November 2016 - Posts

  I found this deck in a book store a long time ago and never really paid any attention to it. Recently, however, someone called me for a reading and they were asking a great many esoteric questions; which is a real treat for me. These questions definitely Read More
Very few things are as soothing as a nice hot bath after a stressful day. Here's a simple and inexpensive recipe for making your own bath salts. I like this recipe every bit as much as the very expensive salts I used to buy. They make wonderful Read More
Isn't it amazing how things always seem to fall into place just at the right time? My dreams have been very surreal and intense the past couple of weeks, and have seemed to deal mostly with interpersonal relationships of all kinds - both past and present. Read More
We all want prosperity - enough money to buy what we need and some left over to save, to share, to travel, and so much more. This simple spell is designed to help you attract prosperity energy into your life. I believe that the universe is conspiring Read More
My daughter gave me a copy of Llewellyn's 2014 Magical Almanac for Christmas last year, and one of my favorite articles was by Diana Rajchel.   It's called '13 Meditations for the Short Attention Spans", and it instantly caught my eye because my ability Read More
  I love this book! It's an astrological survival guide to romance by Hazel Dixon-Cooper. It's funny, witty, informative, and written so that even those of us who know only enough astrology to be dangerous can understand it completely. Each Sun Sign Read More