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May 2012 - Posts

Hi Folks!We're still a house of plague here. I don't know what this bug is that my little man has caught but he's still feeling rotten. As he wants to stay in my lap, I'm not exactly going to be able to do readings today. I kinda need my hands free to Read More
Hi Folks!My little boy just fell asleep. As he naps, I will be available to take calls. When he is up, I'll be set to 'arrange call backs'. I will call you back as soon as I can. Read More
Hi Folks!I'm going to be a little hard to get a hold of this morning. I have a fussy little boy who wants extra cuddles from Momma. When nap time hits, I'll be back. Until then, I hope all of you have a great morning! Read More
Hi Folks!I apologize that I didn't get this posted up yesterday. It was incredibly busy over here over the weekend. If you are not familiar with my Tarot Peeks they are a quick set of readings for each day of the week. They are just a quick, general reading Read More
Hello folks!Today's rune is Fehu/Feho. It is direct (upright). The rune looks like : áš . It is the first letter in the Futhark alphabet and corresponds to the letter 'F' in the modern English alphabet. Traditionally, Fehu is associated with moveable wealth. Read More
Hi Folks!I'm just taking my boys out to visit with their friends. I'll be back this evening for a while after the boys are in bed. I hope that all of you get the chance to kick up your feet and relax a bit this lovely Sunday afternoon.(And to you brave Read More
Hi Folks!In some cases, even witches have need of holy water. It is difficult to envision a witch attempting to obtain water blessed by a different faith for use in their spells. This is because a witch is clergy of their own faith. In the case of Wiccan Read More
Hi Folks!Today is my 'off' day. If you still want to contact me, we can schedule a call. I'm spending the day with my boys. We're going to be going over to the park a little later and possibly even stopping and visiting some friends. I have a pile of Read More
Hi folks!Most people think of angels as a strictly Christian thing. While they are very prominent in the Abrahamic religions, I have learned that these benevolent beings are present to people of all faiths. They may be called by different names, but these Read More
As Spring swings into full force, the common 'weed' of the Dandelion pops up everywhere it can possibly take root. This plant is known as a solar plant because of it's sunny yellow blossoms and that it responds to daylight. As evening comes, the blossoms Read More
Hi folks!Beltaine is often viewed like the pagan equivalent of Valentine's day. A great deal of emphasis is placed upon love, courtship, and sensuality. A wonderful way to indulge the senses and concoct a little love magic is cooking for your beloved, Read More
To everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, I wish you all a blessed Beltaine! To you kind souls in the Southern Hemisphere, I wish you a blessed Samhain!Beltaine is the fire festival that marks the solar cross quarter between the Vernal Equinox and the Summer Read More