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Here's some good eatin' from my home to yours! Some of these are from my family and some are just ones I've stumbled on to. Enjoy!
Cardamom is a tantalizing flavor in many different foods out of the regions of India and Pakistan. It is used in everything from tea to curries to desserts. In the United States, cardamom is becoming popular as the exotic spice gets well known. Coffee Read More
Hi there, again! There are a lot of great reasons to love Tex-Mex food. It is a weekly thing at my place to have something along those lines. Taco Tuesday doesn't happen every week just because my guys could eat their weight in tacos and I want to Read More
Hi there, They say eternity is two people and a ham. At my house, we're still working on the remains of the Yuletide ham. I'm down to a relatively small amount. I am the only person who eats split pea soup regularly. Beloved will have a bit the night Read More
Hi there, If you are like me, you have an abiding love for tacos and chili. This time of year is great because there's always an excuse to fix a pot of chili or make up some spicy tacos. (Well, not too spicy if I want my kids to eat too. LOL) Chilly Read More
Hi there folks! I was sorting through my cookbooks as I was thinking about baking some tomorrow. And this recipe fell out of the one I got from Grandma K. It looks like some kind of stollen recipe, but I'm not sure. I'll be trying it out tomorrow Read More
Hi there, everybody, Today, I'm sharing more of a rough guideline than an actual recipe. I mentioned a little while back that there are some great ways to use up your leftover pulled pork. This one is a favorite at my place. Beloved regularly has Read More
Hi there! When I was sick for the last little while, I had a lot of soup. It usually was a variation of this one because it was tasty and easy. It also uses up your leftovers and makes for a good way to stretch your food budget a little more. First Read More
Hi Folks, Tacos and Tex-Mex food on Tuesdays has become a regular thing at my house. The guys love their beef and these fajitas are a pretty big hit. The trick is to use leftover shredded beef. If you don't have any laying around it is actually really Read More
Hi folks! If you are stuck on what to have for dinner, I may have the solution. Pot roast is one of the cheapest cuts of meat, especially if you go with something like a chuck roast. Slow cooking the roast turns it into something that falls apart when Read More
Hi folks, I made this for dinner last night. The guys loved it. And that says something considering that they don't typically like chicken in just about any form (except for enchiladas for the husband and nuggets for the kids). Now, I confess, I did Read More
Hi Folks, I'm sorry this is a little late. My internet was a bit off kilter yesterday. If you have someone in your household who absolutely loves chili-dogs, this recipe is going to be super easy and tasty. The trick to having these chili-dogs come Read More
Hi everybody! If you're like my family, you are probably getting impatient for the nice weather of Summer. The tail end of Winter is so frustrating sometimes. Something I like to do is make one of my summer recipes so that we can for a moment fool Read More
Hi everybody! I hope that you are all having a wonderful Friday. I am getting ready to start posting recipes up for you again. I, however, need a little bit of help. There are a LOT of recipes in my notes. I am talking about so many that I am having Read More
Hi Folks!This week's recipe is really simple. I like to think of this as an apology for it being a day late. Of all the recipes that I've slapped up here, I think this is the easiest one yet. You can fix it and forget it for a good long while. There's Read More
Hi Folks!If you have loads of corned beef left over from your St. Patrick's Day celebration yesterday, don't despair! I have a quick recipe that helps use some of it up and is loved by everyone in my house. (Seriously, the boys don't like new stuff and Read More
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