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October 2010 - Posts

Hi Folks!We're back from the library and looking at alpacas! Who knew alpacas were so cute!?!I'll be around, feel free to call for the next hour! Read More
Hi Folks!I'm taking my boys to the library for the afternoon. I'll be back later. In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful afternoon/evening/morning where ever you may be!~ Blessings! Read More
Hi Folks!We could describe love and courtship like a game. The question is which game is your style. Take a look below and see if any of these match your style of romance!Chess: A sophisticated and skilled match between two very focused players. Part Read More
Hi Folks!I'll be back in about an hour. Right now, it's lunch time for a couple of very excited little boys. Who knew that sandwiches and crackers would be met with such joy?~ Blessings! Read More
Hi Folks!I think I've got the phone issue resolved. I am not going to be available in the evenings due to elements of the technical difficulties that I can not resolve at this time. For the most part, however, I think I've got this thing whipped into Read More
Hi Folks!If you tried to call me over the weekend and were unable to reach me, I apologize. I've been having some technical difficulties with my phone. Dropped calls, bad reception, and similar issues have made evenings and weekends difficult recently. Read More
If you have received less then 5 free minutes from me, please be aware that a quality reading is going to take at least 5 minutes. A two minute reading doesn't do more then give you a quick impression of what the cards or other divination tool is showing Read More
Jera is our rune for today. In modern runemal, this rune is associated with harvest, the time frame of 1 year, and earned reward. This rune appears to have similar associations in ancient runemal. It is associated with the letter 'J' in the modern English Read More
Today's rune is Hagalz. Hagalz is the rune of chaos in modern runemal. Associated with hail, this rune denotes the chaos of unpredictable natural phenomena. It is suspected that in ancient runemal it served the same function. There is some evidence that Read More
Hi Folks! If you have received free minutes with me, I'll be available for redeeming them after 9 am tomorrow morning (Eastern Time). Due to circumstances out side of my control, I will not be available for the rest of this evening. If you wish Read More
Today's rune is Laguz. Laguz is among the runes associated with water. It's 'key word' is flow  according to modern runemal. Laguz is also among the list of runes associated with change and the matters of emotion and spirit. It corresponds with the Read More
So, what exactly does a reading from me look like? Take a peek at this celebrity reading. Who knows, maybe President Obama's people will be curious and take a bit of a peek to. :)~*~*~*~The spread/lay-out I am using is called the Celtic Cross. This is Read More
Deck used: Color your own Tarot Deck * Lay Out: 1 card per day Monday: 7 of Cups - This card is warning us not to get too caught up in day dreams, hopes, and fears at the expense of the present moment. While these things are important, it is wise to keep Read More
Today's card is the Star.This is a card of optimism and hope. Coming on the heels of the time of shadowed confusion that surrounds the Hermit's search and the Hanged Man's forced time of inaction, the Star illuminates the pool of wisdom and shows that Read More
Hi Folks,This may seem to be an odd post to show up on here from the apparent middle of nowhere, but it's actually quite relevant in my life, and perhaps in your as well. I, like many others in the world, have been having health problems. These problems Read More