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Notes about changes in my availability.
Good morning, you beautiful souls! I'm taking calls until 12pm Eastern time. After a break for lunch, I will be taking calls from 1pm Eastern time to 2pm Eastern time. I will be on chat at random times through out the day. I will post a note up here Read More
Hi folks! Tomorrow, I start taking calls as per my new schedule. I'm still trying to relearn the html stuff to update my page here on Keen. That said, as of 9 am tomorrow, I will be available for calls. I will also be available for chat. Chat readings Read More
Hi folks! The kids have gone back to school. My life is settling down again. And this means that I can be more active here on Keen. I am super excited to get back in the saddle and start slinging cards. I also wanted to let you know that I will be Read More
Hi folks, I have managed to misplace my headset. As such, I am doing readings through chat until I figure out where exactly I put those blasted things. (I suspect that one of the boys may have borrowed it, they were talking about watching videos on Read More
Hi folks! Today has been a rather awful day for various reasons. The good parts are that my kids had a good day at school, my husband is employed, we're all relatively healthy, and my fish is still alive. The heater is working again, so that's also Read More
Hi everybody! I had completely forgotten that my youngest child has a dentist appointment this morning. If everything goes well, I will be available around 1pm. In the meantime, I hope that you are all having a great day so far and that it just gets Read More
Hi there everybody! I hope you are all having a good morning. I will not be available until about 11 AM eastern time. The weather is super nice outside right now. I'm going to be taking the kids out in the hope that getting them some outside play time Read More
Hi folks,My son's illness turned out to be strep throat and I was very busy helping him deal with that last week. This week, unfortunately, there has been a family crisis that will force me to be unable to take calls for the remainder of the week.I humbly Read More
Hi Folks!I apologize that I haven't been around today. My eldest son has come down with strep throat and that has put the whole day into a tizzy. Tomorrow is going to be busy with doctor's appointments and getting medicine taken care of. I will try to Read More
Hi folks!I will be taking calls for the next two hours via the phone. After 3:30 pm Eastern time, I will be available for readings through the chat client until 6 pm.My readings are very detailed and they do take a bit longer then 3 minutes. If you want Read More
Hi folks!I'm recovering from a nasty stomach virus that the kids brought home from school. Fortunately, the boys are well again and more or less their usual selves. We have some family obligations coming up Saturday and I will be unavailable for calls. Read More
Hi there folks!Big week ahead in my neck of the woods. The beginning of the process of getting Snuggle Bug ready for Kindergarten is this week: registration. Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be a bit busy because of this. I just wanted to give all y'all Read More
Hi folks!In case you were looking for me today, I was away trying to put the house back together after the snow day yesterday. It took me pretty much all day to get the living room from being covered with a layer of toys that was roughly an inch deep Read More
Hi Folks!I thought everybody was over being sick. Then, Thursday afternoon, my Beloved husband came down with that horrible stomach bug. It was a very long weekend. Fortunately, however, he is recovered and aside from a wee bit of crankiness, he seems Read More
Hi Folks!I'm sorry that I have vanished off the face of Keen for a little while. I have been busy working on a new book. Some familial chaos and lots of writing came together to keep me away. I am truly sorry for this. There is going to be a change to Read More
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