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July 2009 - Posts

Hi folks! I haven't posted much over the last few days. It's a bit of a change from what I got into the swing of doing recently. It may happen that I'm not going to post again in the near future because of the insanity swirling and threatening to Read More
Hi folks,I've been finding myself torn between incredibly tired (Apparently we do need more then 4 hours of sleep at night! So much for what I learned from college! Haha!) and complete distraction all day. I think I can safely blame these wacky hormones Read More
Hi folks,Yesterday, I posted on the topic of how to tell if your relationship can be brought back from the brink of destruction. There are a few signs to watch for that indicate you and your significant other should sit down and evaluate where your relationship Read More
Hi folks!Today's rune is the rune Agliz in a reversed position.Image courtsey of WikipediaThis rune is also known as Eloh or Yr. It is the runic equivalent of the letters 'Z', 'X', or 'R'. Agliz is associated with the Yew tree and with the elk. The associations Read More
Hi folks!I've started writing some more articles in a few different places. I hope that my running commentary on motherhood makes you smile. I try to keep things light and you'll easily recognize my sardonic observations about various facets of how the Read More
Hi folks!I've been in a chatty mood today, can you tell? For some reason, I just can't stop thinking about packing my bag to bring to the hospital. I've been worrying and thinking about it for a few days now. I remember quite a few of the things that Read More
Hi folks,If you're neighborhood is like mine right now, it's hot and humid. And if you're like me, the thought of opening up the oven to make anything sounds like an invitation to some circle of Dante's hell and grilling, while nice, may not be an option Read More
Hi folks,I just woke up from a nap and it occurred to me that sometimes everybody's relationship hits a rough patch. At times it may be aggravated by outside factors, like the well intentioned nagging of your mother (who never thought that boy was right Read More
Hi folks!The rune for today is Thuraz.Image courtsey of WikipediaThuraz is the runic equivalent of the dipthong 'TH'. It represents a thorn or a giant, depending upon whom you talk to. This rune is associated with the ancient god Thor. Giants in Nordic Read More
Hi Folks!Today's rune is Ehwaz.Image courtsey of WikipediaEhwaz is the rune associated with movement, specifically the act of riding a horse. It is the runic version of the letter 'E'. Ehwaz is also associated with Odin and his steed, Sleipnir. Horses Read More
Hi Folks,The rune for today is Ken, also known as Kaunan, Kaun, or Cen.Image courtsey of WikipediaKen is the rune associated with the letter 'C' or 'K'. It is known as the rune for torch, opening, and ulcer. It is also associated with an ancient Germanic Read More
Hi folks!The visit to the doctor went well today. The doctor and I got a good chuckle out of the baby kicking as she put a cool hand on my belly and then the equipment for listening to the heartbeat. You know, I can't help but always be in a state of Read More
Hi folks!Today, we're revisiting Laguz in the reversed position. The best way to describe what the rune is telling me this morning is that groggy 'I need a cup of coffee' feeling is going to stick around past the morning for most of us. While it is going Read More
Hi folks!Family obligations made this reading come much later in the day then I had planned. I apologize for that, and suspect this may be a delayed again over the next few weeks. Please bear with me, as my life is about to be in much upheaval in the Read More
Hi Folks!We're revisiting Poerth today. The impressions that I am receiving from the rune today is a warning to be aware of the risks of a situation before acting. Poerth, today, is advising caution and careful consideration of the matters at hand. I Read More
Hi folks!Sorry I didn't get this posted up earlier today. We were a bit busy getting things rearranged for the baby's room. I've been cleaning like a mad woman too. I completely forgot about this until just now. Please, accept my apologies.The rune for Read More
Hi Folks!Some of you probably have been checking to see how things are going with me and the new baby on the way. I think I've hit the beginning of pre-labor, as I mentioned a few days ago. I've got to admit, I'm feeling horribly intimidated right now. Read More
Hi folks!The rune for today is Haglaz. It really seems to like us here at Keen! Unlike the past two times that it has popped up, Haglaz has a slightly... unpleasant feel to it today. We should keep our eyes out for some difficulties with communication. Read More
Hi folks!I have been just exhausted today. I'm not sure if it's the warm weather or if it's the fact that I'm so close to my due date. I suspect it's the latter. My intuition is telling me that I'm going to be feeling even more tired as it gets closer Read More
Hi folks!If you saw my post earlier, you'll see that the nesting instinct has hit this little witchy-poo with a vengeance. I've been working on making simple little baby toys, like balls. Balls are not the only toys that babies and small children love Read More
Hi folks!My late pregnancy restlessness has driven me to making things because I simply can not get the unpacking I wanted to do done. As a result, I have been attempting to learn how to knit and making baby things. I'll be bothering my husband to help Read More
Hi folks!The rune for today is Raido in a reversed position.Image courtsey of WikipediaAbove, we see Raido in a direct position. As some of you may have guessed, this is the runic equivalent of the letter 'R' in English. Raido is associated with the act Read More
Hi folks!As life has been making me sit down and rest on a fairly frequent basis (swollen ankles and feet in late pregnancy kinda does that to a gal), I've been trying to do something with my time. About three weeks ago, I decided that I was going to Read More
Hi folks!The rune for today is Isa.Image courtsey of WikipediaIsa is the rune for Ice. It is also the runic equivalent of the letter 'I'. The cultures where we have inherited runes from recognize that ice, which is predominantly the child of Winter, is Read More
Hi folks!There's been a lot of upheaval in the world recently. At times it hits us in our homes, families, and friends, not just the abstract thing we see in the news. Sometimes, we freeze in our tracks when life gets overwhelming. Panic is a very familiar Read More
Hi folks!The rune for today is Poerth (also known as Perth). Image courtsey of WikipediaPoerth is the rune for the letter 'P' and known as the rune of chance. It is frequently described as representing a dice cup, as such it is known as the rune of gambling. Read More
Hi folks!I just wanted to give a gentle reminder and nudge to the other folks who are survivors of abuse. I also wanted to give a bit of encouragement to the folks who are currently victims of abuse, in all it's forms. You guys have done and are still Read More
This will be posted shortly, I just need to finish interpreting the cards.Please consider this post a place holder! I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.*****I apologize for the fact that the Tarot Peek for this week is not available. Read More
Hi folks!First, I want to apologize for not having the rune of the day up over the past few days. It got a little crazy around here and I completely forgot about doing so. Also, a quick question to anyone else who pulls a card for the day or does a similar Read More
Hi folks!To everybody who is in the USA or is a USA ex-pat, HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!! I'll be out most of the day, but I just wanted to say hi and wish all of you a lovely day!I'm also sitting here going 'holy cow! I'm going to be having a baby in 1 month!!!' Read More
Hi folks!I've discovered something about the new town my family and I are living in. As of sundown on the 3rd of July, they will fire off fireworks all around town until quite possibly daybreak. Here it is approaching 11 o'clock at night, when most other Read More
Hi Folks!I can't believe that I forgot to post here earlier and I can't believe that I slept away most of the day! Wow, I have a feeling that my hope to have a schedule in place for the next few weeks is going to be... Well, like trying to change when Read More
Hi folks,I've a few things to take care of here that'll take me away from my phone. I'll be back after a few hours, though. Read More
Hi folks!Isn't moving fun? Yeah, I kinda hate the whole packing, throwing stuff into a truck, dragging it to the new place, and unpacking business myself too. It's wonderful when someone decides that they're going to repack boxes or re-label them for Read More
Hi folks,I'm sorry that I have been rather quiet today. I've been swinging back and forth between feeling queasy and like I'm going to fall over. Add to that the fact that it started at about 3 o'clock in the morning, it made for today to just not go Read More
Hi folks!Today, we're revisiting the rune Haglaz. The rune of Chaos today is telling me that it will manifest as fertile and creative energy. Think of a room full of toddlers at play. They are growing and learning with all of their boisterous energetic Read More