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April 2009 - Posts

Hi Folks,As I write this, my son is throwing a monster of a temper-tantrum. It isn't a question of the record heat today as much as his being put down for an unwanted nap. It's hard sometimes to keep your head when you're dealing with a toddler, isn't Read More
Hi Folks,I have decided (as some of you may suspect) to share some tips and techniques about spells and witchcraft. I recognize that there are many people who are interested in spell craft and would like to learn something about it, if not give it a try. Read More
Hi Folks!Some of you may be wondering why my earlier posts about gardening are filed under Kitchen Witchery. Aside from the fact that I consider all parts of my life to be infused with magic and holy, it is possible to use gardening and working with plants Read More
Hi Folks!All y'all who are parents too, I'm starting to understand why my brothers called my husband and I suckers when we announced our first pregnancy. It's down right exhausting to have a sick baby in the house! I guess my son can qualify as a baby, Read More
Hi Folks!If you've seen Part 1, then you'll realize that gardening is a thing I love and I want to help you be successful with. Part 1 covered a lot of things to consider in your preparation and planning for your gardening. Another point of importance Read More
Hi Folks!It's spring time and I've a feeling a lot of you are as excited by it as I am. Those of us who are lucky enough to have a garden or enough room to make one this year are inclined to be especially delighted with the idea of seeing a whole bunch Read More
Hi Folks!It's a surprisingly pleasant day today. I was expecting rain and was delighted to find that it's breezy but sunny. As a result, I've got a bit of laundry drying out on the line and the windows open to air out the house. I hope that you have also Read More
Hi Folks,I know it is a little bit late to say 'blessed Equinox' and just barely on time to say 'blessed Easter' but I'm not troubled. It's the thought that counts, right?I am a witch and at one point a few years ago, I seriously contemplated converting Read More
Hi Folks, I'm making some changes to how I do things here on Keen. You may have seen that my rates have sky-rocketed. This is because I'm switching over to doing just e-mail readings right now. The business of having my social anxiety and motherhood Read More