April 2017 - Posts

"Step outside and look around. The whole world is full of magic if you know where to look. This book will open your eyes to the magical reality hiding in plain sight, in the forests and fields, and in the world's hidden recesses.This wonderful resource Read More
Many practitioners of candle magic equate  specific colors, and often,  a specific direction, with each of the four seasons. I use this method most of the time, however, I'm pretty flexible and change things according to what feels right at the time. Read More
I love lilacs, and wish I had a huge bouquet of them on the altar right now. My husband and I went to an Easter barbecue at the home of friends one year, and he came home laden with branches of fragrant lilacs. The house smelled wonderful and the lilacs Read More
I wanted to share a very simple and highly effective method of filling your home with shiny, sparkling, clean energy. Negative energy will banish and you'll feel much better as soon as this is done. The materials are very inexpensive, non-allergenic, Read More
Planting season is here, the orchards are blooming, flowers are everywhere, and the weeds are sprouting like crazy. This is my favorite time of year; and it's the perfect time to ask for blessings on your garden. All you need is something silver (any Read More
The form of magic I favor is all about attraction, rather than coercing someone else to do what you want them to do,  so the following table of candle colors and their magical uses leans in that direction. Since I'm basically a kitchen witch, the tools Read More