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February 2008 - Posts

    As I stated in my last post here on my Keen blog, I've been having dreams where two ancestors of mine have been visiting me. The last time I had dream or visions of these two women visiting me, it was at the beginning of my pregnancy Read More
    This song has for some reason become a recent theme in my life over the past several weeks. The group called Dead Can Dance has a rendition on their cd Spiritchaser that I can not get out of my head. This is a translation of an Algonquin Read More
    I'm sure we've all had the feeling that we're looking at a complete stranger in the mirror. Sometimes, we feel that this stranger is judging us and sometimes we feel that other people are judging us on the basis of this stranger. Frequently, Read More
    Margery Kempe lived in England from during the 15th century CE. She is considered by many to be the author of the first female autobiography in English. Margery was a devout Christian and a mystic. In her autobiography, Margery describes Read More
I encourage other folks here on Keen to do the same either in the comments or in their own blogs!Here is a list of 5 things that I think are really interesting:Photos of things in space, especially nebulaeSolar phenomena (sun dogs, halos, supernuminary Read More
    I've been bitten by the Spring Cleaning bug! I have the bathroom nearly spotless and about half of the kitchen clean. I'm taking a break right now, but I have to say I don't feel quite so run down as I was over the last few days. I Read More
    Hi folks!    For the next two and a half hours, I'll be unavailable. I've a monstrous amount of housework to do. I'm going to race to see how much I can get done before my little boy wakes up from his nap. Who knows, Read More
    Occasionally, as I sit in meditation (when I have the chance) things will come to me. Some I know would call them koans. Koans are stories, poems, or a statement from Zen Buddhisim (generally) which contain elements that are inaccessible Read More
    Sorry that I wasn't available much today. We had a surprise visit from family! It was just wonderful to watch my son playing with his cousin. I think, however, that the new toys they brought over and playing with his cousin have wound Read More
    It really, really is. I wish it would come back to me. Last night, I was up half the night. First because my little one was fussy. After he had his diaper changed and another dose of baby tylenol, he was playing in the crib. Fortunately, Read More
    How on earth did I get so tired so fast tonight?    Sorry folks, I'll be heading off line a bit early tonight. I'm not sure why I'm so tired. I hope it's not because I'm catching that bug my little man has. :P    Read More
    We get to this time of year and I think just about everyone is feeling some sort of lack of abundance in their lives. The dreaded Tax Season is upon us here in the USA and just about everyone is concerned that they don't have enough Read More
    Hi, folks! I just wanted to explain that right now I don't have much of a set schedual at the moment for readings. I will be spending most of my time on Alert Me of Calls because it allows me the flexibility to finish up taking care Read More
    I really didn't like it before, mind you, but now I feel a passionate hatered for it. A teething baby with a cold is no fun for anyone. My little monster is semi-happy when he is being held. Thank goodness for that sling that we have. Read More
    Have you ever been afraid to try something new in the kitchen? I have been and it's a rather terrible feeling, if I may say so! Not knowing if you're even doing it right, let alone if it will even be edible is a very scary place to Read More
    This reading was alot more difficult then just about any reading I have ever done. I do not claim to know who this reading is for. Please be advised, this is going to be a long post. Take a moment to go grab yourself a cup of tea, this Read More
    I hadn't expected the tarot reading to be so difficult to make sense of.    As such, I'm still in the process of working thru the many layers of meaning here. I'll be posting the final result of it up tomorrow. Read More
    I work with runes among other divination tools. It's to some extent a birthright of mine, as I am of Germanic heritage. I am not as good with the runes as my Mother is, but she also has almost two decades more experience with such things Read More
    I did a few readings tonight with the Eclipsed Moon. I will be posting what I have up here soon. These were prompted by my intuition, so I'm not entirely sure who they are for. I'm still in the midst of interpreting them, so they may Read More
    I had something of a vision last night. This was on the heels of doing some divination with jelly beans because I had gotten so fustrated with my tarot decks giving me what I can best describe as a pile of spaghetti to make sense of. Read More
    If any of you other psychics out there are like me, you have times where you'll have an insight into something you really didn't want to see. Sometimes they are details about a person that you feel are too personal for you to know. Read More
    Use one of the cheapest cuts of beef you can get for this. It will just melt into the stew. If you're worried the fat will be too much, you can wrap an ice cube in a bit of paper towel and skim it off. This makes a nice hearty stew Read More
    This may sound like an odd combination, but it actually is pretty good. It's also a wonderful way to use up some leftover squash you have in the fridge.Spinich & Squash Soup1 8 oz can of spinich            Read More
    This makes a plesant pasta sauce. It's somewhat thin, but still delightful over penne.Cydira's Marinara SauceIngredients2 8 oz cans of stewed tomatoes*            1 small can of plain tomato Read More
    Hi, folks!    I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm extending my lowered rates for a few more weeks. It seems to be what y'all want and I'll do my best to please!    Thank you *so* much for choosing Read More
    I have a few great recipies that I want to share with you folks, I just need to make sure that I've got the measurements right. As we're getting to the end of winter, I know just how good it is to come home to a nice warm dinner. Especially Read More
    This weekend was a bit busier then I had expected it to be. Sunday, we were out dealing with family obligations for my side of the family. Fortunately, these were happier matters. Today, however, I now find myself facing about four Read More
    Today, we had the viewing for my husband's grandmother. Between this and some other family related matters involving my side of the family, I was not available to take calls. For some odd reason, my status was somehow switched to Alert Read More
    I'll be unavailable for calls for the remainder of the evening.    We've got an ice storm going on over here right now. There may be a chance that the power goes out. If that happens, we may need the phone to make an Read More
    It seems like I'm not the only one who has been struggling with insomnia for the last month now. Mind you, part of the problem is having a fussy teething infant around, but I've been having a terrible time falling asleep at night. So Read More
    Teething babies for some odd reason manage to continue on few hours of sleep. They will be amazingly cranky and yet a ball of energy. Forget toddlers for that mega power source to replace any and all current ones. Go for teething infants! Read More
    Hi, folks!    I just wanted to first apologize for the fact that may availability has been a bit funny over the last several days. Between a teething infant and a monster headcold, I just haven't felt well enough to give Read More
your afraid of people like you not making any money honey! more people are born very talented every day, yes they may direct it wrong, but if your so psychic than fix it....I will try! lol and I will better suceed. crazy lady on the go, hot meal hot Read More