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"All over the world and throughout history amulets have offered protection against negative forces. The power of amulets is based on the underlying, widespread belief that all things in the natural world have a spirit and a power that links them together. Read More
Today's mail brought a long anticipated package, "The Magician Longs to See" twin peaks tarot by Ben Mackey. I couldn't wait to get home and open the box!  And I wasn't disappointed. The photo above is the introductory pamphlet and the one below Read More
My husband and I moved to the seaside a few years ago and I've been pleasantly surprised at the abundance and variety of the wildflowers and herbs to be found everywhere.  So many new plants to learn...what a wonderful opportunity to expand my knowledge Read More
Bathing has always held an important place in the world of the kitchen witch. Not only is bathing soothing and relaxing, but it allows your entire body to soak in the magic you're creating for yourself. This particular bath magic is intended to help you Read More
If you're a night owl with an affinity for the moon, then a moon garden may be just the thing for you. My great-grandmother had one and I loved to sit outside with her at night and smell the flowers in her garden.  In fact, I've been planning Read More
To begin this spell, assemble the following:Peppermint oil.Incense - Dragon's blood is best, but any incense will work.A red stone, such as a piece of carnelian or red coral. It's okay to use a piece of jewelry that contains these stones. If you don't Read More
Candle magic (also known as candle meditation) has been a strong interest of mine for quite some time. I've read many books on the subject, scoured the internet for information, talked to other practitioners, and conducted my own experiments. If you search Read More
Add power, sparkle, individuality, and wonderful smells to your candle magic following the simple steps outlined below. You can used dried herbs, ground spices, or essential oils to add your own special twist to your magical workings, or use them simply Read More
The making and use of ink has been part of human history for at least two thousand years. It's certainly been a basic element of magic for a very long time. I like to make my own ink for use in spells that require writing.   It's very easy to do so, and Read More
I found this recipe and thought you might like to try it. It's Shakespeare's own recipe for herbal tea, as it appeared in Act 4 of "The Winter's Tale". Just got back from the health food store and they had everything I needed to make this tea....I'm drinking Read More
How many times have you said, "Let me sleep on it and I'll get back to you?" Letting things simmer in our subconscious overnight is a wonderful way to approach problem solving.  In fact, this concept can be taken to the next level (sympathetic magic, Read More
"Step outside and look around. The whole world is full of magic if you know where to look. This book will open your eyes to the magical reality hiding in plain sight, in the forests and fields, and in the world's hidden recesses.This wonderful resource Read More
Many practitioners of candle magic equate  specific colors, and often,  a specific direction, with each of the four seasons. I use this method most of the time, however, I'm pretty flexible and change things according to what feels right at the time. Read More
I wanted to share a very simple and highly effective method of filling your home with shiny, sparkling, clean energy. Negative energy will banish and you'll feel much better as soon as this is done. The materials are very inexpensive, non-allergenic, Read More
The form of magic I favor is all about attraction, rather than coercing someone else to do what you want them to do,  so the following table of candle colors and their magical uses leans in that direction. Since I'm basically a kitchen witch, the tools Read More
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