February 2017 - Posts

I'm often asked by my callers if the person they are in love with will ever change and behave in a more compassionate and loving manner. Sometimes, the answer is "yes". But such change is possible only when the other person not only wants to wants to Read More
Have you ever found yourself bombarded by negative energy and been unsure how to repel the bad vibes? Here's a simple bit of magic that anyone can use to literally clear the air around themselves and banish negativity, malice, envy, etc. etc. All you Read More
We're all familiar with the concept of sacred space. Whether it's a majestic cathedral, a mountain top, the pyramids, a stone circle, or a shady spot in the woods, each of these places has something that makes it special - a sanctuary that soothes the Read More
Isn't this card great? It's No 14 - The Temperance card from the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot, and it's one of my very favorites. In this deck, the Temperance card depicts an angel/robot with a purple and orange mohawk. She has golden butterfly wings Read More
I've always been a big fan of tea. Tea is soothing, relaxing, warming, and delicious. For a while now, I've been toying with the idea of incorporating tea in my magic, and my daughter provided the perfect catalyst when she gave me an assortment of five Read More
I woke up feeling distinctly out of sorts today. There were many pressing matters on my mind; things that had to be done, lists that had to be made, errands to be run, problems to be solved, and so on and so on, ad infinitum. All of it seemed quite serious Read More
Do you ever feel that you are powerless and unable to gain control over certain events or situations in your life? It's easy to spiral into anxiety and frustration when it appears that someone else has all the power and control. Many of my callers are Read More
  Have you ever wondered about your past lives? I know I have. This spread represents one of the best ways I've found to gather information on your past lives and how they affect your current life. To prepare for this reading, all 78 cards are shuffled Read More