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August 2012 - Posts

Hi folks!I'm sorry it has been so long since I have written. I have been busy as a bee trying to keep up with my kids. The summer break is winding down and we have been striving to get everything ready for school next week. I'm still in shock that next Read More
I attempted to answer a call this morning and Keen dropped me into the Advisor's Menu before I could accept your call. Please try again. If we can not connect by phone, I would be happy to connect via Chat or E-mail.I apologize for any inconvenience. Read More
I've been a busy little witchy-poo. I have been attempting to do container gardening. I haven't been as successful as I wish I was. Part of my problem is the lighting conditions on my back deck are not quite as good as I thought they were. It makes it Read More
I'm taking the boys to the park. I hope you are all having a lovely day. Read More
I will be unavailable for the next hour. Please schedule a call back. Now to spend some quality time with my boys. Read More