February 2018 - Posts

I love this deck! My sister, who also reads here on keen as Love Angel Tarot, came to visit last October. We were relaxing in my favorite coffee shop when my husband walked in with several miniature sized decks of the Tarot of the White Cat Read More
"All over the world and throughout history amulets have offered protection against negative forces. The power of amulets is based on the underlying, widespread belief that all things in the natural world have a spirit and a power that links them together. Read More
Homemade magical potpourri is a wonderful way to spice up your love life.  Potpourri is one of the easiest and most effective ways to infuse your bedroom (and every other room in your home, as well) with passionate loving energy.  This Read More
 If  someone passed a law mandating that each student of the tarot could own one (and only one) tarot book, this is the book I would choose. I love The Renaissance Tarot because the information it offers is presented in a positive, clear, and Read More
If you're a fan of tarot spreads, and are looking for an interesting twist or perspective, here's one I think you will enjoy.  This is a great spread for when you want to examine your question or situation from several different Read More
My husband and I moved to the seaside a few years ago and I've been pleasantly surprised at the abundance and variety of the wildflowers and herbs to be found everywhere.  So many new plants to learn...what a wonderful opportunity to expand my knowledge Read More
This is a quick and easy version of the Romany Spread, which can use anywhere from 15 cards to the entire tarot deck.  This version uses 21 cards, which are usually laid out in 7 rows containing three cards each. This lay-out is believed to have Read More
"When the time comes weigh the facts, not yourself." So says the Judgement card in The Housewives Tarot. This is the card that totally won me over on this particular deck, although I also love the Knight of Swords (he looks an awful lot like James Dean Read More
Isn't this a beautiful deck? It's the Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini, and it combines medieval imagery with both the art deco & art nouveau styles of painting.  The style reminds me of the old Oz books when I was a kid. This was the very first Read More
In my experience, every tarot reader has one or two decks that especially resonate for them and help them to see things they might otherwise miss. I often use the dear old Rider Waite Tarot while giving readings on Keen because most people are familiar Read More
The following list of exercises is taken from one of my all-time favorite books, "Money is My Friend" by Phil Laut.  Self esteem has a huge impact on how we react to the world, as well as how other people react to us. Mr. Laut has this to say about Read More
  Every once in a while something catches my attention and then it slips away. Luckily, the Universe has a way of putting that same something back on my radar until I finally sit up and pay attention. That happened to me this week. The first Read More
Are you ready to attract the right lover? A true and understanding friend? Maybe you're looking for a mentor or teacher? Whatever kind of person you're trying to bring into your life, your true self is the most valuable asset you possess for finding others. Read More
If I could bottle one piece of advice and sell it to the world, it would be that you do not know for sure what your partner would do if they "really" loved you. No matter how much you have in common, you and your loved one are separate individuals. Read More