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January 2009 - Posts

Hi Folks,I'd like to apologize that I've rather disappeared on y'all of late. I've been dealing with some difficult matters regarding my past and it has been interrupting just about all aspects of my life. As an example, some of the difficulty that I've Read More
This was given to me by the spirit of a young woman. She was dressed in white and pale blue. Her clothes resembled the traditional dress of India for women. Her sari was spangled with blue and silver stars. On her wrists, she wore many silver bangles. Read More
Hi Folks!I am *so* glad to be back. I'd be lying if I said that the last week was a fun filled vacation. My son is finally on the mend from the second virus he caught. We had two weeks of virus fun, with the last week being the most hellish. I'm pretty Read More
Hi Folks,Below is a re-post of the cold weather tips from my earlier post.. Just because this record setting cold snap here in the USA has me concerned and I want all y'all to be safe!~ Cydira------------All y'all stay warm out there! With temperatures Read More
Hi Folks,I'm just about over the malaise that struck me briefly. My darling husband, however, is now quite ill. I'll be around for the next two hours (8 pm to 10 pm Eastern time). I'm not sure how the next few days look, I may be acting as nurse for a Read More
Hi Folks,We have a sick baby over at my place here. It's made just about everything challenging. I'd like to apologize that I'm not available right now but I've been running to make sure that he has not gotten sick all over the apartment for the last Read More
Hi Folks,I just wanted to make all y'all aware that I will not be available this weekend or tonight. The crisis that's been having an effect upon things this week has continued into the weekend and my husband and I have been called to assist with some Read More
Hi Folks,My guide Paul has a message he wishes to share and a spirit that has been about recently also has one. Paul chose the title for this post. Any editing that will be done on this entry prior to posting will be for clarity and legibility. This said, Read More
Hi Folks!Life has been a bit crazy over the past several days. First thing is first, I'd like to apologize to the folks who may have been looking for me over the last three days. A mild bout of illness and some familial difficulties have made it difficult Read More
Hi Folks,As promised, I am posting a real entry now. The subject may sound a little bit goofy but bear with me a bit. If you're anything like me, you probably hate doing housework half the time too. It's generally boring, repetitive, and needs done so Read More
Hi folks!Ever have one of those days where it seems like life is conspiring against you?Yeah, that was my Monday. But I made it here and I'll be 'On Call' shortly. It's dinner time over here right now. Burgers are wonderful things, especially with a little Read More
Hi Folks, As I said on the first, I've been having some minor phone difficulties. These are resolved. I will be available again Monday evening (1/5/09) for readings by phone. Familial obligations have taken up most of my weekend. As such, I'd like Read More
Hi Folks,Just a quick note to let y'all know I'm having some minor technical difficulties with my phone. I expect them to be resolved in about 15 to 20 minutes or so. I am available for e-mail readings right now!Sorry about the delay!~ Cydira Read More
Hi Folks,I simply have to share something that made my husband and I crack up tonight. We went out for dinner tonight as a family and much hilarity ensued. I suppose before I get to that part of the night, I really should start at the beginning.My son Read More