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July 2008 - Posts

Hi Folks!I absolutely love my family but they're driving me insane. Yesterday, I was watching my brother's girls when the eldest decided she wanted to run away. Maybe it's just me, but a 5 yr old is heavier then a 4 yr old. They may look to be about the Read More
Hi Folks!I'm sure that y'all have heard that expression about how the road to the opposite of Heaven is paved and such, yes? Well, I suspect that it had a few more paving stones set down today.Gossip is the vehicle by which those paving stones were delivered, Read More
Hi Folks!If you wish to read the sob story below, please continue on. If not, that's fine. I've been having a rough time getting everything settled in our new home which has been impacting just about everything right now. As such, I apologize for the Read More
Hi Folks!Here's a little something that I've started doing with my son and it occurs to me that y'all might be interested. It's a little blessing that came to me a few nights ago and it is incredibly easy and sweet. Good night son, who has his mother's Read More
Hi folks!As I was saying earlier, having a gentle heart and a gentle spirit is a good thing. I think I pretty much covered the gentle heart matter earlier.  I'll summarize the traits of a gentle heart at the end of this, I promise.A gentle spirit Read More
Hi folks!I have a few minutes before my son is up from his nap and I wanted to post on something that is rather close to my own heart. (Aside from my little boy. 11 months already! Goodness, what *am* I going to do!?!) This is the matter of having a gentle Read More
Hi folks,I'm emotionally drained right now. It's been a hard few days. I think the worst part of it all is the grief that my friend is suffering and my inability to do anything to relieve it. I sit here on the verge of tears as I think about how hard Read More
Hi folks,If you had seen my earlier post, you may have read about how a friend of mine had her mother go missing last week. Her mother was suffering with Alzheimer's disease and it was ravaging her in many ways. This included things like her occasionally Read More
Hi folks!I just wanted to let you know that I will be available until three pm Eastern time and then from three-thirty pm Eastern time until five.Hopefully, my son will cooperate. Right now, however, he's merrily jumping up and down in his jumper. A new Read More
My dear friend's mother is missing. If you see her, please call 911. I found out about this last night. I've been praying for her to be found safe and healthy. My friend is just devastated, as is the rest of her family. The last few years have been rough Read More
Hi Folks!I realize that it's been almost a week since I last updated here. Life has made things rather challenging and I'm beginning to think that those 'perfect mothers' must have a screw loose or something, because you'd have to be crazy to be able Read More
Hi, folks!It's a funny expression, isn't it? 'Stealing time' is a little bit of an oxymoron, I think, because how can you steal something that isn't an object. Sure, you could steal a clock (and I advise against that, because it'll just bring you nothing Read More
Hi Folks!I'll be available again next week. I will be replacing my headset and taking calls on Wednesday.I'll talk to you soon! Have a great weekend! Read More
I feel a little guilty giving away the blanket my mother made me. When I was a college during my freshman year, my mother made me a rather hideous crochet blanket. It was one of the few bright spots of color in a drab dorm room and a little touch of Read More
Hi Folks!I'm beginning to see the crisis of last month resolving to a point where I don't need to babysit the issue anymore. This is a wonderful thing because it's serving to lower my stress levels (always a good thing!) and I'll be able to come back Read More