March 2017 - Posts

Many cultures around the world create threshold guardians at the entrance to their homes; indeed people have been setting up spiritual and/or magical protectors for many many generations.  These guardians range from religious icons, strings of garlic, Read More
In keeping with Halloween and the spooky spirit of the fog that covered my seaside home last night, here's a look at the chillingly beautiful Lovecraft Tarot deck. Pictured above is "Yig the Serpent God",  which corresponds to the Judgement card in most Read More
Here is the simplest recipe for a love potion that I know. I stole it from my sister, Love Angel. :) Go to a health food or metaphysical store and buy a bottle of ylang-ylang oil. You can also find it online. (ylang-ylang is pronounced "eeelong-eeelong.") Read More
I love this deck! My sister, who also reads here on keen as Love Angel Tarot, came to visit last October. We were relaxing in my favorite coffee shop when my husband walked in with several miniature sized decks of the Tarot of the White Cat Read More
STAR OF INSIGHT This spread is particularly helpful to anyone who is seeking insight into the heart of a situation, or even into their own heart. It's perfect for those times when you just don't know what to do next because it directly addresses Read More
I'm not one to use the words fate and destiny very often in my readings. And yet, I do believe in both fate and destiny. Conversely, I also believe in self-determination and freedom of choice. Yes, it gets confusing sometimes, but it also makes a beautiful Read More
I happened across a book that had been sitting unread on my bookshelf for several years. It's called "Ordinary Magic; Everyday Life as Spiritual Path", edited by John Wellwood, and I found myself strangely compelled to open this book to a random page Read More