookie recipe from my Grandmother. She got this while she was working with the ARC program. These cookies are delicious and fun to make with kids. Your arms will get very tired mixing this Read More
Note: This is something closer to a candy then a cookie. These are best if you let them mature for a week or two in a cool, dark place. This recipe comes from my Mother. The amounts may not be correct, as this is from memory. I'm used to eyeballing it Read More
As I type this, my son is in my lap with a bottle. Please forgive my spelling errors and typos, as I am typing one handed right now. Sitting here looking at him, I am amazed that this wonderful and precious little being came out of my body. It also occurs Read More
    Everyone knows that some of the most wonderful things you can do to pamper yourself is have a delicious meal or a spectacular snack. For some of us, the best type of food is that down home, stick to your ribs comfort food from our childhood, Read More
    Somedays, I truly do think that computers hate me.    Perhaps it is just me, but it seems like everytime I try to do something different, it blows up in my face. I realise that my current exasperation will pass, but trying Read More
Note: This recipie is from my Aunt. It's alot easier to do if you have the luxury of a food processor or a mixer. If want a tired arm, however, this dough is fairly stiff and will do the job. These can also be used for the Thumb Print Cookies as well. Read More
Note: This is more of a candy then a cookie. It doesn't change how delicious it is, though! This is another recipie from my Great Grandmother. Chocolate Chip KissesIngredients1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk            Read More
Note: I'm cheating a little bit on this recipie. Look at the Sugar Cookie recipie for the instructions on how to make the dough. These are easy and fun to do with small children (or big ones)!Thumb PrintsIngredients1 batch of Sugar Cookie dough   Read More
Note: These are the best sugar cookie I've ever had. And my small army of neices all seem to agree with me. :) Again, you can replace the butter with shortening or margarine.Sugar CookiesIngredients:2 1/4 cups sifted flour         Read More
Note: This is one of my Great-Grandmother's recipies. These are probably better then the Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies. The butter can be replaced with shortening or margarine. Unsalted sweet cream butter is the best for these.Chocolate Chip CookiesIngredients1 Read More
    I will add the rest of my top 10 cookie recipies soon.    I hope you enjoy today's listed recipies. In addition to the cookie recipies, I will also post two other holiday dessert recipies.     As the holidays Read More
Note: According to the cooks I've spoken too, this is technically a cookie. So it is with out any qualms that I post the recipie that my husband's family has demanded that I make every holiday since I volunteered something for the annual Day-after Christmas Read More
Note: This recipe is one from my mother's kitchen. It is actually on a wall hanging she has up, but I've always thought of it as hers. This makes a wonderful and chewy cookie. The other thing about this recipe is unlike most of the peanut butter cookie Read More
Note: This is the first of a few cookie recipies I'll be sharing with y'all for the holidays. Think of it as my gift to you. Some are family recipies and others are one's that I've found over the years. Someday, I may even have my own cookie recipie to Read More
    Life had caught up with me and taken me away from this for roughly a month now. Since things have calmed down, I had the chance to come back and I find so many folks have said hello. I simply don't know what to say!    Read More