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July 2012 - Posts

Hi folks!I hope that this finds you all healthy, happy, and prosperous. Tomorrow is Lughnasadh, or as it is called in my tradition First Harvest. It is the first of the harvest celebrations. This is the time where the first of the grain planted in spring Read More
I love the poetry of Rumi. There is such wonderful music in his words. Here is one that I find absolutely lovely and inspiring. It reminds me very strongly of the Hound of Heaven from Francis Thompson.The HuntThe Lover comes, the Lover comes!Open the Read More
My beloved husband has saved the day!When my youngest child literally ripped my old phone in half, Beloved took it upon himself to get me a brand new one. I am still setting it up. I plan to be available for calls tomorrow. If I can manage it, I will Read More
We still haven't been able to get my phone repaired yet. Now the foolish thing is just this side of useless. It still rings and I can answer it, but I have to be very careful holding it or it breaks in half. So many other things have taken up our resources Read More