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June 2009 - Posts

Hi Folks,I'll be available in the morning (a little over 8 hrs from now). I'm sorry that I wasn't back all day. I found myself thrown into more then a little bit of a tailspin with my friend's news. After a good deal of crying and talking my way through Read More
Hi folks,I've gotten some rather... upsetting news from a friend of mine. I'm going to take a little time away from everything to get myself calmed down, maybe even have a good cry. I'll be back in about an hour or so, maybe a little sooner if I feel Read More
Hi Folks!The rune for today is Lagu, also known as Laguz.Image courtsey of WikipediaLagu is the rune for the letter 'L' in Anglo-Saxon and is the rune associated with water. It is traditionally ascribed to mean water, lake, or flow. It is often associated Read More
Hi Folks!First off, yes my phone works!!! *cough* Please excuse my... exuberance. My phone rather unexpectedly stopped working yesterday. After much frustration and resisting the desire to throw it out the window and into a near by dumpster, it now works. Read More
Hi Folks!I planned on being available all day today but I was having some problems with my phone. I *hope* that in the morning, it will be working properly. I hope that all of you have a wonderful night/day.See ya in 8 hrs, I'm off to bed! :) Read More
Hi folks!Today's rune is Ing. It is also known as Ingwaz.Image from WikipediaThis is a rune associated with an old Germanic/Norse fertility deity, Ing. This is an older name for the god Freyr. Presented above is one of three variants of this rune, as Read More
Hi Folks,I just wanted to let all y'all know that I am around right now. It's been a very... busy and crazy weekend. My status is Alert Me of Calls right now because it may take me a second to get to the phone. Between putting away my son's clothes and Read More
Monday: Strength (reversed) - I am seeing here that some of the gains made last week in the face of communication problems will be reversed. Some of the community-wide sense of unity that was briefly apparent near the end of last week will erode in the Read More
Hi folks!Here is my response to the chain e-mail that I received earlier and posted for your viewing pleasure earlier. (And that bit about viewing pleasure is all sarcasm, just to let you know.) Please be warned, this is going to be a very long post.~ Read More
Hi Folks,I received an e-mail earlier that made me furious. It offended me deeply and I felt compelled to write a rebuttal. I suspect that some of you may have seen this thing. Out of my sense of feeling a need to be complete in my disclosure of the facts, Read More
Hi folks!I just got back from my appointment. The baby and I are both doing excellently. I actually was complemented from the doctor for my effort to make sure that I'm not putting too much weight on with this pregnancy. She wasn't sure how big the baby Read More
Hi folks!I'm off to the doctor's office shortly for another check-up. I expect it to go well. I'll try to find out about how big they think the baby is right now and let all y'all know! It's hard to believe we're just over a month away from the big day. Read More
Hi Folks!I'm going to start pulling a single rune for the day and interpreting it here for *everybody* here on Keen. Let's consider a runic weather report for the community at large! Please, let me know if you want me to continue, I'm going to do this Read More
Hi Folks!I haven't been as available as I wanted to be today because my son's been feeling really miserable. We are, however, beginning to see a light at the end of the teething tunnel! Some point during his very long nap today or perhaps during the night Read More
Hi Folks!After a rough night over here last night, we're all doing fairly well. My son's new teeth haven't popped through yet but he's in much better spirits. It really is amazing how children are so resilient, isn't it?Well, kids are not the only ones Read More
Hi Folks!I think it's true. If we harness what ever it is that powers a small child, we could solve the world's energy crisis.It's right now a little bit shy of 11:00 at night here and my son (I think/hope/pray) has stopped screaming and fallen asleep. Read More
Hi Folks!I just wanted to let you know, I'll be at Yes - Taking Calls this evening after my son goes to bed. It's almost time to start making dinner and he just woke up from a nap. I figured I'd spare any potential callers the sound of his ... well, his Read More
Hi Folks!One of my guides, Paul to be specific, noted that I should talk a little bit about a common problem that many neophyte occultists and witches risk as they learn to harness their psychic abilities. He reminded me that I should be not only as factual Read More
Hi Folks!I know, third post in the last hour, but I promise this is not going to be half as long as the others. I just wanted to give all y'all a quick heads up. I will be available this morning. I am in the midst of washing a small pile of dishes in Read More
Hi folks!If you haven't, take a quick look at the first half of this little bit of babbling of mine > here < . Earlier, I described a dream that illustrated concerns of mine, that I'll be honest, I wasn't willing to admit to myself. As I looked Read More
Hi Folks!I had an ... odd dream last night. Well, actually, I had two that I can remember clearly. I am fairly sure there were others, but they're lost to the aether between my dream journal remaining packed and my half desperate attempts to get back Read More
Hi!I'm not going to be around tonight. I've just been feeling so under the weather that I'm going to head off to bed. Thank goodness that my dear husband figured out something of a solution to the sweltering temperatures in our home. That helped me and Read More
Hi Folks,I'll be available in the evening (after 8 pm Eastern Time) today. I haven't been sleeping well or feeling very well over the last few days. Ah, the fun of pregnancy in the summer. Just over a month until the new baby is here, so I guess I just Read More
Hi Folks!I just got back from a nice little walk with my son. It's a really refreshing thing to take the time to see things from his perspective. We watched a flat bed tractor-trailer truck get unloaded at the lumber and hardware store just down the street. Read More
Hi Folks!If you're like me, you have days where you just want to do something different with dinner. Sometimes the new recipe is well received. Other times... Well, when my husband decides that he's having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner Read More
Hi Folks!I have finished another article in my series discussing life after abuse. You may want to take a look at it > here < . It is talking about the value of therapy in the recovery process. It's rather terrifying to sit down and look at how Read More
Hi Folks!Is it just me, or has things been a bit crazy over the last few days? Internet challenges have been making things a bit difficult to post but now it's all working well for me. Thank you to the guys and gals at Keen's Customer Service department Read More
* TEST*This is a test post.* TEST * Read More
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Hi Folks!We moved successfully in to our new home. It's a much larger place and we're still unpacking. It's a tough debate as to which part of moving is the worst: the packing, act of moving everything, or unpacking? Right now, I'm just thrilled that Read More