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Here is the simplest recipe for a love potion that I know. I stole it from my sister, Love Angel. :) Go to a health food or metaphysical store and buy a bottle of ylang-ylang oil. You can also find it online. (ylang-ylang is pronounced "eeelong-eeelong.") Read More
We're all familiar with the concept of sacred space. Whether it's a majestic cathedral, a mountain top, the pyramids, a stone circle, or a shady spot in the woods, each of these places has something that makes it special - a sanctuary that soothes the Read More
Many cultures around the world create threshold guardians at the entrance to their homes; indeed people have been setting up spiritual and/or magical protectors for many many generations.  These guardians range from religious icons, strings of garlic, Read More
Hi There! I'm very happy to share this link to an exciting new series of articles on the Keen site. This new and ongoing Keen feature spotlights some of the many wonderful advisors here for you to choose from. I'm excited to be part of this series Read More
Hi, my name is Robyn and I'm delighted to have this chance to share a little bit about myself with you. As the oldest of 7 siblings, I know how to listen and to respect the differences in people. I was born in Salt Lake City and spent my early childhood Read More
I'm so excited to tell everyone that my dear friend, Ms Rhea, has returned and is once again offering readings on Keen.com.  Rhea and I met almost two decades ago when we were both donating readings via the American Tarot Association. We connected with Read More
I had a dream last night about my Grandmother. Friday the 13th was her birthday, so naturally, she was very much into superstitions and such. In fact, it's safe to say that collecting superstitions was her hobby. She knew dozens, if not hundreds, of them Read More