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Notes about changes in my availability.
Dear Reader, I've been absent for a while. Some of this was due to life being hectic for the kids. Parent teacher conferences, school meetings for other stuff, and the kids taking turns having the flu ate up most of a month. Then came the diabetes Read More
Hi there, sorry it's been a while. Late January, I fell off my front steps and my snow shovel kindly caught me. I fractured a few ribs in the process. It has taken me a few months to recover. Now that I'm no longer on strong pain killers or in constant Read More
Hi there, everybody! It had been a wild weekend with winter storm Hunter visiting my area. We have been bundled up and safe. Thankfully, we didn't get much in the way of ice. I haven't checked the snow with a ruler, but I'm pretty sure we have at least Read More
Good afternoon, folks! I have been posting up the buttons to the tarot overviews for the year 2018 by astrological sign. The readings are right now for the really low prices of $5.00. The cost goes up at the end of the month. I've decided that it has Read More
Hi there, folks! I just wanted to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year. It's been rough going at my place for the last two weeks. That bug which had the eldest child sick from school for a week hit the youngest child the day after Christmas. Read More
Hi there, folks, I've been sick in bed for the last day or so. This chest cold has robbed me of my voice. Hot tea hasn't really helped much. At best, when I can speak, I sound like one of the Canadian geese flying over my home. My little one, however, Read More
Hi there, folks. Last week, my eldest was home from school. He's home again today. This weekend, we stopped at the after hours clinic in town to learn he has an ear infection. And I suspect he's got bronchitis given that his cough sounds like mine Read More
Hi there, I'm presently working on the write up for the 2018 outlook for folks born under the sign of Taurus. So far, things are looking positive. I'm pretty sure this is going to be another good spread. It's going to be a few hours before I have it Read More
Hi everybody, I'm available for chat only right now. The kids are watching videos and it's a bit noisy in the living room right now. I don't know who else is working on making things for presents. If you're like me, it is getting into the final hours Read More
Hi there, My eldest is home sick again. That bit of a cold he had earlier this week has persisted. All he wants to do is sleep right now, poor guy. If you're in the Great Lakes and Northeast region of the US, you know exactly what my weather's like Read More
Hi folks! It's a bitterly cold morning here in my neck of the woods but the snow sure does look pretty. I'm going to be available for readings via phone this morning. I may disappear for a moment or two as I tend my pot of spaghetti sauce that I'm Read More
Hi folks, I misplaced my book of motivational quotes. And I have been distracted all day with a young man who has a cold. I'm trying to get him to drink tea but he has decided that it is gross. I just know he's going to be a coffee addict when he's Read More
Hi folks, Has it ever happened to you that you were absolutely sure you were done being sick, only to get pretty intensely ill the next day? That has been my November and the last week. I have been living off of soup, tea, and coffee. Occasionally, Read More
Good morning, you beautiful souls! I'm taking calls until 12pm Eastern time. After a break for lunch, I will be taking calls from 1pm Eastern time to 2pm Eastern time. I will be on chat at random times through out the day. I will post a note up here Read More
Hi folks! Tomorrow, I start taking calls as per my new schedule. I'm still trying to relearn the html stuff to update my page here on Keen. That said, as of 9 am tomorrow, I will be available for calls. I will also be available for chat. Chat readings Read More
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