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March 2009 - Posts

Hi Folks! I simply had to share this because I'm pretty sure that everyone is going to get a giggle out of this. As I may have said earlier, one of my guides is my Great-Grandmother Hazel. During a brief bout of insomnia last night, she sat on the Read More
Hi Folks!I'm sorry I haven't been around that much. I've been so exhausted with this pregnancy. The morning sickness is easing up a little bit thanks to a wonderful suggestion from my Mom. (As disgusting as it sounds and tastes, a teaspoon of Baking Soda Read More
Hi Folks!Some of you out there are going to know exactly what I'm going to say and you're going to nod and chuckle. Others may think this is just hyperbole or the ravings of a hormone crazed pregnant woman. Either way, I have to say it:Morning Sickness Read More
Hi Folks,I've been absent for a little while now. It's been difficult to keep up with life outside of Keen between some familial issues going on with my side of the family and my PTSD acting up. Add to this the fact that I've been having something of Read More