January 2018 - Posts

A friend of mine wrote a while ago, asking if I'd seen or heard of the Tarot Illuminati by Kim Huggens and Erik C. Dunne. I had not.  She said she'd fallen in love with the sheer glorious beauty of this deck, so I went to take a look for myself.  Read More
The second suit of the Minor Arcana, Pentacles, aka Disks or Coins, embodies solid achievement in the physical plane. Wands, the suit of fire, = conception; while Pentacles, the suit of earth, = consolidation and preservation. I was pleased to see that Read More
 "As the first suit of the Minor Arcana, the suit of Wands begins the sequence of fifty-six cards with a burst of fiery, visionary energy" - Jane Lyle -I confess! The suit of Wands and I have been at odds in the past.  It didn't resonate with Read More
Okay, I admit it - I'm a worrier. It's not that I enjoy worrying. Quite the opposite. But lifetime habits are hard to break and I still fall into the worry trap on a regular basis. Someone gave me a book called "Simple Spells for Success", by Barry Dolnick Read More
Bathing has always held an important place in the world of the kitchen witch. Not only is bathing soothing and relaxing, but it allows your entire body to soak in the magic you're creating for yourself. This particular bath magic is intended to help you Read More
The Sun has always been one of my very favorite tarot cards, and this big guy has to be one of the best Suns ever! He's from the Phantasmagoric Theater Deck and he's even brighter and more colorful in person than in this photo.  This is the only Read More
If you're a night owl with an affinity for the moon, then a moon garden may be just the thing for you. My great-grandmother had one and I loved to sit outside with her at night and smell the flowers in her garden.  In fact, I've been planning Read More
I recently purchased Llewllyn's 2018 Tarot Calendar and was pelasantly surprised to find that the Major Arcana featured for January is The Empress. The art work is glorious and is taken from a deck I'd never seen before. Every month offers a tarot Read More
To begin this spell, assemble the following:Peppermint oil.Incense - Dragon's blood is best, but any incense will work.A red stone, such as a piece of carnelian or red coral. It's okay to use a piece of jewelry that contains these stones. If you don't Read More
  I'm a fan of the Dresden Dolls, a fan of Amanda Palmer and also a fan of her husband, Neil Gaiman.  I didn't realize Amanda and Neil were married until fairly recently, although they've always been connected in my mind because of an exchange Read More