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January 2014 - Posts

Hi Folks!If your house is like mine, you have toys scattered about approximately three inches deep through the main living spaces. Winter weather tends to force active children indoors and they'll look to their toys for entertainment. While this is great Read More
Hi folks!If you're like me, you get to a point where your refrigerator has a small stock pile of random vegetables and meat bits from the week before and you are sick of eating the same thing again. As my grandmother has said 'haste makes waste and a Read More
Hi folks!In case you were looking for me today, I was away trying to put the house back together after the snow day yesterday. It took me pretty much all day to get the living room from being covered with a layer of toys that was roughly an inch deep Read More
Fall down eight times, get up nine. ~ Anon.You are more then the sum of your parts. ~ Anon.Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there Read More
Hi Folks!I thought everybody was over being sick. Then, Thursday afternoon, my Beloved husband came down with that horrible stomach bug. It was a very long weekend. Fortunately, however, he is recovered and aside from a wee bit of crankiness, he seems Read More
Note: I have recently begun using those wonderful plastic slow cooker liners that are in the same aisle as the aluminum foil. They make clean up a breeze. I highly suggest them!IngredientsCooking spray * 5 cups of bread cut into cubes1/2 cup raisins1/2 Read More
Today's rune is Algiz. Image from Wikipedia.Algiz is associated with the yew tree and the elk. The rune is frequently envisioned as a protective force and it is speculated that the ancient Norse people painted it upon their shields before entering battle. Read More
Hi folks!Just when I thought we were over people getting sick around my house, the boys came down with a nasty stomach virus AGAIN. I am seriously considering spraying everything down with disinfectant now. We went through what felt like gallons of pedialyte Read More
Hi Folks!As promised, last week, here is a delightfully simple dessert that you can just fix and forget with your slow cooker. I like to use Granny Smith apples in this recipe. You may find that a different baking apple is more to your speed. If you wish Read More
Hi folks!Today's rune is Laguz.Image from Wikipedia.Laguz is associate with water. Frequently considered to be a lake or the ocean, this rune is associated with all things traditionally assigned to watery elements. At times, Laguz is considered to be Read More
The best way to predict the future is to invent it. ~ Alan KayAlways be courageous and strong, and don't fear! ~ Gabby DouglasDo not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. ~ John WoodenAll quotes from here.Have a fantastic day! Read More
Saving money is not the easiest thing in the world to do. I invite you all to join me, however, in a year long challenge that will save you close to $1400. You may have seen the version of the challenge floating around that calls on you to save $1 in Read More
The rune for today is Kenaz (also known as Cen). Image from WikipediaKenaz is associated with a torch and openings. Kenaz is also associated with ulcers and wounds. Today, Kenaz comes to us merkstave (reversed). Usually, merkstave runes are considered Read More
Hi Folks!In case you have been wondering where I have vanished off to over the last few weeks, it has been utterly crazy at my house. It started out with the winter break from school. I apologize that I hadn't warned y'all in advance of the break. In Read More