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April 2008 - Posts

   Hi Folks!   If you take a quick peek at my website here on Keen, you'll see that I've been working on making changes. As I work on this website, I have to admit my respect and admiration for the people who do this stuff everyday Read More
   Hi Folks!   If you're like me, you have days where you just don't want to go thru the effort of making 'real' dinner food for that evening meal. Some folks, like a friend of mine, will grab a bowl of cereal when they don't feel Read More
Hi folks!It just occurred to me that I'm almost to my one year anniversary of working here on Keen. I have to say thank you to everyone that has picked me for their readings. I also must express my gratitude to my fellow bloggers here on Keen and to the Read More
   Hi folks!   I just wanted to make you aware that I will be available in the evening today. My son's been having a difficult day today and has made life interesting. Soon, I hope, his teeth will pop thru. Until then, however, I will Read More
   Hi folks!   To the other Advisors here on Keen, I have a question. Do you folks get nervous at times too? I went to my first 'psychic party' yesterday and I found myself so nervous at times that I could hardly speak. It makes me Read More
Hi Folks,   Just a quick reminder that I will not be available today. I have my first 'psychic party' to attend today. I'm looking forward to it and hoping that things go well. I'll be around tomorrow!Have a fantastic day! Read More
   Hi folks!   I had some family matters pop up unexpectedly today. I apologize for the fact that I haven't been around most of the day. This evening, I will be available until 11 pm Eastern time. I will be available at various times Read More
   Hi folks!   I wanted to let you know that I will be offering something new in the very near future. Via paid e-mail, it will be possible for you to acquire the following:Basic lessons in divination with various tools (including Read More
   Hi folks!   I would like to apologize again for my recent absence. I had been having some difficulties with my PTSD due to some rather high stress levels in my home recently. As a result, I was finding this was interfering with Read More
I'll be around some during the day tomorrow (4/24/08). Look for more of a post then as well.:) Read More
   Folks, I just wanted to apologize to all of you for how difficult to reach I have been of late. I hadn't realized it until today just how much difficulty I've been having in facing some old problems of mine. I will do my best to be available Read More
  The sun is up and shining. The air is warm but not too warm. The world is turning lovely shades of green and the song birds are out singing merrily. It's really a fantastic day outside. The violets and the periwinkle are up and blooming right now. Read More
   Back when I started to learn how to do divination, I was taught an important lesson by my mother. Don't try to impress people with what you know. Don't tell people what you think they want to hear. Don't lie to make it sound better then it Read More
  Hi folks!  My availability may be a bit screwy tomorrow (4/15/08). A teething baby who is cranky along with just about everyone's allergies going nuts, sleep will not come well. There is also a bit of a family project that I'm needed to help Read More
  It's a good question when you think about it. I've seen alot of different descriptions of the psychic's trade and skills. The most frequent description that I've encountered is that it's a craft and an art. It makes me smile on one hand because Read More
   My little boy has decided that trucks are just the coolest thing. He's been getting very excited when we watch them go by on the highway as we sit on the front porch in the afternoon. I think he's going to be absolutely thrilled as we pass Read More
   I really have no words for how much I love and admire my husband. He is a wonderfully sensitive man and incredibly patient. He also is far more courageous then he is willing to give himself credit for. He was the first person who I told about Read More
   I think that the biggest challenge I had was forgiving myself and then teaching myself that I was not to blame for any of that mess. It's very hard to accept when a situation is out of your ability to control, especially when it intimately Read More
   It may sound funny to hear or read that I felt guilty. I did, though, because I accepted the blame for what happened to me from my abuser. Think of it as the parting gift that no one ever wants. It may be an apt description. Some of the problem Read More
   Hi folks!   I recognize that I'm posting about some pretty big stuff here and some of it really is very disturbing. It is not my intent to disturb y'all, but to make you aware of the very real plight of some of your neighbors. Now, Read More
   As a survivor of an abusive relationship and the daughter of a survivor of childhood abuse, I feel quite passionately that awareness is part of the answer to this problem. I think that The Clothesline Project is an excellent vehicle for raising Read More
   I'm sure that some of you wonder who the person at the other end of the line doing your reading is like and about the life they've lead prior to meeting you. I'm even pretty sure that's part of the reason why you read their blogs. It is my Read More
    I've got to admit, I'm incredibly fustrated. I just don't like this and I am about ready to throw in the towel. I'm pretty sure that you're wondering just has gotten on my nerves so much.    It's this skirt that I've Read More
    Hi folks!    Since 'going green' is the popular thing right now, there's been alot of attention put on recycling. In my last post, I mentioned it and I learned that there's some interest in just what exactly I do on that Read More
    It occured to me this morning as I was getting my son his breakfast (he's having his bottle right now so I've a little time to type) that it must be possible for a family at large to be traumatized by events. I have been having a rough Read More
    Hi folks!    Yeah, I'm sure some of you are wondering what on earth I'm talking about when I say 'front loading'. It's a term that I learned at college to describe where an author preps their audience for the main content Read More
    I think this is just adoreable, so I'm sharing it.    Yesterday, the boy and I spent a good while sitting outside and watching the guys doing some construction work. I think it was replacing part of the connection from Read More
    Hi folks!    I see several people offering spells for sale and I've given a bit of advice here on my blog on spells. I think I need to pause a moment here to point out a few things that I have learned about how spells Read More
Here's a little more for you to have a look at! (No, I didn't make these.)A Rose: .-~~-.--. : ) .~ ~ -.\ /.- ~~ . > `. .' < ( .- -. ) `- -.-~ `- -' ~-.- -' ( : ) Read More
It's amazing what you can do with your computer keyboard. ` ' ` ' : :___ ` ' ___`Y8888ba. : : .ad8888P' 88888888b. ` ' Read More
    It's very popular to use the Full Moon's energy for spellwork. It makes a very easy meditative focus and it's also easily seen to be equated with all energies associated with growth. The Waxing and Waning Moon are easily associated Read More
    When we talk about energy, it's often described as good or bad. While these metaphores are helpful, we need to remember that energy is inhierently morally neutral. It simply is there. Just as the electricity that powers our computers Read More
    It looks like the weather may actually be warming up. I hope so, because I really enjoyied taking the boy out for a walk the other day. He loved it too, so I think this is a good thing. But, my goodness, wouldn't it be fantastic if Read More
    Have you heard the expression happy as a pig in mud?    I think it's a great one. I also think that it's a good goal to aim for. After all, if you're happy with where you are and enjoying the pleasures of the moment, Read More
    Hi Folks!    I've been hard at work on updating my web-page here at Keen. I will be updating my other web-site within the next two weeks. I have been making changes to what I offer and how I present it all. Take a moment Read More
    I'm willing to bet that everyone at some point in time feels that there is some one opposing them. That there is some person who is working to undermine their efforts, an enemy. Nine times out of ten, your enemy is you. I know that Read More