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March 2011 - Posts

Hi Folks!The rune of the day today is Rad. This rune has popped up in the past for us. Today, Rad comes to us in a direct position. It is a rune that is frequently associated with travel and traditionally interpreted as representing a journey in a vehicle Read More
A friend of mine posted up this link on a forum where we're both a part of. It was truly a beautiful sight to see how well cared for the dog was and the love between the dog and his owner. While it's unfortunate that the dog passed on and the owner is Read More
Hi Folks,My guides are strongly encouraging me to write this. This, however, is not from them or their experiences, but rather my own. That said, it is with their blessings that I share with you a little bit about how I view the world.Life will always Read More
As I sat in meditation last night and this has come to me in dreams as well in the last several nights.The Eagle of Libya is engaged in combat with a Vulture. Below, a Jackal is laying wait to consume the fallen loser and to harry the victor.The persistence Read More
Last night, as I sat in meditation, the following visions and information came to me.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*There are three women sitting in a small stone room with wood paneling. One with black hair, one with blond hair, and one with white hair. Read More
I'm going to be taking the boys outside to play for a little bit. I'll be back when we come back inside. :) Read More
How beautiful it is to be alive! ~ BeethovenAll things are perfect, especially in their flaws. ~ Anon. Read More
Hi Folks,Life has been in the way for my being present here on Keen. Between major psychological challenges and health issues, I had been forced to take a several month long sabbatical. I, however, have returned and I am ready to do what I can to be of Read More