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October 2009 - Posts

Hi Folks,Some of my health difficulties have caught up with me again. I will be back in early November once everything settles down around here. Thank you *so* much for being so patient! Read More
Hi Folks!If you're a kitchen witch, then you probably sat there nodding your head in agreement with my title for this post. Kitchen witchery is frequently made out to be spells and cooking by a lot of the authors out there. It is also things as mundane Read More
Hi Folks!Today's rune is Wunjo and it falls in a reversed position.Image courtesy of WikipediaWunjo is also known as Wynn and is the rune for the letter W in the English language. It is the rune of Joy. Some associate this rune with the goddess Idun, Read More
Hi Folks!If you do any form of handcraft, this is probably the beginning of your busy season. I've noticed that other people who do handcrafts (needlework, crochet, painting, etc.) make gifts for people on a regular basis. This is the time of year that Read More
Hi Folks!Just a quick heads up for you fine people! Tomorrow (well, technically today as it's just past midnight in my timezone) I will not be available until the evening because of a few errands that I'll be out doing. Stuff like dropping the car off Read More
Hi Folks!Sorry I wasn't around much late last week and last weekend. That nasty little cold virus that I had before revisited my happy little home here. As a result, my husband got infected this time and the boys caught it again, though not quite so bad Read More
Hi Folks!Today we're revisiting the rune Mannuz in it's direct orientation. We're being reminded by this rune that we are physical beings and that we should not discredit what comes to us from our bodies. Intuition can inform us about a situation in various Read More
Hi Folks!Some of you out there are probably going to disagree with aspects of this post. Please, post your thoughts in the comments and where you believe I have taken the wrong approach. It's not only healthy to discuss differing viewpoints but it can Read More
Hi Folks!Some of you may be looking at those of us who do magic and wonder just how it works? While I could give you a real lecture on my pet theory about the mechanics of it, I realize that this question is less a matter of what the science of the process Read More
Hi folks!Today's rune is Lagu. We're revisiting this rune's reversed orientation. If you recall, the last time this rune came to us in a reversed orientation, we were warned against stagnation and blocking our creative flow. Today, the rune is warning Read More
Hi Folks!Today we're revisiting the rune Algiz. Unlike the last time we encountered this rune, Algiz falls in a direct orientation. Here, we see the horns of the noble Elk, horns which are used by this magnificent beast in their defense. Big game, such Read More
Hi Folks!Today's Rune of the day is Dagaz.Image courtesy of WikipediaThis rune is associated with the letter 'D' in the English alphabet. This is an old rune and the only name we have for it are the two Anglo-Saxon variants: Dagaz and Dae. When the languages Read More
Hi Folks!I posted a little work of fiction recently. Please, respond to this post if you think I should do this again in the future?I'm a bit of an author and with National Novel Writing Month coming up, I'll be doing some more writing soon. In an effort Read More
Hi!My guides Paul and Ethan are insisting that I do a quick 3 card reading for you, Leyla. They are telling me that you will find this really helpful and that I need to do it * now *! That said, I hope this helps and if you want to talk about it, fire Read More
Hi Folks!Here's a peek at what this week holds for all of us here on Keen! As always, let me know your thoughts on this in the comments. For the new reader of my Tarot Peek readings, let me give you a quick run down of what this is. For each day of the Read More
Hi Folks! Today's rune is Ken, which falls in a reversed position. Interestingly enough, this is the exact same way it fell the last time we were visited by this rune, back in July. The rune of illumination falling in a reversed position is not Read More
Surfeit derived from the Middle English word surfeten, meaning excess; among the common uses of this term is to describe over indulgence. To me, the word is delightful with it's archaic overtones and it always bring to mind sweets and rare, expensive Read More
Hi Folks!I and my lovely boys are going out for the afternoon. This is Fire Prevention Week (remember to check those batteries in your smoke detectors, they save lives!!) and we are going to go visit our local fire fighters. We made a batch of chocolate Read More
Hi Folks!So, let's say that you're married to a really great person. They're wonderful to you, really supportive in everything you've been trying to do with your life, and are just all around fantastic. Then you get sick. Suddenly, things aren't looking Read More
Hi Folks!Please forgive any typos I may have missed. I am typing one-handed with a wiggly baby on my lap. Mistakes will, unfortunately happen and even editing is not perfect with a toddler distracting me with his efforts to play music.Cacophony = music Read More
Hi Folks! I have recovered enough that I am confident I can jump back into the swing of things here on Keen. As some of you may have noticed in my earlier posts, I had gall bladder surgery at the end of last month. This knocked me down for a little Read More
Hi folks,You know the old expression "when it rains, it pours?" Well, that's been my life recently. Both of the boys seem to have caught some kind of cold and I am recovering from having my gall bladder taken out. I'll try to be back as soon as possible. Read More