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August 2008 - Posts

Hi folks!Yesterday, we had my son's first birthday party over at the park by his paternal Grandparent's house. I have spent the last several days anxious that it was going to go badly. I was shown, yet again, that worry is useless and a wasteful way to Read More
Hi folks!Continuing on my theme from my last post (the Alarmist Psychic), I'd like to give all you potential clients out there an idea of what to look for in an Ethical Psychic. The skeptic may say that I'm fishing for customers here, but that's not my Read More
Hi folks!I saw a blog out there and it disturbed me. So, please forgive my lack of happy themes in this entry, but I really need to address this issue. You may have seen this about here on Keen and in various other communities where there is a large population Read More
Hi folks!I'll be baking today and working on getting food ready for the party on Sunday. I can't believe it, my boy is one year old today! It's just amazing to me! I've gotten the favors done for the party. Little bags of brightly colored sweets with Read More
Hi folks,I'm not sure if this is from one of my guides or one of the spirits that have been hanging around for the last few days. Any editing done will be for the sake of clarity and legibility.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~We speak to you of breathing. So many Read More
Hi folks!I've got some house hold things to attend to. I plan on being back in the evening! Read More
Hi folks!It seems like everyday is laundry day over here in my neck of the woods. Right now, I've got a load of towels drying out on the line along with a favorite blanket. In the washer are my husband's work shirts and socks, with a pile of pants waiting Read More
Hi Folks!I just found an unexpected source of delight today and I question if it make it a guilty pleasure or not. Generally, I just don't like house work. Given the opportunity, I'll dither with craft supplies and such before I start on actual house Read More
Hi folks!The last few days have been chaotic around here. My son is figuring out how to crawl and we've been scrambling to keep up. Anyone who tells you that babies don't crawl quickly is either lying to you or painfully misinformed.  Hearing those Read More
Hi folks!I will be around this afternoon. I'm at 'Arrange calls with me' because I'm in the midst of doing housework. I don't want to miss your call because I didn't hear the phone ring. I will be checking to see if you've requested a call back and I Read More
Hi folks!So, there's a pun for you. I'll be eating dinner and then visiting with my Sister-in-law who stopped over for a bit. I'll be around a bit later tonight, unless my darling husband and I set to making the budget tonight. Either way, have a lovely Read More
Hi folks!Here's more of what may be my sob story from earlier. Please, pass this by if you're either not interested or find it troubling.So, I have been sat down by the Gods to face this question of 'who do I choose to be?' and it's not much fun. This Read More
Hi folks!I'm not sure if this is the best place for this kind of written exercise, but Paul tells me that it is for the best here. So, I'll listen to my 'better angels' and just write here. Who knows, maybe it'll help some one out or perhaps give a glimpse Read More
Hi folks!Looks like a thunderstorm is about to blow in. As such, I'm logging off for the night.I hope that all of you have a good night! Read More
Hi Folks!I've set my status to 'Alert Me Of Calls' and in a little while I'll be setting it to 'Yes-Taking Calls'. I just wanted to let y'all know that if I happen to bolt away to 'Arrange Calls With Me' or 'Away- Not Taking Calls' it is because my son Read More
Hi folks!This may help place my most recent post into context. If that is even possible, because I'm not sure if I can!I have felt the presence of the spirits of the dead about me on a regular basis since I was a child. As a small girl, I was keenly aware Read More
Hi Folks!Here is something that may or may not make sense. If it does make sense to you, fantastic. If not, then I hope that I at least served to entertain you some. That said, this comes from the spirits about me right now.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'Be still Read More
Hi, folks!This blog entry has me thinking. It's a very interesting point that Diane brought up. Is it ethical to kill animals or boil alive animals to eat? I am not going to pretend to speak for others but rather give my own viewpoint on this. As time Read More
Hi, folks!Here's a happier blog post to share with y'all. My son has discovered the wonder that is strawberry jam! I've made him a little sandwich for lunch and he's so delighted with his lunch that he's 'dancing' in his chair with a huge smile on his Read More
Hi folks!I really do appreciate the comments and suggestions from you folks who responded to my last post. Before I had the chance to look up the number for the SPCA or the local human society, some one next door had brought the kitten indoors. She's Read More
Hi folks!Please forgive my off the cuff piece of venting here, but I suspect that some one here on Keen may have some good advice as to handle the situation. My next-door neighbors have adopted a beautiful grey and white tabby kitten. She's just adorable Read More
Hi folks!It seems like my son is getting better from that ear infection. He does, however, have a nasty cold now. The poor little thing just doesn't want to be out of my arms. He barely tolerates being in his sling. I'm thinking about making some chicken Read More
Hi folks!Just a quick thought for you!Why is it that I am stumped as for what to make for my baby's dinner but not on what to make for my husband and I? Just a silly little thing that occurs to me as I'm looking at the computer and taking a break from Read More
Hi Folks!Mondays can be good things or they can be bad things. One thing you can always say, however, about Monday, is that it's going to be different in tone, feeling, and all other ways from the weekend, with the possible exception of the weather. My Read More
Hi Folks!Last night... well, technically very early this morning, I learned that an ear-infection means that a baby does not sleep. I also learned that I really do prefer it when he sleeps thru the night.I'm at something of a loss for what I can do to Read More
Hi Folks!In my last post, I said something about being available this afternoon barring familial insanity. I spoke too soon, as not 15 minutes after I made that post, we had to rush my son to the doctor's office. It turns out that my little man has an Read More
Hi Folks!Sorry that I haven't been around very much this week. There has been a string of crazy incidents involving my family. As a result, I've had things like driving halfway to the other side of the state to babysit my nieces for the day pop up in Read More