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August 2013 - Posts

Just a reminder, everyone. I will not be available for calls until the beginning of September! I hope that everyone has a terrific couple of weeks! I'm looking forward to the quality time with my boys. Read More
Hi Folks!We're coming up on the tail end of summer. If you're here in the Northeastern US, it feels more like early autumn rather then late summer. Don't let this weather fool you. Remember to use your sun safety skills with your children when you let Read More
Image courtesy of Scenic Reflections. Read More
Hi Folks!I have a whirlwind of tasks to whip off right now. I'll be back at 4 PM Eastern time! I hope you are all having a fantastic afternoon! Read More
Hi Folks!Today's rune is Wunjo (also known as Wynn). Wunjo is known as the fruit bearing branch and is considered to be a rune of joy and prosperity. It comes to us today in a reversed aspect. Wunjo cautions us not to try to pick the 'fruit' before it Read More
Hi Folks!Today's recipe is a real simple one that takes advantage of fresh rosemary. If your garden is like mine, the rosemary bush is trying to crowd out other plants and needs a bit of thinning back. Cut off a few sprigs and rinse them well. If you Read More
Hi Folks!The rune of the day, today, is Algiz. This is a rune traditionally associated with protection. It is believed that this was among the runes that were painted on the shields of warriors to ward off the enemy's blows in battle. Today, Algiz comes Read More
Hi Folks!My youngest is home sick today. As such, I will not be available for readings most of the day. I will try to be on this evening after 8 PM Eastern time. I hope you all have a wonderful day. I will be posting the rune of the day this afternoon Read More
Hi Folks!This week's motivational quotes are all from one of the wisest women I know, my Beloved's Mother.Weed out the unnecessary and the unrewarding to leave yourself time for activities that will bring you real satisfaction.Plan and do - neither is Read More
Hi Folks!Just a quick note to let you all know that during the last two weeks of August, I will be unavailable. We have a whirlwind of family activities going on and then the excitement of getting ready for the beginning of the school year. I will post Read More
Hi Folks!If you're like me, you loath sitting down to pay your bills and you hate balancing the checkbook because of watching all of that money fly out of your pocket. It is easily panic inducing to look at all your bills and expenses. To help curb some Read More
Hi Folks!Ansuz is today's rune. Traditionally recognized as the rune of messages, Ansuz corresponds with the letter 'A' of the modern English and with the god Loki. This rune is typically characterized as a bringer of unexpected news.Among Loki's long Read More
Hi Folks!I recognize that some folks are interested in learning about witchcraft. I would like to point you in the direction of the other blog that I have devoted specifically to this topic. The Veiled Witch is a long term project that I hope to eventually Read More
Hi Folks!We've hit that point in the season here in the northeastern USA that harvest is going on. Corn is ripe and plentiful. Grain is coming in and there is an abundance of tomatoes. The rich bounty of the harvest is a gift from the Divine and an excellent Read More
Hi Folks!Just a quick update for you all. From this post forward, all comments are going to be moderated. I want to catch people posting inappropriate things before they get that far. I have deleted the spam comments from the past posts. You are all welcome Read More
Hi folks!Thorn is our rune today. Associated with the Giants, thorn is a rune of powerful elemental connections. The Giants of Norse and Teutonic mythology are most frequently understood as adversaries of the Gods and as such, this rune is generally understood Read More
Hi Folks!This week's Tasty Tuesday post is a little late. I apologize. I had some unexpected family matters come up that kept me away from Keen most of the day. Here is this week's belated post. I hope you enjoy this as much as my family does.Garden Fresh Read More
Hi folks!The rune of the day today is Ehwaz. This rune is associated with horses and travel. For the Keen community, today's rune bring a message of optimism. We are all progressing forward in our goals. We are advised to trust our intuition and to keep Read More
Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. –Steve JobsEvery strike brings me closer to the next home run. –Babe RuthEighty percent of success is showing up. –Woody AllenQuotes courtesy of a beautiful day, folks Read More
Hi folks!The rune of the day today is Ingwaz. Ing is a special rune because it one of the runes that never can come up in a reversed aspect. Associated with fertility and the god Freyr, this rune often brings with it prosperity and glad tidings. Today, Read More
Hi Folks!With two active boys in the house, rainy days like today can be a real challenge. While it is tempting to use the television as a distraction, there are lots of things that you can do with out pulling your hair out in frustration. Home Helper!Household Read More