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May 2017 - Posts

Hi Folks! It's almost that time of year where school is out. If you're like me, you have all kinds of things to run and do right now. Parent-teacher conferences, recitals, after-school sports, and four million other things that all seem to be happening Read More
Hi Folks! I am working on finishing up some things with wrapping up the school year right now. It's making call time a bit difficult to arrange right now. It is also cutting into what time I would have for doing chat readings. That said, I am still Read More
Image from Pexels, Free Stock Photos Gentle Reader, I am presently elbows deep in some housekeeping. This has bee the last few weeks. Spring cleaning is exhausting. I am available for email readings. Once I receive and read your email, I will get Read More
This week, the motivational quote I have for you comes from the late Carrie Fisher. (She is most famous for her role as Princess, and then General Leia in the Star Wars movies.) She said: Take your broken heart and make it into art. There's a lot Read More
Dear Reader, It is Monday, May 1st. This is an auspicious day for new beginnings. Not only is it the very height of Springtide and the holy day of Beltane, it is also the best time to embark on something new. What makes today the best time to start Read More