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Guides (RSS)

These are messages from my spirit guides.
Hi Folks,My guides are strongly encouraging me to write this. This, however, is not from them or their experiences, but rather my own. That said, it is with their blessings that I share with you a little bit about how I view the world.Life will always Read More
Hi!My guides Paul and Ethan are insisting that I do a quick 3 card reading for you, Leyla. They are telling me that you will find this really helpful and that I need to do it * now *! That said, I hope this helps and if you want to talk about it, fire Read More
Hi Folks,One of my guides is insisting that I post this for all of you. I don't entirely understand, but when Paul makes a very adamant push for me to do something, it's usually quite important. That said, I'll apologize now if any of what I write here Read More
Hi Folks,I know it is a little bit late to say 'blessed Equinox' and just barely on time to say 'blessed Easter' but I'm not troubled. It's the thought that counts, right?I am a witch and at one point a few years ago, I seriously contemplated converting Read More
Hi Folks! I simply had to share this because I'm pretty sure that everyone is going to get a giggle out of this. As I may have said earlier, one of my guides is my Great-Grandmother Hazel. During a brief bout of insomnia last night, she sat on the Read More
Hi Folks,My guide Paul has a message he wishes to share and a spirit that has been about recently also has one. Paul chose the title for this post. Any editing that will be done on this entry prior to posting will be for clarity and legibility. This said, Read More
Hi Folks!Something I like to do for my friends is a tarot reading every year near New Years focusing on the up coming year. It makes for a fun and often helpful gift. Just as I said in my post earlier this evening, you folks are like my new friends. As Read More
Hi folks,I'm not sure if this is from one of my guides or one of the spirits that have been hanging around for the last few days. Any editing done will be for the sake of clarity and legibility.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~We speak to you of breathing. So many Read More